Discover The Shocking Health Benefits That Lies Hidden In SEX

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The health benefits of sex are many and varied, not only does great sex help our mental health, it also aids our physical health.

Health Benefits of Sex
Health Benefits of Sex

The health benefits of a good sex life are innumerable; it not only aids our mental well-being, but also has a massive impact on our physical health; it can have an impact on stress, depression, heart and cardiovascular health, and can even have pain-relieving and weight loss benefits.

A healthy sex life can make you feel healthy and look better, both inside and out. Read on to find out how a healthy sex life can give you the health benefits that you deserve.

The Health Benefits of Less Stress and Depression:

We are all aware these days of the adverse effects of too much stress and depression in our lives; that is why it is crucial to our well-being to reduce these levels as much as is possible in what is, for most of us, a very busy world.

There is no way to make this sound better; stress is a killer. There, I’ve said it, but I don’t want you to be scared, because you can reduce your stress levels considerably by partaking in a happy and fulfilling sex life with your partner.

When we orgasm, our clever bodies secrete a substance (hormone) known as Serotonin. This chemical can be used in anti-depressants, but it’s far preferable to make your own by having an orgasm, and who can argue that climaxing feels far nicer than popping a tablet?

No matter how little money we have, or how much we wish that we could give our kids what we didn’t have, we can ease our depression by having sex; even cuddling makes us feel better, and best of all, costs nothing!

Pain Relief and The Effects of Endorphins:

How many people do you know that suffer from a bad back/recurring headaches, etc? Along with Serotonin, our clever bodies also produce chemicals known as Endorphins, both before, and during orgasm; Endorphins are morphine-like chemicals, that produce a feeling of euphoria, but also have the added benefit of reducing chronic (on-going) pain.

The medical profession very often offer us pain-killing tablets, but a far preferable option is to make each other climax!

(Ladies, I need to warn you that having the excuse ‘I have a headache’ in order to avoid intercourse, just doesn’t wash here; an orgasm will actually relieve that headache!)

How To Forget Your Troubles, (for a while anyway):

Do you, (like most of us,) have money worries; are your credit card statement or utility bills due? Well having sex is not going to make them go away, but it will help you to forget about them for a while. Let’s get one thing straight, the bills will still be there in the morning, but will your partner be?

A good healthy sex life, within a loving relationship, is guaranteed to make you feel better about things, and more able to cope when that horrible brown envelope pops through your letter-box.

The bottom line is, if you are having good sex, you feel healthier, and therefore better able to cope with these niggles and stresses.

Can Having Sex Help Me to Lose Weight?

Now ladies, this is the one that most of us (if not all) are interested in. The health benefits of reducing your weight are many and varied; losing weight not only makes you look and feel better, but losing just ten per cent of your body weight can help to reduce your Blood Pressure by up to ten points!

And if you lower your blood pressure, you also protect your cardiovascular system, and boost your heart health, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Even the less active, (or adventurous) of us can burn up a good 200 calories during love-making; if you are particularly active one night, you can even burn up to a massive 700 calories! What better way to not feel guilty about that glass of wine you enjoyed with your chicken dinner?

A good active round of love-making makes you healthy in other ways too, by improving your strength, flexibility and muscle tone – far more fun than running around a track, or ten minutes on an exercise cycle.

What Other Health Benefits Are There?

  • As well as producing serotonin and endorphins, our bodies cleverly produce more antibodies during love-making, which can help to even fight off the common cold.
  • Even having sex only once a week can result in a 30% higher level of a substance known as Immunoglobulin A, which again boosts your immune system, and helps fight disease.
  • Sex can also help you to fight hay fever and asthma, as it is a natural antihistamine.
  • Believe it or not ladies, the old question, ‘Do I spit, or should I swallow’? also comes into play here, as the minerals that are present in semen, (zinc and calcium), have been proven to delay tooth decay…(Sorry, but no excuse now!)
  • Another chemical that is present in semen is Selenium, which may offer an increased protection against certain kinds of cancer.

Is It True That The More I Have, The More I Want?

Yes, especially if you are trying to get pregnant; because the more sex you have, the more hormones you produce and the more sex you want; (what a lovely merry-go-round!)

Regular (as in, at least once a week) sex, can also promote your fertility by regulating your menstrual cycle, and therefore making it easier to determine when you are at your most fertile period in the month.

Can a Good Sex Life Help Me to Have a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth?

Now we all know that it is (usually) necessary to have intercourse in order to get pregnant, but a healthy sex life can also have many health-enhancing benefits to the actual pregnancy and childbirth.

As mentioned earlier, the increase of hormones released during orgasm, act as natural pain-killers, aiding you through the arduous time of labor.

If your baby is late in arriving, the chemical known as Prostaglandin that is present in semen, can help to bring on labor, and can also aid a speedy delivery.

During intercourse, we automatically do our Kegel (pelvic floor) exercises; this can greatly enhance bladder control which can become an issue after delivery of your baby, especially if you have a large baby and your muscles have been stretched beyond the norm.

Can a Healthy Sex Life Help My Partner Also?

It is a proven fact that the more times that a man ejaculates, he proportionally decreases his risk of prostate cancer.

Men in their twenties can actually reduce their risk, by as much as a massive third, by ejaculating five or more times a week; while twenty-one or more orgasms a month can also greatly reduce the risk in older men.

What About My Cancer Risks?

Unfortunately, there is a higher risk of breast cancer in some women who have never given birth; this risk can be greatly reduced by having a healthy and frequent sex life. Will frequent healthy love-making improve my/my partner’s intimacy and self-esteem levels? Yes, without a shadow of a doubt.

Women often crave more intimacy, rather than straightforward love-making, and this is where you need to show your man this article.

Lots of cuddles after you have both reached your ‘goal’, will not only improve your intimacy, but will also increase your sexual desire in readiness for the next time.

Michael Gurian, author of ‘What Could He Be Thinking?‘ states that ‘A man’s oxytocin levels match that of a woman’s, after his ‘happy ending’. This higher level of oxytocin makes you both desire more ‘cuddle time’, and the more that you feel loved, the more your self-esteem will increase.

‘When things go well in bed, you feel more confident and powerful in other parts of your life’, says Sandor Gardos, sex therapist and the founder of

This ‘powerful’ feeling that spreads into other areas of your life, can weave into your love-making and help you to be more daring or uninhibited in what you actually would like to try in the bedroom. This is turn, makes us want more sex, which improves our health in so many ways, and makes our orgasms better, therefore making us want more again. We are back on that lovely merry-go-round!

My Conclusion:

The health benefits that I have mentioned above are only a few of the healthy aspects of frequent love-making; there are many more, which unfortunately I am unable to cover here. Make sure to check out Part-2 and till then have fun and enjoy your sex life keeping the following thought in your mind –

Love-making=Longevity; Live Long, and Hump Often!!

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