Sweet adjectives for women

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To choose a suitable adjective for a particular girl, let’s first recall the information from school textbooks, and look at what it is and what it eats.

Adjective. What is it?

So, the textbooks say that adjective – an independent part of speech, answer questions (in our case), “what”, “how”, “whose”. There in Russian three categories of this part of the speech – quality, relative and possessive.

Sweet adjectives for women

Qualitative adjectives meet again in this case, the question of “what” they can designate an attribute that can have a girl in one degree or another. Qualitative adjectives for the girl very well with the adverb very (very beautiful, very cute, very clever) and the adverb “too” (too beautiful, too sexy). Also from a qualitative adjective can be difficult to please, by repeating the (beautiful, beautiful, good, good, clever, smart, etc.).

If you need, for whatever reason (send greeting SMS, card, bouquet of flowers with a note), the adjectives describing the girl, again you need to remember about the school textbook. It says that qualitative adjectives have three degrees of comparison:

  • Positive, which represents a sign of someone (beautiful, smart);
  • Comparison, which indicates that the sign of someone more pronounced than the other (prettier, smarter);
  • Excellent, which allocates a sign someone to a greater degree than the other (beautiful, the cleverest).

You can compare a few words (the most beautiful, more intelligent, more beautiful).

The relative adjective answers the question “what”, but they do not have degrees of comparison, more restrained (slender, athletic, sexy).

Possessive adjectives answer to the question “whose” and indicate the affiliation of something living person (your hands, girlish eyes female hairstyle).

Practical use of adjectives for women

Many people believe that to congratulate loved ones can be a standard set of phrases – “academic excellence”, “health and happiness”, etc., but this is wrong. Beautiful card, which in large quantities, and even when there are beautiful poetic form adjectives for women, can cause the same excitement as a gift tied with a ribbon with a bow. Carefully selected adjectives certainly admired the girl, whether it’s greetings and wishes for a Man or best friend or their parents, relatives, co-workers. The same applies to sms, or embedded in a bunch of notes. And what a delight cause congratulations on local TV channels. It adjectives describing the girl carefully selected, true, but still present in large numbers, will be accepted with pleasure.

Before you make compliments, you can write in the draft all the qualities, character traits for which he respected and loved the birthday girl. It does not skimp on the praiseworthy adjectives for women. Typically such greetings begin with external data. Any girl always wants to be beautiful, and in my mind thinking that others see it as she would like. It is advisable in this case not to use the banal words, and pick the adjectives in the superlative degree of comparison.

To set the mood, you can include in the text of the message something original, words such as: elegant, stylish, charming, graceful, glamorous. Separately, list the specific adjectives describing the girl, ie the qualities for which it is valued and respected. These may be the words: honest, faithful, funny, smart, attentive, courteous. It is not necessary to list just human qualities, but rather to stress those which she actually has, and is proud of them.

If she works, and has a success in professional activity, be sure to emphasize this, and it is important to note the achievements and successes of which it is proud. Girl student – stress the need to progress in studies, of course, if any, in the case where no specific progress, it is better to modestly. Do not forget about hobbies, they can also write a lot of adjectives – achievements in sports, the arts, said in greeting, the girl will also add mood.

Composing greetings, do not forget about the impression it produces on a strong half of mankind. At the same adjectives can be consumed: the inimitable, exciting, luxurious, sexy, etc. These words are very pleased to hear from the surrounding women – employees, friends. Men say such a thing is necessary, but the women often can simply jealous of the popularity and success of a potential rival, and, therefore, is simply not to use beautiful words in a conversation with her.

Forming a congratulatory message, using a lot of adjectives, you are not only signs of attention. With this greeting, you are expressing a personal relationship to the girl, showing how highly value the friendship with her.

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