Why Do Men Cheat – Understanding Why Men Lie and Cheat

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They say men that cheat and lie do so for no apparent reason, but contrary to popular belief, there are reasons why men cheat.

Why Do Men Cheat
Why Do Men Cheat

Cheating has been around as long as committed relationships have. It may have not been a big deal back in the ancient times, but in today’s world, cheating scandals are all everyone talks about.

It’s actually more scandalous when women are caught cheating, as it is expected when men do it. Society is partly to blame for giving men the green light to sow their wild oats.

Gender equality may be making waves in the workplace, but in relationships, there’s still a huge double standard that applauds a man who has been with a lot of women even if he is in a committed relationship and condemns the women who do it.

How do you stop men from cheating (and lying about it) when society admires and rewards them for it?

Reasons Why Men Cheat

Each man who has ever cheated on a partner has his own reasons for betraying the trust of the person they love, and each reason gives us a sneak peek into their personality and the way their mind works. Of course, it wouldn’t be right to say that all men cheat.

Making sweeping generalizations like that is just as bad as saying all women are naggers; however, a number of the so-called good guys have cheated on someone in the past one way or the other.

Having reasons to cheat doesn’t make their actions excusable, but it does give us some insight on why men cheat on their girlfriends or wives.

Understanding why men cheat would help you weed out the one-time offenders from the serial cheaters that should be avoided at all costs. Here are some of the most common reasons why men cheat (and lie about it when they get caught):

If Given The Chance, He Will

Before we get into the more serious reasons why men lie and cheat, let’s get this one out of the way. They say that women need a reason to cheat, but men need merely an opportunity.

A lot of men may resent this sweeping statement, but even they, can’t deny that it’s hard to pass up an opportunity for sex, even if it’s with someone other than their wives or girlfriends.

Women shouldn’t give up hope, though, because there are men who are able to resist temptation. Finding where they’re hiding is the tricky part. [Read – 6 Very Irritating Things Women Do That Turn Men Off]

What She Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Her

Some men cheat because they know they can get away with it. In fact, there are some who think that having sex with another woman doesn’t count as cheating unless their partner’s find out about it.

Unfortunately for most men, women have their ways of finding out the truth, and in the end, very few of them really get away with it.

She’ll forgive me anyway. Some serial cheaters are made, not born. When a woman constantly forgives her man each and every time he cheats, she gets trapped in a vicious cycle. He cheats, she catches him. They fight and they make up. Rinse and repeat.

She Doesn’t Want To Do Things For Me in Bed

This usually happens to couples who are sexually incompatible. If a woman refuses to have sex as often as he wants or perform certain sexual acts that her partner really wants to do, there’s a big chance he’ll go out and find that elsewhere. [Read – The 100% Safe and Best Methods To Increase Libido]

I Can’t Defile the Mother of My Children

This is actually one of the strangest, yet most serious reasons men have for cheating. For some reason, men who have given this reason have put their wives on such a high pedestal that they wouldn’t want to do freaky things with them in bed that would destroy the way they look at their wives.

They then turn to one night stands in order to fulfill their needs that their wives may be more than willing to fulfill.

I Don’t Know Her Anymore

The stress of maintaining balance in one’s life can change a person, but when a woman changes from a young, vivacious woman into someone who he barely recognizes, he begins to wonder where the woman he fell in love with has gone.

It may not be reason enough to leave her, but it could be the catalyst that leads him to cheat on her.

She Did It First

There’s no use trying to deny it. Women cheat, too. Some men cheat to get back at his partner for cheating on him first. The whole revenge thing may seem childish, but all bets are off when you break a man’s heart and more importantly, his ego.

Finding out that your man cheated on you is already difficult to process, especially if you’ve given him all the love and trust you could possibly give.

Forcing yourself to understand why he did it may be too much to ask for, but knowing what was going on in his head when he cheated can help you understand what went wrong in your relationship.

These reasons are not meant to justify cheating. On the contrary, it just proves that cheating is wrong no matter what reason is given. Trust is something that should be treasured and once it’s broken by cheating on a partner, it’s almost impossible to rebuild.

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