7 Simple Rules to Help You Find Out If Someone is Married

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How to find out if someone is married’ is more than just a question when you are seriously considering a guy. These simple rules will help you with that.

How to Find Out If Someone is Married
How to Find Out If Someone is Married

The guy is irresistibly attractive. But how can you find out if someone is married before you take the plunge into the relationship?

This is a question that undoubtedly pops in your head and starts to throb it until you know the ANSWER.

With the stakes regarding your future running high, I don’t suggest that you should risk taking wild guesses. Spare yourself from the heartbreak and go through these seven simple RULES to get to find out if that special someone is married or divorced.

Rule 1: Check the Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is the first symbol of marriage that you need to check for. Yes, it is the left ring finger of the man you fell in love that breaks the heart with the news that he is married and out of the game.

Sometimes all that you notice there is those faint tan lines or a mild indentation. This could mean that the guy has been wearing a wedding ring but has recently removed it. It may indicate that the man might have undergone a divorce recently.

But some men do away with the hassles of the ring either due to a straight forward reason like skin irritation or due to a wicked hidden agenda as to get it good with unsuspecting women. Either way, you got to move on to other rules and get assured on the marital status of the man.

Rule 2: Check with them directly

Yes, it is always good to ask a straight question and find out if someone is married rather than losing sleep on second guessing their marital status.

All it requires is a little boldness to put forth the question and then you are done with it. Of course, it is always better if you can frame the question properly in your head and practice it before your girlfriend before you face him.

A well worded question prevents you the embarrassment.

Rule 3: Talk to their Family/Friends and find out whether the person is married, single or divorced

Be it friends, family or even the extended family 😉 , they are all your comrades when you are shy to ask him directly whether he is married or not.

So take the easier path and approach them casually with the question about your man’s significant other.

Remember, that you must never sound too NOSY or overly excited while you find out if someone is married. This may send the wrong signals which could spoil your chances with the person if he gets to know about it.

Rule 4: Bet on the Social Media to know the Marital Status of your Man

Do not despair when all else fails. Remember that we have got the social media on our side :-).

How to find out if someone is married is no big dilemma WHEN you got the social networking sites and the social media platform bringing out the entire picture of an individual’s personal and public life.

Hit on the Google with his name (an example here) and go through diligently over whatever comes up. You may sometimes get a sneak peek into his past experiences or trysts with women. Hope you are not exposed to the shockingly gory details of his past affairs.

If you check on the guy’s Facebook, there is high probability that you get an entire picture of his personal status in various dimensions – marital, financial, psychological and so on. Facebook is a great platform for you to consider the feedback on him through the messages that he or his friends post.

If the guy has put everything on the public domain, then the pictures that are put up on the Facebook can be seen by anyone who searches for his name and these give you a clear answer to the question that has been eating in your mind.

It is no longer just the corporate that uses social media to check the credentials of a person before hiring them. You can use it as a proven mechanism to get all the required information you need before entering the wedlock with a man that you have fallen in love with. [Related – 6 Telltale Signs That You Are in Love]

And we women folk can successfully chalk out a better deal for us as the risks of marriage are pretty much mitigated by doing the background check of the man with this mechanism.

Rule 5: Pay a visit to the local marriage registration authority

There is a Government regulation that says that all marriages must be registered. This regulation is more or less them in most of the countries, unless you have hit on Bahamas or a Scandinavian country!

To find out if someone is married or not is no big deal when you can access the marriage records of individuals for free or at the most by paying a nominal amount to the administrative officer or record clerk.

Most of the countries put the marriage records out for free online so you can usually get to check the copy as you search for the person’s marital status on such sites.

These sites, in fact give you more than just that information. They even tell you if the man that you are interested in has made an application for a marriage license anytime in the past.

Rule 6: A little bit of snooping will go a long way

Instead of tearing up our hair, we can take things into our hand and do some smart snooping around. If you are good with this, you get to find out if someone is married in a matter of just a few days.

Try to casually look over the names that are on his mail.

  • Does he put off taking you to his home?
  • Do you think there is someone, living with him?
  • Is this someone who is living in the same house as him, his wife?

You need to do your probing in that direction more or less. Check out if their last names are same and remember not to rule out the possibility if the woman with the same surname that you saw in his house is actually his sister 😀

Oh what an embarrassment it would be if you misjudged that person as his wife!

Check for the pictures on display in his house and ask him questions about the people in them. Do it in full earnest and make it look as if you think that the picture is very cute and you are just interested to know the charming people in it.

Rule 7: Hire the Expert Detective

Last but not the least hire a professional detective if you want to be really sure of it all or if you feel you are ill equipped to do the sleuthing around all by yourself.

Now that you got all the rules before you, pick the one that most suits you and forge ahead to love, bliss and companionship.

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