Tea ceremony. All about tea and its beneficial properties for the body

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What is Pu Erh? Unlike thou him from the “Eye of the Tiger”? To date, the number of varieties of tea have more than a thousand. Everyone should be drunk on the occasion: the soul of calm or invigorate the body.

Tea ceremony. All about tea and its beneficial properties for the body
Cup of green tea and accessories

Not everyone knows about the amazing abilities of the drink, which did not hesitate to wash down dinners. Tea uplifting, it activates and energizes.

Amazing product leaf of tea tree came to us from distant China. The population of the country the first to appreciate its outstanding quality and began to cultivate tea tree. Over time, the tea of the drug gradually migrated to the Chinese way of life and began to compete with wine! Nowhere is there are so many different varieties, ways of drinking tea, anywhere else it is not so cheap and so insanely expensive!

Based on the type of processing, composition, flavoring, growing area, there is the following classification of types of tea and drink from it:

  • White
  • Green
  • Semi-fermented – yellow, red (Oolong tea), and blue (Purple tea)
  • Black
  • Flavored (black and green)
  • Fruit mix
  • Herbal mixtures
  • Special (Pu Erh, Genmaicha and others.)
  • Ethnic (Yerba mate, Rooibos, Lapacho and others.)

Special Value of Tea

Vitamins in tea – as the letters in the alphabet! Travelers and sailors were the first who estimated his property to slow down and reduce the wear of the body. The tea of different varieties differ in composition and its effects.

Green tea vitamin C content is much higher than in the black, thanks to which the first has a more pronounced anti-bacterial, anti-radiation and anti-sclerotic effect.

The true tea lovers not only versed in his grades, but also know the main secret to cooking. It turns out the whole thing – in the water. After all, in the XVII century in China, according to the Russian traveler Nicholas Spafarij, water for tea sold in the market along with other products. It should be soft and clean.

Chemists explain, in water with high hardness salts impede transfer of nutrients from the tea leaf infusion, which does not occur with soft water. In areas where water is hard, resourceful tea fans soften infusion a pinch of salt or baking soda. But it “knocks” the taste of the drink. For brewing tea is best to use bottled, but always soft water. After boiling, it does not give a precipitate, and the tea leaves reveal their true flavor.

It is important!

Moms and kids of preschool age is recommended to pour not black and green tea, and a special kind of it – Rooibos. This like-tea drink made from the bark of the African red bush. Unlike cocoa, coffee, and this black and green tea, Rooibos contains no caffeine rocking nerves.

Tea in alternative medicine

Given the long history of tea parties, each type of tea has long found its application in healing.

For the digestion:

No appetite? Try ginger tea (“Casanova”).

To suppress hunger – “Mate”.

For people with stomach diseases is good tea with mint or chamomile (“Alpine meadow”). They are perfectly calm and give the stomach a certain lightness. In addition, for those who feel the gravity of it, you can brew a cup of green tea with jasmine petals.

Strong green and black tea is very good for an upset stomach. However, for those who suffer from a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, as well as high acidity, it is better to drink tea with milk, or choose a variety like Pu Erh (partly because it removes the characteristic tea stimulation of gastric acid secretion).

For weight loss:

Those wishing to lose weight ideal Oolong and Pu Erh. The Japanese call Oolong tea “magic medicine of beauty and health.” The French called Pu Erh “enemy fat” and “tea for weight loss.” It is proved that promotes weight loss as “Lapsang Souchong” – black tea from China, which is smoked by burning the roots of Chinese fir.

Now few words about the legendary “Eye of the Tiger”. Studies show that this tea lowers blood sugar in the blood, removes toxins from the body and all of this significantly increases the effect of any diet that you decide to try.

For the prevention of cardiovascular disease:

Antioxidants contained in tea, reduce the amount of bad cholesterol. Strong in the green varieties – they not only prevent the deposition of fat in the walls of blood vessels, but also capable of destroying an existing “scum.”

Herbal mixtures that often complement a scattering of pure tealeaves, called on the standing tea anymore. However, from such combinations wins our body. If you meet in the sale of herbal mixture with Sudanese rose petals, rose, raspberry, strawberry then purchase packages. After a busy day, a cup of fragrant broth have handy.

When kidney disease:

Tea extract Annona muricata is a diuretic and is a good cure for kidney disease. But do not actively engage in self-medicate without the supervision of a specialist.

To restore power:

Suitable tea with ginseng like “Ginseng Oolong”. Ginseng – is not only the most active and versatile remedy for loss of strength, fatigue, general weakness, exhaustion, anemia and so on. E., It also improves the body’s metabolism.

To improve the mood will be just Paraguay tea or yerba mate – like-tea drink made from the dried leaves of a tropical tree. It contains pantothenic acid, which supports the desired level of adrenaline in the blood.

For the prevention of cancer:

Recently, it became clear that green, floral, Oolong and black teas inhibit the formation of cancer cells. Most experts indicates the ability of the beverage slows down the process of oxidation in the body and thus prevent the formation of carcinogenic substances, and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Fragrant tea blends

Black and green tea – this is a classic. Supplements will add a completely new taste familiar drink.

Tea “Rooibos” – ethnic African tea orange. It contains iron and trace elements that strengthen the immune and nervous systems, rejuvenate the body.

Tea “Jasmine Mandarin” – green Chinese tea has healing and toning properties.

Tea “Lapsang Souchong” – black tea with a spicy taste. Its leaves are smoked over the fire, which burned the root of Chinese fir. Will wishing to lose weight.

Tea “Life Energy” – rooibos, apple slices, ginseng, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, black pepper and lemon peel – this mixture to activate the power of digestion.

Tea “Alpine meadow” – a colorful mix of herbal chamomile, peppermint, rose, orange peel and rose hip beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

Tea “Oolong ginseng” – in the flavor of this unique tea intertwined peach, honey and ginseng. It is useful in case of problems with the kidneys and liver.

Tea “Pu Erh” – a special big leaf tea from the Chinese province of Yunnan. This drink is different properties to strengthen the immune system and promote weight loss.

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