Spinel – the magic of color

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The most beautiful and unusually mysterious gems include spinel. The unusual physical properties, gloss and color are the main distinguishing characteristics gem.

Spinel is known as a huge number of other names, among which can be heard such as Picota, and Lal. In the old days, this element is mistaken for a ruby ​​and even grenades, but chemical analysis ruled out such confusion, showing that the stone is closest to the corundum, as is magnesium oxide and aluminum.

Spinel - the magic of color
Spinel – the most beautiful and unusually mysterious gem

The color scheme of jewelry is quite diverse. The most valuable red spinel, but there are instances of gray, blue, blue, pink, green and even black color. The color depends on the amount of impurities in the stone.

Spinel – very solid type, and gives a diamond in the index only two units. Basically mineral has a clear structure, but there are rocks with milky cloudiness, which in no way reflects either the quality of the appearance or the value of the gem. Its name is controversial. According to one version, it has Greek roots and means “spark”, on the other – from the Latin «spina», which is translated as “spike.” More widely found, of course, the first version, which more accurately describes the appearance of the stone.

The deposits of this stone are located in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma, Vietnam, and Tajikistan. A small number of colored stones each year comes from India, Australia and Afghanistan. Also, green, more like an emerald can be found in the Urals, and blue and purple in small alluvial deposits mined in the Lake Baikal.

Jewelcrafting was the only area of ​​application spinel. But not all instances are equally valuable for the artists. The most expensive type is considered to be a mineral red, pink, blue and black, and the least – a gray-blue. Processing takes his brilliant, speed, combined cut, as well as cabochons.

When buying a spinel important not to run into a fake. The criterion for determining the authenticity of the stone is always cost. Price grading is as follows:

  • The cheapest examples of gray-blue – about $ 25 per carat
  • purple gem will cost about $ 200
  • The pink spinel will cost about $ 300
  • The Red and the most expensive is not less than $ 600 per carat

Also, pay attention to the appearance of stone jewelry. It should be no extra inclusions, defects and have a uniform tone. Precision guarantees that the spinel can serve only authentic certificate.

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