How to Choose the Perfect Valentine Card for Your Partner

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Valentine’s Day is not just for people in the first throes of romance; it’s also a day on which couples can take the time to show appreciation and love to one another.

Valentines Day Card
Valentines Day Card

However, instead of simply selecting a Valentine’s card from a display of hundreds at the local supermarket, you can show your partner how much you care by putting a little thought into selecting the perfect card. If the card you send has a special meaning that only you and your partner can identify with, it’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Look for something with resonance

There are literally thousands of Valentine’s cards available to choose from in the UK every year, and many of them are generic and rather basic. However, if you can find something that will resonate on a personal level with your partner, you can show that a great deal of thought and effort went into making Valentine’s Day special.

Do you have a shared interest? Is there something you both find funny? Think about your first date, your partner’s sense of humour and the experiences you have both shared together over the previous 12 months. You should select a message or some artwork that will immediately evoke an emotion or memory from your partner, as this is the best way to truly make a romantic impact.

Packaging should not be forgotten

Envelopes are often forgotten when people buy Valentine’s Day cards, but in many ways, they are every bit as important as the cards they contain. The envelope will always be the thing your partner sees first, so it should be personal and impactful. Whether you plan to hand give your card in person or deliver it through the post, a unique and interesting envelope will set the scene for a romantic day.

Custom envelopes are a blank canvass for your Valentine’s Day message. Whether you decide to be funny, touching or sexy, you can make it happen through your choice of envelope. Choose a bright and vibrant colour to make your card really stand out, or have your partner’s name printed onto the envelope if you want to make things as personal as possible. In fact, envelope designers can arrange for almost anything to be printed, including artwork, images and romantic messages.

Choose your words carefully

A great many people will buy a simple Valentine’s card this year – containing a very simple and generic message. If you want to show your partner just how romantic you can be, take your time to search for a verse or rhyme that means something to you both. Better still, use a shared experience, or something that has meaning to you as a couple, as the inspiration for a personal verse from your heart. At least this way you can be sure that your message of love will be completely unique and heartfelt.

Choose something bespoke

Of course, you may want to choose a card that you know won’t be landing on doormats up and down the country on Valentine’s Day morning.

There are several companies that will print and send cards based on your own artwork and design choices. This means you can get creative with pen and pencil, or you might want to use a special photo for the cover of your card. You’ll get the chance to select from different fonts, colour schemes sizes and textures – allowing you to create something romantic and truly personal.

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