When to Say I Love You – Every 2 Out of 3 People Don’t Know This

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Finally found your soulmate? These tips will definitely help you to know the perfect time to say I love you by avoiding mistakes that most people do.

S-E-X can lead to L-O-V-E but not always

Saying I Love You
Saying I Love You

So maybe you’re considering using the often-dreaded “L” Word. That’s right, we’re talking about LOVE.

Is there any other L Word?

When is the best time to tell the One that he/she has gone from “Like” status to the much more important “Love” category?

For both women and men it’s a very tricky question and a mystery that is filled with emotional danger.

=> What if I say it to Him and He doesn’t reciprocate?
=> What if I tell Her I love Her and She hesitates?

The timing of that first Declaration of Love is a veritable minefield of emotional peril. And that first step into that relationship minefield is the toughest.

So, in respect to the difficulty of telling her/him about this most important of feelings we’ve come up with two separate lists for both of you.

Top Five Lists of When is The Best Time To Declare Your Love!

And so, Ladies First-

1. NOT on the 1st date. EVER! Even if it is Love at First Sight it is never a good idea to tell Him that you love him that very first time.

If you choose to do so then he will think you’re either desperate or crazy and he’ll run away from you like you were on fire. [Read – What to Do On a First Date – First Date Tips and Ideas For Women]

2. Not after the 1st Time either. Look, men are emotionally vulnerable too and after sex they may be a bit insecure or feel like they’re going to be or should be rated on their performance.

What they don’t need at that moment is the heavy emotional anxiety of you telling him that you love him because then they feel trapped. Which makes them even more uncomfortable and insecure. It also detracts from the mystery that is YOU! [Read – What Men Want – Are Men Really Only After One Thing?]

3. Of course this should be a private, one-to-one moment. Never say it for the first time in any situation other than complete privacy and intimacy. If you do you take the risk of him responding with- “What did you say…I couldn’t hear you”?

4. Pick a casual interlude. Maybe you’re both having coffee in the morning. Maybe you’re the only ones seated in the theater. Maybe you’re stuck in traffic in the car. Whatever.

Catching Him by surprise can often be the best time as He won’t have any defenses up and He won’t be feeling any pressure. Which means his reply will be both automatic and completely unguarded.

5. Around a month into the relationship and after a night of truly mind blowing S-E-X! Give Him that first month to get comfortable. [Read – 10 Mind-Blowing Tips To Have a GREAT & SPICY Sex Life]

But after rocking the house with a night of wild passion spring it on him demurely while you’re both still catching your breath. Trust us…you will get the answer you crave!

And now it’s time to address all you real-world Romeos out there who are thinking of taking that giant step. Men, here we go-

1. Immediately after She says it. This one is a no-brainer. Provided, of course, that you are feeling that feeling, if she happens to take the leap before you do don’t be afraid to dive right after her. As long as you feel the same.

2. After meeting her parents. This was a huge relationship step for her and she needs emotional reassurance at that moment. She’s feeling some long-term feelings and wants to know if you feel the same. If you do, now is a great time to let her know.

3. On your first holiday together (and before you hit the bedroom). Going away for the weekend for the very first time? It’s an excellent opportunity to tell Her exactly how you feel and what She means to you.

Why before bedroom time, you may be asking?

Simple. Unlike men, hearing the L word actually puts women in the mood and if you take the chance we guarantee you’re going to be getting some extra special good lovin’ when she hears it. Good choice!

4. After you give her her first roses/chocolates/jewelry etc. Yes this is also a no-brainer but it’s a great time even if it is an obvious one.

And who knows? You may just be the very lucky recipient of a very special sexual favor when she hears you open your heart.


Yep. Women never get tired of hearing it although you may sometimes get tired of saying it. So remember to pull that Love trigger whenever you’re feeling that feeling. It will never hurt your relationship.

Quid Pro Quo…We Don’t Think So

Finally, we all have to remember that the use of this very special word should never turn into abuse.

The “L” Word is not strictly quid pro quo and never should be! Only use this heavy emotional term when you really, truly mean it and even then handle it with great care.

If you do this it will always lead directly to mutual happiness!

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