7 Fun and Sexy Games to Spice Up Your Relationship

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Has your love life become ‘same old?’ Do you think your partner is bored? If YES, you can’t afford to miss these ultimate tips to spice up your marriage.

When you have been in a relationship for a while, things can become a tad ‘boring‘ or predictable in the bedroom, and this can be the ‘DANGER STAGE’ when some men might start to look elsewhere, or for something more exciting.

So give him something more exciting, but not in a new woman; in you! This can also have the added bonus of increasing your own libido, so that you both reap the benefits.

Here are some FUN & SEXY game ideas to spice up your love life that can rekindle that ‘sexual spark’ that you both experienced at the start of your relationship.

Food Play

Introduce food into the bedroom; yes it can be messy, but it can also be a lot of fun! Surprise him by hiding a can of squirty cream in your bedside cabinet; squirt some between your breasts, and then give him a tit-fuck.

Woman Playing Sexy Games
Woman Playing Sexy Games

The visual side of this cannot be underestimated; men are visual creatures, and the first thing he will think of is how it will look when he cums.

You can also lick the tip of his dick as it reappears, it will drive him wild. Get him to eat some strawberries off your nipples as well, not only will you both have your just desserts; you will also get one of your 5-a-day!

Time to Play

Use a kitchen timer, and you get to control the pace of everything; set it for, say, 30 seconds, and then tell him that’s the amount of time he is allowed to suck your breasts (or whatever!) before having to move on.

Take turns, and give him say a minute; in which time you will masturbate him, then it’s back to you, for whatever you would like to do next. (Little hint here ladies, make him go down on you for 20 minutes!)

Sexy Treasure Hunt

Have a sexy treasure hunt; while he is out of the way, create some (easy) clues, such as ‘Take a look in the kitchen drawer, You will find an item that leaves you wanting more.’ Leave an item, such as a lacy bra, along with the next clue.

These CLUES can get ruder as you go along; maybe ending with something like ‘If you believe in good fortune and luck, Get yourself up to me, for a suck and a fuck!‘

The idea is to have the last clue leading to you in the bedroom, where you will be naked, willing and ready!

Truth or Dare/Spin the Bottle

Make sure you are willing to take the consequences if you ask for a dare, but also make his dares outrageous.

This is a PERFECT opportunity to ask him to do something you wouldn’t normally, such as ‘I dare you to spank my bottom while we fuck doggy-style.‘

In return, he may ask for something like ‘I dare you to try a vibrator up your ass.’

This also gives you the chance to try out some new stuff that you maybe weren’t aware that he wanted to try. [Read – Things That Men Want In Bed But Not Telling You]

Forbidden Fruit

After a nice meal and some wine, lay a rug or duvet in front of the fire (ask if the kids can stay somewhere for the night; Grandma is always a good prospect!), and get out the massage oil.

The idea of this one is that you actually forbid sexual intercourse; tell him that you are both allowed to touch and stroke anywhere, but there is to be no actual love-making. This means you both spend a long time on foreplay, and there is no pressure to have sex.

The very fact that you are told you cannot have something, makes you want it all the more.

Once you are both nicely turned on, (preferably after you have already had an orgasm, or two!), you can always break the RULES and have sex; he will be raring to go, so don’t expect it to last too long!

You can always have seconds, if the mood takes you. [Also read – Tempting Light Bondage Ideas To Achieve an Powerful Orgasm]

Dirty Talk (or wash your mouth out!)

As well as being very visual, men are also turned on by words; especially if they are the kinds of words that you normally wouldn’t use.

If you are shy about doing this, you can try whispering in his ear, in the dark when you are making love, or have just finished.

You can always start with something like,

‘It felt really good when you were fingering my clit/sucking my nipples/squeezing my ass’. Then move up a gear to ‘I would love you to fuck me hard/make me deep throat your cock/fuck my ass’.

Once these words roll off your tongue (so to speak!) you will find it becomes easier in time; you can then progress to telling him what you want him to do, but make sure that he can’t do it to you right away.

Think about when his parents are there for lunch; call him into the kitchen, and tell him you are wearing no panties, and are waiting for his big cock to fuck your dripping pussy; smile sweetly and say ‘Can you carry these vegetables through for me darling?’ (You could even say you had a ‘play’ with one of the carrots before you cooked them.)

He will be so turned on, he will be more EAGER than you are (for once!) to get his parents to leave; the anticipation your dirty talk can create is unbelievable. [Read – 6 Simple But Effective Steps To Make Your Man Ultra Horny]

The Naked Chef

This is a nice one if you have a secluded garden, (if you don’t, you also get the added frisson of the thought that someone might see you).

Just imagine a warm summer evening; prepare a barbecue (if he likes griddled steak, maybe), and have a jug of cocktails ready for when he arrives home from work.

Surprise him by shaving off all of your pubic hair, and thoroughly moisturize your body, so you are slippery everywhere!

Tell him to go and get changed into something comfortable while you prepare the dinner; when he is upstairs, strip off, and serve him (in every way) just wearing a pair of high heels. (You might want to have an apron handy for the cooking.)

Have a large rug laid on the grass in a quiet corner, some cushions and pillows to hand; and feed him his favorite food.

Juicy strawberries, ripe peaches, and passion fruit are all good as ‘afters’; you can always serve them off your body, and then make love in the outdoors.

Hopefully, these are all things you will try to spice up your marriage; none of them needs to cost much money, and they can all help towards giving you both a more exciting, and satisfying love life.

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