12 Straightforward Ways To Break Bad Habits Permanently

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Many of us have bad habits, but they are not as difficult as you might think to break. Adopting some of these tips for breaking bad habits will bring you one step closer towards a life without them. So, who’s ready?

Breaking Bad Habits
Breaking Bad Habits

If you think about what goes into breaking bad habits, you’ll soon realize how habitual our lives really are. We rarely explore anything that is outside of our comfort zones.

It is not uncommon to stick to the habits that we know and are comfortable with – after all, they are the habits that have sustained us throughout most of our lives.

Facing new or different tasks and obstacles tends to make us upset and stressed. Instead, we choose to stick to the habits that we have, the ones that make us feel the most worthwhile and successful.

Whether its your incurable habit of cluttering your closet with one too many handbags, or your hopeless late nights spent scavenging for candy; we all have one or two of these that may drive the people around us crazy. Not all habits are bad habits, though, and this should be made perfectly clear.

Bad habits can be a sign of insecurity, or a poor self-image. A failure at work, or an abruptly ended relationship can also trigger bad habits (for instance, porn and Facebook addiction, binge eating and chronic stress). For many people in fact, we develop bad habits as a means of dealing with stressful situations and pent up emotions.

These bad habits, however, will begin to take their toll and have a negative effect on your life, if you let them. This is why making an effort to quit a bad habit is essential. Once you do, you’ll soon realize how lighter and stress-free you will actually feel. If you have the willpower, we have the surefire tips that will help you open up your mind to ridding yourself of any negative habits.

Think Positive:

Thinking positive is easier said than done. How could you possibly think positive when your spouse of 20 years just left you for a younger woman? Instead of visualizing the ways you could make him suffer, try this instead.

  • Being positive means not letting trivial situations upset you,
  • Avoiding circumstances and people that make you sad,
  • Overall adapting a feel-good attitude, no matter how bad life might seem.
  • Being positive is all about reserving your optimism, when everyone else seems to be collapsing into a vicious circle of misery.

Using the aforementioned situation – your spouse leaving you for a younger woman – don’t let this get you down. Sure, it is okay to grieve the loss of your relationship and be angry, but don’t let that anger consume you. Rather, think of the positive things – no more messes to clean up after him, no more falling in the toilet because he forgot to put the lid down and hey – no more cooking for two, you can now eat what you want! It’s a newfound freedom, think positively and take it in a positive light.

Be Modest About Your Goals:

Start small and then go big (the other way around rarely succeeds). For example, if you drink more than the average person: it might be too harsh and abrupt to immediately quit drinking and you are quite likely to send your system into shock, especially if it has been a major part of your life. But if you introduce a gradual alcohol reduction, all of a sudden, it doesn’t seem so hard to accomplish. You can make further reductions week after week, until you reach the point you will no longer feel attracted to drinking.

Note however that for others it works best if they quit a habit once and for all, such as those who have experienced significant impact on their health.

Ultimately, it is a trial and error process. Try different ways of quitting, until finding the one that works better and faster for you (and your habit). What works for a friend at work, doesn’t necessarily means it will work for you too. We are all different people and this is important to remember.

Achieving Your Goals Is Believing In Your Ability To Accomplish It:

Don’t let your habit control you. Believe that you hold the power and that you’re the only one pulling the strings. Once you believe that you can change your habit, the actual getting over it, will be much easier. Overlooking your strengths and failing to believe that you can accomplish the task, puts extra, unnecessary difficulties in your path.

Believe You Are Already There!

What do amazing people have in common? They actually (decisively) believe they are amazing! Adopt a frame of mind that puts you in the winner’s circle. This way you will gather up all the strength and willpower needed to overcome any bad habit.

Be Firm About It and Persevere. Never Stop Trying Till You Make It.

Once the decision to break free is made, pledge to yourself that you will try hard to commit to it, no matter what. Be genuinely determined to succeed and never stop trying until you break the habit. You know this is the only way that you will be able to rid yourself of a bad habit once and for all.

Surround Yourself With Inspirational People, Things and Situations:

  • Focus on everything that’s promoting change and gives you the necessary strength to carry on with your habit changing campaign.
  • Create a positive and inspiring environment.
  • Exclude anything that’s sabotaging your efforts to break free such as friends that encourage the habit.
  • Avoid triggers that might let you slip back into your old habit. If you’re trying to lose weight, hanging out with your friends who love nothing more than to snack on junk food is not going to help you.

Work Towards Achieving Your Goals, Expect Nothing to Be Given to You Without the Hard Work.

If you abstain from eating candy for a week, it doesn’t mean you can binge on it come Sunday. Or if you manage not to be jealous for 3 days, it doesn’t mean that your girlfriend will need to give something back in return.

You do what you do for your own health and peace of mind. You work hard for the sake of it, expect nothing in return, except the internal feeling of being a winner and succeeding.

Be Devoted and Wholeheartedly Passionate About This Bad Habit Breaking:

  • First believe in your power to change your life and bad habits.
  • Then make sure you remind yourself of how much passion you hold inside.
  • Now channel it into this effort to break away from your bad habit. The passion and need for change is already within you, the only thing you have to do is unearth it.

Establish and Rethink all the Blessings You Should be Grateful For:

For all those weak moments, when desperation creeps in and you reach for that cupcake, bring into mind a picture of you in a bikini. See? That cupcake looks repelling already because you know it’s only going to go straight to your thighs.

Another pick me up trick is to step back and appreciate all the things you’ve already have accomplished in life. It will make you feel good about yourself. But most importantly, it will remind you that you’re stronger than that moment’s feeling of weakness. Resist the habits!

Fill the Void With Something Meaningful, Well and Fulfilling:

A bad habit is often our unhealthy obsession with an object, a situation, or a person. Unless you replace it with something equally pleasing there will always be something missing, making it even harder for you to commit to turning your life around. If you stopped calling your ex, you will surely feel you miss him (a lot).

Find something to divert your attention from it. Call a friend, or even your aunt (you haven’t spoken to since 2006). Often those moments of temptation are our weakest times, if you succeed in overcoming them, you’re already half way there!

Reward Yourself With Substantial Things:

No, a chocolate is not the way to go. Instead choose a bubble bath, something that will relax you and make you feel good. Make every small token of self-reward meaningful, choose your rewards wisely, you need to reward yourself with substantial and enduring pleasures.

Do things and be with people that will reinforce your willpower and inspire you to work harder towards achieving even more. Humans are great, we are meant for doing extraordinary things.

And Finally, Be a Positive Influence For Another Individual:

While this might sound peculiar, by actually sharing and instructing others on how to break their bad habits, it gives you the strength and persistence to carry. Assuming a position of I’ve-already-been-there, immediately gives you the confidence and self-persistence to pretty much conquer the world (Yes, I just said that!).

Bad habits seem so overwhelming simply because we let them be. Taking control of your life means that you decide which actions are worthy and which need to be changed. Resolve to make changes today and watch yourself get happier, again.

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  1. Addiction means many things. What thing it means is “I am so driven by this that my quality of life has been negatively impacted.” That may mean he spends 40 hours a week on porn. Or he spends thousands a dollars a week on drugs. Or he gets fired from job after job because he calls in sick playing video games. So don’t confuse “bad habit” with “addiction”.

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