What Men Want – Are Men Really Only After One Thing?

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Despite how predictable men appear to be, it’s still quite a challenge to understand what men want in a woman. Read on to find out more.

What Do Men Want
What Do Men Want

Men have different tastes in women; however, there are certain traits they all look for when searching for someone to have a relationship with.

They may be attracted to all sorts of women, but what do they see in a particular girl to make them want to know her better and develop a deep and meaningful relationship with her?

We’re not talking about getting him to ask you out on a date. That part is easy. The difficult part is showing a guy that you’re the right girl for him and make him believe that he has a good future with you.

Finding Your Way to a Man’s Heart

Getting a guy to notice you is one thing, but to actually make him want to have a relationship with you can be a little bit tricky.

It’s not that men are afraid of commitment (although some of them are), it’s more of wanting to commit to someone who has won their heart, not just someone who caught their eye. [Read – 6 Never-Failing Steps To Get Your Man To Commit]

It’s as simple as that, but what isn’t simple is actually getting them to look at you at a deeper level and making them want to be with you.

To be able to do that, you need to get inside a man’s complicated mind to figure out what men look for in a woman they want to have a relationship with, or better yet, spend the rest of their lives with.

Here are some of the most common traits men look for in women

She’s Comfortable In Her Own Skin

Men already have a lot of things on their plate and they don’t want to have to deal with a woman’s insecurities. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good for your man, but a woman who is comfortable with who she is and what she looks like, she doesn’t really have to try too hard.

She’ll look beautiful in a pair of jeans and a white shirt as she does in a short dress and high heels. It’s really not her outer appearance he’s looking at anymore, it’s how she carries herself and how beautiful she feels from the inside out.

She’s Compatible With Him

Compatibility plays a big role in any type of relationship. If they don’t share the same interests or if their personalities clash then there’s not much to work with.

A guy may put up with a girl who isn’t compatible with him, but in most cases, that doesn’t last long.

It’s still possible for a guy and a girl who are polar opposites to be compatible with each other; however, having shared interests and values makes things a whole lot easier for both parties to maintain a solid relationship.

She’s Independent

Women are taught not to show off their independence to men as it might threaten, or intimidate them. This can’t be farther from the truth. If a man is looking for someone to be his partner for life, she should be able to play the part.

Gone are the days where men make all the decisions in a relationship and women are just there to support their man. In today’s world, women can hold their own, and decisions are made by both parties, not just one.

She Doesn’t Make Decisions For Him

Being independent is one thing, but being controlling is a whole other ballgame. Just like most women don’t want to lose their identity when they’re in a relationship with someone, men want the same thing.

A man wants to be in a relationship with someone who knows what she wants and does what needs to be done to get it, and yet, he still wants to feel that he hasn’t lost control of himself and the relationship.

She Knows When to Turn the Sexy On

Men are initially attracted to women who are oozing with sex appeal; however, when they get into a relationship with someone, they would want other people to respect the woman they’re with. This doesn’t mean he wants her to dress up like a nun when they go out.

He just wants other people to look at her and see her as the lady that she is. He wants a woman who shows class when she’s out in public, but isn’t afraid to get her freak on with him when they’re alone together.

She Doesn’t Play Games With His Head

Yes, the mind games are quite effective when trying to reel a guy in, but if a girl keeps this up even after she’s got him hooked, he’ll probably feel frustrated.

Here he is, ready to commit and he wants a woman who is also ready to put in the effort to make a relationship work. If he thinks she’s just playing games with him, he’ll go ahead and look for someone who takes relationships seriously. [Read – Why Relationships Fail – How to Make a Relationship Work]

She Understands Him

Men have their needs. They need attention, they need to have some sort of social interaction, and they also need space. She should be able to understand that and give him what he needs (up to a certain extent, of course).

Understanding a man and his needs doesn’t mean that she will let him get away with everything, but she will keep an open mind. If a woman understands her man, there is more trust in the relationship and conflicts will be resolved a lot faster.

She Inspires Him to Become Better

Men always try to impress women when they’re trying to woo her, but when he wants to be in a relationship with someone, he takes it to a whole new level.

She should serve as an inspiration for him to do better, be better, and reach higher. He wants her to be proud of him and he’ll do everything to make sure that she is.

She Knows How to Have Fun

Women who take themselves too seriously send a message to men that she’s high maintenance. She should know how and when to loosen up.

A little playfulness every now and then won’t hurt. In fact, it can add spice to an otherwise monotonous and boring relationship. [Read – 23 Fun and Cutest Things To Do With Your Boyfriend]

She Listens

Men aren’t known for expressing their emotions, and it takes a special kind of woman to get them to open up. If she wants him to share his hopes and fears with her, she should be willing to listen to what he has to say.

If she contradicts him too much when he’s trying to tell him how he feels about something, he’ll just clam up and find someone else to confide in.

She Doesn’t Pressure Him Into Anything

What men hate more than anything is being pressured to do something they’re not ready for. He faces enough pressure at work or from his family already. The last thing he needs is to feel pressured in his relationships as well. [Read – 6 Very Irritating Things Women Do That Turn Men Off]

She should trust that he will do what needs to be done in his own time. Of course, he may need a nudge from time to time, but pressuring him into a situation he’s not ready for may push him away.

She Should Be Mature Enough to Handle a Relationship

Men understand that a relationship takes a lot of commitment and maturity for it to work. This is why they don’t want to commit to anything until they’re ready. If he’s ready to commit, she should be, too.

She should know what she’s getting into and she should realize that a real relationship isn’t anything like a fairy tale. If a girl does not have the maturity expected to keep a relationship going, then he will most likely not wait for her to be ready and look for someone who is.

Of course, this applies to REAL men. You know, those who aren’t too busy going through their little black book trying to decide who to call for a quick hook-up.

A real man is mentally and emotionally ready for a serious relationship. They’re not as rare as women may think. There are a lot of real men out there.

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