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The optimum temperature of the human body is supported by the work of the sweat glands. However, their activity is excessive for many people, becoming a serious problem – hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. According to statistics and more than 4 million people in the world know the problem firsthand, many of her more than once found themselves in an awkward situation.

Tools Athlete's Foot hyperhidrosis

Causes of hyperhidrosis

As a rule, sweaty feet exude a very unpleasant smell. The fact is that then the body are derived from our waste products of metabolism. These components are used for their ability to live microorganisms that are available in abundance on his feet. Odor indicates an active microbial. A similar process is equally likely to occur on the feet, both adults and children.

The emergence of excessive sweating of the feet helps:

  • Wearing poor-quality shoes and hosiery;
  • disregard the rules of personal hygiene;
  • malfunction of the endocrine system iliTsNS;
  • oncology.

In children these reasons, added a few more:

  • parasitic infestation;
  • goiter;
  • vascular dystonia.

Folk remedies for Athlete’s Foot

Methods to get rid of sweaty feet, invented by people, often not as effective as an expensive cosmetic products. The most popular method – a foot bath with different components.

For the treatment of hyperhidrosis of our grandmothers used ordinary oak bark. To do this, it is necessary to prepare the concentrated broth: 100 g of bark for 20 minutes it is necessary to boil a liter of water. The resulting broth is recommended daily foot soar to a full recovery.

Very effective folk remedy for Athlete’s Foot – field horsetail. Four tablespoons of the plant for 5 minutes should be boiled in a liter of water. This solution should be poured into a bowl, add one liter of water and do the usual bath for 20-25 minutes.

In the treatment of severe hyperhidrosis help sea salt. For this 3 tablespoons of salt should be dissolved in two liters of water comfortable temperature, float leg in this solution needs at least 20 minutes a day.

After the foot baths should be wiped dry. Wet feet – this is the ideal environment for the development of most pathogens.

For the treatment of hyperhidrosis can be used not only baths. Excellent proven itself a very unusual way. To implement it will need a raw egg and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. These two components must be mixed together until smooth before bedtime lubricate her legs and allow to dry for 10 mine. Then you need to wear cotton socks and go to bed. The course of treatment – at least 10 days.

To normalize sweating perfect ordinary apple cider vinegar. To do this in the morning and at lunchtime 9% vinegar is necessary to wipe the feet and toes. At night, the bath is better to do with this component at the rate of 125 g of vinegar to 1 quart of water. Duration of treatment – 21 days.

Thus, the sweating of the feet is not a tragedy. This is only a small nuisance, which can and must be fought. To do this, a desire and a little patience, and if a positive result is not long to wait!

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