What Women Want In a Man – Are All Women Just After Money?

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What a woman want in a man when it comes to a relationship? Are they just care about money? No, not all. Of course money is important in life, but it’s not everything. Lets check out what do women want in their ‘Dream Man’

What Women Want
What Women Want

We’re way past the search for the perfect man, it’s incredibly exhausting. And as it turns out, it’s futile too. We just know he doesn’t exist.

We’ve come to terms with the fact that Princes are nothing but a fairy tale. A big fat lie, we’ve been told since we were three. Which girl hasn’t been dreaming about her own Prince Charming?

A woman today knows that a man can’t be perfect, but that he can be perfect for her. All she needs to do is lower her expectations and be realistic. Because truth be said, we have a natural liking for everything exaggerated and perfect (and we only blame Disney for it).

Each woman looks for different qualities in men; you might prioritize status and money, when your girlfriends seek commitment and loyalty.There are however some enduring qualities that no matter how society progresses, these qualities will still be highly sought-after.

When women go on a date, they don’t perceive it as ‘just a night out’. Each date is an opportunity for discovering the man of her dreams. You might be discussing the energy crisis of China, but underneath she is actually trying and testing you in the following:


How a man handles the waiter can tell a lot about what respect means for him. If he’s rude to him because he sees the waiter as an inferior, this means he has a somehow bloated ego.

Women want men who are classy and respectful, even with strangers. You can’t be picky when it comes to respecting others.


OK, so it is our first date, and yes, I might have a hopeless pet peeve, talking. I mean, I talk a lot. If I catch you wandering someplace else,apart from meboring the hell out of you, it means that you don’t make the least effort in trying to engage with me in conversation.

If you cannot bother to make this small effort, there are slim chances to put effort in more demanding stuff. [Read – 6 of the Most Important Body Language Tips to Attract Women]

Stability, Consistency, and Commitment

Being consistent in your words and actions is something that cannot really be established on the first date. But there are a few good signs that will show where you gravitated towards. Like how you talk about your parents and friends.

If you still are friends with your elementary school, shows loyalty and commitment. Your stories about funny incidents or the pets you owned, really tell us more than you imagine!

Given that you’re looking for the same thing as we are, we expect you to be consistent in your decision and never, ever betray your commitment to us. As long as you claim that we’re going stable, you ought to honor that promise. We want men we can count on, not one that keeps us guessing.

Responsibility and Maturity

We love humor; we actually find it to matter a lot. But what matters most is how mature and responsible you can be when a situation demands it.

Again this is something we can easily verify from your little life stories. The stories you played jokes on your parents, or the time you took care of your sick friend, despite having to study for an exam.

Why we are so fond of maturity? Well, in the back of our head, we try to test your eligibility for being a father. Responsibility and maturity are key qualities. But babies aside, we do want someone we can rely on. A man who’s mature enough to tackle a troublesome situation for our own sake.

Blow-your-mind-good Sex

Contrary to popular beliefs, we do love sex and actually want a lot of it too. We might not think about it as often as you do, but the truth is that sex is one of our favorite pastimes too. Don’t be surprised. Be grateful!

What might be different in how we view sex is that we like it in many different ways. We want it rough, but we want it romantic too. We want to please as much as we love being the center of your attention. Sex is great, and it’s greater when it’s with a man that knows his ways. [Read – The Key to Being More Romantic and Get More Action in Bed]


We’re not stupid, we’re well aware that chivalrous and noble men only exist in Jane Austen’s books. But we’ve been so enmeshed in this culture of men being gentleman that we would really appreciate it if you would at least try.

Being courteous and loyal, noble and good-mannered can go a long way with a woman. Chivalry can earn you so many points with a woman; you’d be surprised you didn’t take advantage of it sooner!

Communication and Challenge

We love jabber, but then, we love talking about substantial things more.

We love the idea of being able to talk with you in a way we can talk with a close friend, openly and sincerely. We look for someone who can exhaust a subject with us, without feeling bored or secretly trying to run away.

A guy who’s communicative and says what’s on his mind, unafraid of sounding too emotional, or ‘sissy’. Someone who challenges us with his views and impresses us with his knowledge. Who’s intriguing and clued-up.

We know you’re not a machine. There will be times you will be exhausted, angry, frustrated or depressed. And that’s OK too. It’s a chance for us to express our love by taking good care of you and lifting your spirits up, in whatever way you see fit.

What Women Don’t Want

Pretentious men are a huge turn-off for women. We can spot fake from a three mile ratio. So, don’t even try. We can’t be fooled, remember we are the masters of camouflage (see make-up), so we can definitely tell if you’re genuine or not. We want the real you.

Calvin Klein model abs. Truth be told we wouldn’t mind. But those abs are more often than not accompanied by torrential snobbishness and vanity. We can hardly handle our own self-importance, so you realize it will be too crowded with yours too.

Last but not least, we know we’re no Kate Moss either. So we can make do with some beer belly, as long as you turn a blind eye to our thigh cellulite!

All these and many more are hovering in our heads as to what the ideal men should be like (if he would ever exist). These are what women believe to matter when looking for a partner. At the end of the day, each woman is after a person they will wholeheartedly be given to, body, mind and spirit.

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