7 Obvious Signs He Is Ready To Commit

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Women do look for relationship that have some potential otherwise there is no point in investing in a relationship to begin with. But what about him? Let’s look at some telling signs that he is ready to commit.

Is He Ready To Commit
Is He Ready To Commit

Women are often (more often than not) depicted as difficult creatures to deal with. We can be cute as a button and the next thing you know, we turn into these ruthless green-eyes monsters, dripping with jealously and insecurity.

Others blame our DNA and how it has ‘motherhood’ written all over it, others blame men and their inability to commit to us (or any other human being).

It is true that we think of marriage and commitment more than we care to admit (saw that cheeky grin you just made!) But what about the guys? Do they even discuss it with their friends?

Below are 7 signs to find out whether he is ready to commit or not:

The “We” Perspective

Whether you’re on your second date, or you’ve been dating for months, if he occasionally shifts his “me” talks into “us” ones, then some part of his brain already thinks of you too as a (really small) gang.

Getting rid of selfishness is a valid ready-to-be-faithful sign.If he is already acting like you two are a couple, referring to you as his girlfriend, then there’s really no point for you to read any further. For the rest of us, we’ll keep going.

Communication is Deep and Constant

You can tell a lot from your conversation topics. Look for recurrent subjects, these are the things that worry and interest him the most. Does he talk about his fears or dreams with you? Does he keep it light, or does he go all existential with you?

If he shares things he only shares with his best friend, well that means he’s into you. He’s willing to let you know him better, and yes that’s a positive sign!

The I-Want-To-Know-Everything-About-You Desire

Asking you questions you hardly (ever) ask yourself, and wanting to hang out with your friends means he is genuinely interested in you. Or perhaps he likes one of your girlfriends, but that’s another story! We won’t go there just yet. [Read – 22 Obvious Signs a Guy Loves You]

Getting to know your friends and family is a chance for him to see first-hand how these individuals influenced who you are now. It’s a sincere and indirect manner of saying:

“You really matter to me; let me get to know you.”

Independent and Responsible

Is he mature? How does he handle criticism? Does he get offended like a 4-year-old? How well can he cope with responsibilities, unplanned events, and illnesses?

His level of preparedness is associated with his readiness to commit. If he has his own place, he keeps it (somehow) orderly and pays his bills, his chances of being husband-material are many!

He Talks About Commitment (duh!)

This is a no-brainer yet it somehow eludes us women how important and soul-baring it is for a man to even talk about commitment. Mind you that the conversation doesn’t have to go like this:

“Do you ever think of us having kids?” or,

“I think we’re meant for each other, it’s time for us to take it to the next level”.

It doesn’t have to be so outspoken about it, men are hardly as expressive in their emotions as we are. He will introduce it in more subtle ways; asking you about your past relationship(s), how well you bonded with your father, or what your future plans are. These are his own little, peculiar ways of saying: I’m entertaining the thought of letting this thing evolve.”

The Single Life Doesn’t Suit Him Anymore (Luckily for you!)

Pay attention to how he chooses to spend his time when you’re together. If he is a hopeless party-animal, practically living to party, chances are he’s just not there yet.

It Just Feels Right

Any woman who’s already in the relationship, can confirm how you can easily spot a commitment-friendly man.

How he treats, looks, touches and admires you are unmistakable signs of a guy willing to commit. Look closely at how he handles important relationships in his life. His parents, his sisters, his best buddy, if he is faithful and kind to them, so he will be with you.

No, This Is Not a Sign He’s Commitment Ready!

It’s just wishful thinking. Rolling over after sex instead of speaking endearments and cuddling doesn’t mean he is shallow, or a pig, or whatever you call him.

This study confirmed how the after-coitus-embracing is not an indication of commitment. Actually, the study concluded that dozing off immediately after sex is linked to an increased need for affection and bonding. So, if he nods off after sex, it is more likely that he feels relaxed and close to you, rather than being a superficial man.

Few Things to Ponder On

Are you making it easy for him to commit to you, whether it’s a relationship or an engagement proposal? Pressurizing and nagging never helped anyone. Be the girl he dreamt of spending the rest of his life with.

Commitment and Timing

Relationships are not always meant to evolve into happily-ever-afters,the bottom line is not to force it. There are signs to look for that are solid indications of a guy wishing to commit to you.

Just remember, that ultimately it boils down to wanting and wishing for the same things. To looking at the same direction, and if conditions permit, letting it grow into a wonderful soul-gratifying living.

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