What is labiaplasty? Types and Features.

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Are you worried that your labia are not sufficiently attractive and sexy and want to change them to please your favorite? Worried because of their asymmetry, growths, sagging, unnatural dark color will appear after birth, trauma, surgery, rapid weight loss or too sexually active?

What is labiaplasty Types and Features.

Today worry on this score did not worth it! Indeed, until recently the fight against such defects represent an unsolvable problem, our women almost never heard of an expensive and dangerous surgery to correct the labia.

But lately, the beautiful half of our doctors offer the latest achievements of plastic surgery intimate, allowing painless to fix the shape of large and small labia and change their size, and that such operations do not belong to the category of complex and performed in virtually every clinic.

Plastic labia (labiaplasty) is carried out not only to give them a nice appearance and add a new experience for women, but also to ensure the health of the genitals, as irregular shape and size of the labia do not provide adequate protection against infection.

Plastics of the labia majora

Labia majoraLabiaplasty to the labia majora, experts recommend more often to correct their shape or size increases, since the presence of deformed labia inconvenience during sexual intercourse and also gives the unsightly appearance. To increase the size used Lipofilling – transplantation of the patient’s own fat injections or outline specific biogels or fillers (filler – «filler”). The product obtained after this procedure, the effect is short-lived, so it needs to be repeated about once every 3 years depending on the material used.

Plastics of the labia minora

Labiaplasty labia minora carry out women who are not satisfied either congenital or acquired after birth of their large size, even if they favor large. Labia minoraThe indications for surgery may be elongated, asymmetry, changes in color and shape and excessive folding the outer edge. Sometimes, the clinic treated and women dissatisfied with the small size of the labia with a request to increase them. Increasing the labia minora, as well as large, it is produced by injection of biopolymer gel or own adipose tissue.

Features and procedure for labiaplasty

Correction of the labia minora is performed by laser exposure and plastic surgery. The method chosen to consult a doctor. The operation is usually performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia for 40-60 minutes, but can be applied and general anesthesia.

In preparation for the operation requires two weeks to stop taking drugs that reduce blood clotting, is also prohibited the use of alcohol and smoking in order to avoid deterioration of healing of the wound. The operation is performed on an empty stomach at least one week before menstruation or 4 days after its completion.

Surgical correction is linear at which the extinction characteristic of the natural folding, and V-shaped (wedge) in which the pigment and the natural folding retained. In operation, surgeons usually perform cosmetic intradermal suture with absorbable sutures, bandages are not applied, but it is recommended to apply special ointments. Healing usually occurs quickly.

After surgery possible short-term manifestation of lung pain and discomfort, as well as a small swelling.

Contraindications for labiaplasty

Contraindications to surgery are:

  • The presence of inflammatory diseases;
  • Venereal diseases;
  • Various types of oncology;
  • Tendency to scarring;
  • Hypertension and diabetes;
  • Inflammatory diseases of the skin and bleeding disorders.
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