3 Uncomplicated Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them

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At one point in your life, you will feel so strongly for someone that you will want to finally utter those three little words that hold so much meaning “I love you.” But burning question is, how to tell him you love him?

Tell Someone I Love You
Tell Someone I Love You

Honestly saying, it is not always easy to say the words and sometimes you want to put more effort forth and actually show them as well.

Today we are going to discuss some tips that will get you started if you are stumped for ideas. But make sure to read our previous post about When to Say I Love You.

You’ve been dating the partner of your dreams for quite some time now, but you haven’t yet taken the plunge and told them that you love them. While you may have been thinking about it, you can’t quite come up with the most perfect way to say it. Sure, you could spit out the words “I love you,” but what is the fun in that?

Typically, the words themselves have no meaning, unless they are backed up by the appropriate actions as well. In this, you can put your creativity to use and find the most perfect way to tell your partner exactly how you feel. The following tips should help you.

Tell Them What They Mean to You

When you are nervous it can be difficult to keep from spitting the words out in a jumble that leaves your partner looking at you with a single raised eyebrow.

The best way to say I love you is to actually show your partner how much they mean to you before you actually say the words. The words will carry that much more meaning and will be well received, especially if they feel the same way about you. [Read – 22 Obvious Signs a Guy Loves You]

Looking For the Right Words?

If you cannot think of how you want to tell your partner and cannot find the right words to explain what they mean to you, then you have to dig deep and really put some thought into it. After all, you are not running around telling everyone that you love them, right?

Start out by making a list of the qualities that you really enjoy about your partner. Perhaps they are kind and compassionate and it resonates in how they live.

Maybe they have the cutest laugh that makes you want to be funnier just so you can hear them laugh. Or, perhaps they have made you realize that you can be a better person and have influenced you – directly or indirectly – to take those steps forward. Knowing what qualities endear you to them will help you find the words you are seeking.

Choose the Right Moment

Telling someone you love them after their dog has died or they have had a bad day at work is not exactly the right moment. Why? Because they are likely going to think that you said the words just to cheer them up, and it won’t work.

Similarly, you don’t want to tell them you love them right before or after a moment of passion – they will not take you seriously. There is a right time and place for everything and expressing your feelings of love deserves exactly the right moment.

Here’s a good way to set the mood for uttering those three important words:

Take your partner on a romantic date. It can be a dinner over candlelight or a walk outside under a starry sky. Follow the first tip above and start the conversation out by telling your partner how important they are to you and how you appreciate them. Move in for a tender kiss or hug and then tell them how you feel. [Read – 8 Ways To Get a Guy Ask You Out That Always Works]

Tell Them in Person

In today’s technological age, you might be tempted to text them with a simple little message that reads “I < 3 u” or something similar. If this is the very first time you are telling this person how you feel, texting is not the way to go. Instead, an in person gesture will truly allow you to express your feelings rather than hiding behind a cell phone or computer screen. This is actually cheesy and should be reserved for after you have already expressed your love in person. Another Idea on How to Tell Them In Person:

If you live near a beach, this is the perfect opportunity to express your feelings in a romantic way. There are several ways you can do this – one, you can write letters in the sand – play a game of romantic hangman and have your partner guess to solve the phrase.

Another nice idea – which really should only be done on a day when it is not so windy – is to use seashells or rose petals to spell out the words. When you just happen to stumble upon the display, and your partner “awws” over how nice of a gesture that was of somebody to do – you can work your magic and tell them it was made for them, by yours truly.

There is nothing like a surprise to display just how much you truly care and the fact that you planned it ahead of time will show them that they are worth the effort.

Telling someone that you love them is a monumental point in your relationship and you want to make sure that you do it in such a way that shows you are genuine. Each of the tips offered above will guide you in proclaiming your love.

Whether it is well received or rejected, at least you will have been completely honest and revealed your true feelings.

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