12 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is Working

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Long distance relationships are very common these days and technology has made them a little more tolerable. But how do you know if your long distance relationship is working perfectly? It’s easy if you look for these signs!

Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is Working
Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is Working

Below you can discover certain signs, attitudes and feelings that will immediately reassure you that you’re on track!

Intuition, you just feel that it works

If it feels right, is most likely right. Don’t overlook how you feel overall your relationship to be. If you’re more happy and calm than frustrated and aching, then your relationship, despite the distance between you, is doing great!

Just because it is hard for others DOESN’T mean it will be for you two as well. If you have it all figured out, kudos to you!

(Your) Strength is limitless

You somehow manage to survive and look forward to being together again. You don’t really know where that power comes from, but you always seem to have it together.

Things frighten us mostly because of the unknown element they always contain. You were frightened before it all started, but in the process, as you become used to the idea of being apart, you somehow gathered the strength to survive, and all despite the distance!

Intertwined plans and dreams

You know it’s all going to work out in the end if you already are building on an indestructible basis.

When we invest our dreams, our time and our expectations into a relationship, we try in every way possible to make them come true. Shared dreams give you the COURAGE and STRENGTH to carry on despite the daily difficulties and frustrations.

If you find yourself holding on to your dreams, at hard times, this is probably your answer. Your feelings and dreams are too strong to let them go without a fight!

Being treated properly

Most long distance relationships (LDR) fall apart because lovers cannot figure out how to treat each other in a way that they will make their partners feel loved and supported.

If your partner makes all the right moves, you’re likely to feel calm and loved. This is actually quite incredible, as not many people in LDRs can actually say that. Most would readily confess how they feel neglected, unloved, needy and lonely.

If you feel NONE of these things, you should acknowledge how well your partner is taking care of you. (Lucky you!)

Support and Affection

The mutual reinforcing of emotions is vital, and if there’s a constant give and take of support, that’s a really promising sign.

Each couple needs to find their own switches and buttons that just make long distance loving work.

You two most likely have already found yours, and this can only mean that you’re properly synced with one another, paying attention and caring for each other’s needs.

Motivation and Inspiration

When we find motivation and inspiration in each other, it is very comforting, especially in long distance relationships…

When we are away from a loved one we often feel inadequately equipped to handle our relationship. However, if you constantly feel motivated and inspired to fight HARDER for your relationship, this is nothing but a positive sign.

Breaking up is never an option

You fight. A lot, actually. But still you never, ever consider breaking up to be an option for you, as it just doesn’t apply to your situation. You’re a unique couple and you can tell! [Watch – Why Do Couples Fight So Much]

In fact, you enjoy having this LDR; it’s like a test of your love,and you can’t wait to pass with flying colors!

Reciprocated effort

When the struggle is shared, it just seems less daunting. That’s what you two love birds do, by sharing all the hardships, anxieties and problems, you manage to get out of them stronger and wiser. All up and ready for the next challenge!

When both lovers equally contribute to the well being of the relationship, there’s a balance that keeps everything under control. Visits, communication, gifts, saving money for getting together – both of you try hard to make these work. And it should not come as a surprise that it does work!

Intimacy is taken care of

Many couples would go through a long distance relationship and once it is over they’d find themselves having to start all over again, because intimacy is somehow lost.

If you STILL feel connected with each other this means you are doing a good job. Communication is frequent, honest and deep, and this keeps intimacy alive despite the distance.

Anticipating hardships, and a positive outlook

You’re prepared for the worst and hoping for the best. You’ve discussed every possible scenario, difficulty and problem that could potentially emerge thoroughly.

You’re fully prepared to tackle any situation and you sustain a positive attitude about the progress of your LDR.

Selfishness and Compromising

Selfishness is not in your dictionary. There’s always an eagerness to compromise, and being selfish doesn’t get in your way.

Of course you fight, who doesn’t? But you fight differently,fairly. One will always eventually give in, and soon the other ADMITS to their own mistakes too.

You have discovered the recipe for thriving relationships. That’s love; letting go of one’s pride for the sake of the relationship.


When in long distance relationships people freak out. Quite a lot, in fact. However, this doesn’t apply to your relationship. You keep your neediness under control.

Overall, your freak-out fits are MANAGEABLE, rather than all-consuming, and that helps your relationship remain alive and healthy.

Long distance relationships work only for those who work on them.

When there’s genuine affection and love, people find the strength and wisdom to make their relationship work. If you found that you could identify with most of the above signs, it means you and your lover are handling your LDR CORRECTLY!

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