6 Very Irritating Things Women Do That Turn Men Off

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Making a guy like you is one thing, but what’s more important is to consider turn offs for men that women do without realizing that they’re doing it.

Turn Offs For Guys
Turn Offs For Guys

Sure women shouldn’t change who they are just to please a man and a man should love a woman for who she is, right? Yes, that’s true.

The point is, there are things women do that men constantly complain about, and for good reason.

It’s hard to be in a relationship with someone who annoys you all the time. If you’re interested in someone new or if you want to have a long and happy relationship with your man, you may have to double-check to see if what you’re doing is making him want to stay or run away.

Men pride themselves on being uncomplicated and easy to please, which is also why it is just as easy to turn them off as it is to turn them on.

For most of them, it’s either they like you or they don’t. If you already have a man, or if you’re trying to get a guy to like you, you should also consider turn offs for men to be just as important as what would make a man want you. [Read – 7 Ways to Attract a Guy That You Need To Start Following]

Consider this list of what usually turns a guy off and you’ll probably agree that as beautiful and sweet as a woman can be, there is another side that guys, and even other girls find irritating.

1. Mother Smother

A lot of people say that men want to be with someone who reminds them of their mothers, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like his mother. Just as women hates mama’s boys, men don’t really appreciate being mothered by someone other than their actual mother.

Give your man some space. He may want to spend time with his friends and do guy stuff, so let him. It’s really important for a guy to have his own identity apart from being your husband, boyfriend, or the guy you’re dating.

Another thing that falls into this category is when a girl makes decisions for her guy, like making choices for him about what clothes to wear or who he should be friends with, or saying the both of you would go to a party or event without consulting him or checking if he has other plans first.

This is something that even married couples argue about because it makes a man feel like he has no control over his life anymore. Treat your guy like the man that he is and he’ll treat you like the princess that you are.

2. Sticky Like Glue

Women think that they’re being sweet when they want to spend every waking moment with their man, but for guys it can be suffocating, especially in the early stages of dating.

It’s okay to tag along when he goes out with his friends once in a while, but begging to come with every time can be very annoying. He may want to hang out, have some beers while watching a football game or playing video games with his friends. Do you really want to stick around for that?

Let him go and don’t force him to ditch his friends so he can spend more time with poor neglected little you (even after he carried your shopping bags all around the mall). If you cling on too hard, the more he’ll want to get away from you and this can lead to arguments and problems later on in the relationship.

3. Over-share, Overkill

When a guy says he wants to get to know you better, it doesn’t mean he wants to hear every sordid detail about your overly dramatic life. It’s flattering that you would want to confide in them, but learn how to edit.

A guy doesn’t have a long attention span when it comes to emotional stuff and their first instinct is to tune girls out when they start reciting a litany of what’s wrong with their lives. After a while, a guy may decide to tune a girl out completely.

4. Is That What You Meant To Say?

Women complain that men don’t listen to them. The truth is, they do. They’re just not used to reading between the lines as women often expect them to do.

Men are not mind readers, if they were, women would be drowning in romance or be coming home to a clean house, a home cooked meal and have a delivery of flowers and chocolates every other day.

If you want them to do something, tell them. Be clear and direct, and don’t expect them to decipher what to them seems to be like a coded message.

5. Playing Detective

Some women would have a great career if they worked for the CIA. Men want to be with women who trust them, and women want to trust their man, but they just can’t help it sometimes.

They search through every photo their man posts on Facebook, ask about every relationship they’ve had in the past, or try to punch holes in their man’s stories like a lawyer trying to discredit an opposing witness.

Whether a man has something to hide or not, it’s still a major turn-off for them if their girls start acting like she’s one of Charlie’s Angels. You wouldn’t want your man to rummage through every detail of your life, so it’s best not to do that with them.

6. Yadda Yadda Yadda

There’s one stereotype that men absolutely cannot stand. It’s the woman who nags. Yes, men sometimes need to be told something more than once for them to make a move, but some women go to the extreme of just going on and on and on about certain things.

Women don’t do this intentionally. In fact, they only want to make sure that what needs to be done is done and what needs to be fixed is fixed. The more a girl nags, the more a man pretends he doesn’t hear anything.

Instead of going on and on about why something hasn’t been done yet, ask them to do it nicely. Your throat and vocal chords will thank you.

A lot of sitcoms have made jokes about what men find to be turn offs, and some women just laugh about it not knowing that they’re doing the same thing.

No one is perfect, but what irritates men the most is if women overdo things. Excessive talking, overdependence and one too many insecurities can really drive a man away.

So, it’s best to be aware of your actions and read your partner’s body language to make sure he’s not about to bolt out the door.

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