Sexless Relationship – Can It Really Work?

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Much has been said about how important sex is in a relationship or in a marriage, and this leaves a question on everybody’s mind. Can a sexless relationship work?

Marriage Without Sex
Marriage Without Sex

Most people picture a perfect relationship to be all about romance and the passion that comes with it, but there are cases where companionship and loyalty takes the place of romance and intimacy.

This is usually expected for elderly couples who have been together since forever, but what about younger couples who experience a slump in their sex lives?

If you ask most of the so-called relationship experts, they will tell you that sex is an important part of a relationship and sexual incompatibility can lead to problems that could end an otherwise happy relationship. [Read – 13 Mysterious Health Benefits of Sex]

Most couples believe that having little or no sex for a long period of time raises some sort of RED flag that there is something wrong with their relationship or marriage.

Experts also say that the lack of intimacy can, and will drive a wedge between them and lead them to break up or have affairs just to satisfy their sexual needs. [Read – The 100% Safe and Best Methods To Increase Libido]

This has been proven by the countless number of couples that break up following a long sexual dry spell.

However, some couples will argue that while sex is important in a relationship, it does not define it and that as long as the other elements of a successful relationship remains intact, then there is a strong chance that a couple will survive the lack of sex and intimacy. [Read – What is True Love – 5 Signs of True Love In a Relationship]

The Effects of Lack of Sex in a Relationship or Marriage

To figure out whether or not a sexless relationship would work, we should first understand what makes sexless relationships fail in the first place.

A successful relationship should be built on love, trust, open communication, and respect. If one or any of these factors are not present, then the relationship is doomed, whether the couple has sex regularly or not.

The thing is, if a couple stops becoming intimate, this can lead to a domino effect and pretty soon most, if not all, of these factors that keep a relationship strong will eventually become nonexistent and the relationship will inevitably fail. [Why Relationships Fail – How to Make a Relationship Work]

The popular belief is that women are the ones who usually withhold sex in a relationship, and while that is mostly true, it’s also usually women who complain when there’s not enough sex in a relationship.

Some of them claim that a sexless relationship is a form of sexual abuse. [Read – 8 Signs You Are In an Abusive Relationship]

It may sound absurd to a lot of people, but to some women, the effects of being in a relationship where sex and physical contact are non-existent are SIMILAR to that of someone who suffers mental and emotional abuse.

Women who are in a relationship where their partners aren’t interested in having sex take a big blow to their self esteem. They feel rejected and begin to wonder what is wrong with them, and this can lead to more problems for the couple down the road. [Read – 6 Simple But Effective Steps To Make Your Man Ultra Horny]

Affairs are also something that can stem from a lack of sex in a relationship. When one or both parties feel that their needs aren’t fulfilled in a relationship despite how well everything else is going, it’s possible for them to go out and look for sexual contact elsewhere.

On the other hand, some couples claim that they love their partners and don’t mind if there is a lack of sex and intimacy between them.

It’s difficult to tell whether or not they are telling the truth, because a lot of couples who don’t have sex appear to be happy with how their relationships are going.

They claim that they can have fun with each other and show their love for each other without the need for physical intimacy.

We don’t really know what happens behind closed doors, but if the lack of sex and intimacy does not affect their ability to communicate openly and show their love, trust, and respect for each other, then they just might have proven that a sexless relationship can work.

Relationships in general require a lot of hard work and sacrifice in order to grow and flourish. With or without sex, couples who aren’t willing to put in the work will eventually break up.

As for the question whether sexless relationships can work, the answer depends on the couples themselves.

It’s terribly hard to do, but if friendship, loyalty, and companionship weighs more to both of them than romance and intimacy, they may just make it despite what these so-called relationship experts and society may think.

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