Losers Lose Because They Don’t Know The Right Ways To Talk to Girls

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Learning how to talk to girls is an art. The most important thing to remember is that we are people too and want to be treated as more than just a pretty face. Here are some steps for approaching us and getting to know us better.

Man Talking With Girl
Man Talking With Girl

Meeting someone new for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience, especially if you are attracted to them. Men tend to do one of two things – they either clam up or they get all boisterous and literally make fools out of themselves.

The thing you have to remember is that even though we are women and have completely different anatomy, we are still human beings and we still have feelings. Keeping this in mind, there are specific ways that we like to be approached and talked to.

Essentially, talking to us is no different than talking to your buddies, although we doubt you are trying to have a romance with a buddy of yours. We may share the same interests, same hobbies or we may be completely different. [Read – What Attracts Women – 7 Things All Women Crave]

There is no way that you will know until you take the time to get to know us and that requires talking to us as though we were becoming fast friends.

Here are a few simple steps that will help foster a conversation between you and the girl of your choosing.

Step 1: Approach her slowly, maintaining eye contact while you do so. While we like the attention, any guy that makes a beeline for us from across the room is likely to be rejected right away. Don’t act like a fool and approach us quickly, but take your time making your way over.

Step 2: Introduce yourself and avoid cheesy lines like “nice weather we’re having, huh?” Also avoid cheesy pickup lines – we don’t like them and even if we do laugh it’s because we’ve heard them a thousand times and already know you don’t have a chance.

We want to get to know you, so start out with a simple introduction and a handshake. You have now opened the doors for a receptive conversation.

Step 3: Ask us about ourselves, but feel free to share information about you as well. We want and welcome conversations where we get to know you and allow you to get to know us.

Don’t share too much information about yourself, though, nor should you expect us to do so. If you are someone we are interested in getting to know better, trust us to let you know.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

Talking to girls at parties is really no different than talking to a girl in any other environment. However there are different etiquette practices you should follow and slight variations in approach.

Here are a few steps for approaching and talking to girls at parties.

Step 1: Make sure the girl is not at the party with a date. It would be very awkward if you approached a girl only to have her date show up with drinks or snacks in hand. You can find out if she has a date by either observing her – secretly, don’t ogle – or by asking her friends.

Step 2: Approach her slowly, as mentioned above. Since girls tend to stick together at parties, you may have to approach the group and this can be a bit intimidating as well. If you are confident, however, you will impress the girl by approaching her and her friends. [Read – 9 Steps To Attract Beautiful Women Without Any Effort]

Step 3: After introducing yourself to her and her friends, ask her if she would like to step outside or into a quieter area where you can hear each other and focus on one another. If she is interested in talking to you, she will gladly agree.

Step 4: If you have enjoyed your conversation and would like to see this girl again, feel free to ask her for her contact information, or at the very least, offer up yours. Always bid her farewell and tell her that it was nice to meet her, even if you find that you are not interested. Being polite will reward you with more points than if you were rude and abrupt.

How to Talk to Girls Online

Talking to a girl in person at a party or other location is a bit different than talking to a girl online. Whether you are perusing the chat rooms and happen to strike upon someone that you find genuinely interesting or you are on a dating website looking to meet girls, there are specific steps you should adhere to.

Here are some steps to get you started on talking to girls online.

Step 1: Since your initial contact is your approach, be polite and offer an introduction. Explain how you happened upon her profile or chat name and let her know you are interested in getting to know her better. [Read – 7 Steps To Write a Striking Online Dating Profile]

Step 2: Wait for her to respond. Do not send several messages – it will only make you look bad. We will respond to people that we genuinely have an interest in. Most of us will let you know that we are not interested, but some of us simply will not respond. Prepare yourself for this letdown and move on.

Step 3: During chat sessions or email communications, always remain true to yourself. Do not lie about what you look like or send fake pictures of yourself that you downloaded from the Internet. We are interested in real men and know that nobody is perfect. We don’t expect you to be perfect, but honesty is desired.

Step 4: Keep all conversations polite and courteous. Do not speak negatively or insult us, it will not work in your favor.

Step 5: Do not pressure us to meet, if at any time we want to meet with you, we will let you know. Pressuring us is only a way to get yourself blocked or ignored permanently.

Things to Talk About with a Girl

Sometimes, in all of your excitement, it is easy to forget that you are talking to another person, not just a beautiful face. There are plenty of things that you can talk to girls about, like you would talk to your friends about. Here are a few ideas to spark your conversation.

Sports – ask if she is interested in sports. Many girls these days take an active role in watching and playing sports, thus they have the knowledge to carry on an in-depth conversation. Ask her what teams she likes and enjoy a bit of friendly banter if she likes teams other than the ones you do. Do not ridicule her, though, not if you are seeking to talk with her or see her again.

Careers/School – If you are both adults and working full time, you can talk a bit about your careers. Whether you find it interesting or boring, you will at least gain some insight into what makes her tick and she will gain some insight into you.

Hobbies – share your interests and ask about hers. This is a great way to find out if the two of you have any shared interests that could spark a more in-depth conversation.

Future Plans
– one of the things that really make for good conversation is talking about the future. Find out what it is she wants to achieve and explore the topic a little further in depth.

Children – If one or both of you have children, it is only natural to want to talk about them. Share parenting stories or tips and bond over this.

Family – we all have those crazy family stories and relatives. One of the most interesting things to talk about is our families. How we grew up, what the culture was like and sharing different experiences is one of the ways that we bond as partners. Plus, showing an interest in her family and her childhood is a good way to show her that you are interested in who she is and not just looking for a fling.

Traveling – Many people like to travel these days, get to see what other countries are all about. Perhaps you have visited a European country and fell in love with it. Or, maybe she is an avid traveler and you want to hear about her tales. It is a good topic that is likely to take up hours of time, especially if there are lots of stories to tell.

Relationships – Eventually, we all want to know about each other’s past relationships. We don’t need to know the intimate details but a foray into why the relationship ended is enough to satisfy our ongoing curiosity. We will share the same information with you as well, if you really want to know.

Please don’t spill any intimate details, or talk badly about your ex. That will show us that you have no respect for the relationship and that should our relationship not work out, you will treat us exactly the same way.

Getting to know each other is the fun part of discovering what you are all about. Ask her questions, show genuine interest in her and you will find that it is actually quite easy when you wonder just how to talk to girls.

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