Sex On Your Period – The Facts, Tips & Recommendation

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Just because you have your period doesn’t mean that sex is out of the question. Or does it? Arm yourself with the right information to be sure.

Sex On Your Period
Sex On Your Period

If you are like many women out there, the thought of having sex on your period is as taboo as it is intriguing.

Survey your closest friends on the subject and responses will almost certainly cover the spectrum from, “You’re kidding, right?” to “Sure, why not?!”

Nevertheless, our “monthly friend” often brings callous physical and emotional discomfort and stops us from enjoying life’s pleasures – so, exploring the intricacies of having sex during menstruation deserves some attention.

The Facts:

The honest truth is that the days leading up to and during your period are not usually your best.

Energy levels drop, lower abdominal cramping heightens, belly bloating sets in, moods easily fluctuate, and tolerance for your nosy coworker or messy roommate bottoms out.

On top of all of this, as many women concur, menstruation may leave you feeling perpetually unclean and just downright unsexy. And that’s just your take on it!

Back in the day – and to some extent the notion thrives in a few cultures and religious traditions – a woman on her period and everything she touched for that matter, was contaminated.

Some spiritual beliefs even went so far as to deem the menstruating woman as cursed. On the other hand, other traditions suggest that menstruating women are extremely powerful.

Some believe that a woman on her period is linked to part of the moon’s cycle. With these beliefs, to have sex on your period is nowhere near the realm of possibilities.

Are there any benefits to having sex on your period?

Despite the spiritual and medical warnings about having sex on your period there are plenty of reasons to give it a try. The physical, mental and emotional benefits are well known and enticing!

Consider the science behind the almighty orgasm. The intense muscle contractions caused by an orgasm act like a uterus massage, a natural pain killer for those nasty period cramps – a good enough reason to ditch the ibuprofen and hot water bottle- opting for a natural “treatment!”

An orgasm while on your period also causes your brain to release chemicals called endorphins that make you feel good physically and mentally.

Not only do they contribute to soothing period cramps along with the uterine muscle contractions, they can also calm anxieties, alleviate mild depression symptoms, and make you feel all-round good and satisfied.

The intensity and good feelings associated with sex can also increase while on your period.

The vagina and uterus have more local blood flow during menstruation which increases sensitivity in the area during sex. Pair that with the enhanced lubrication that comes from the presence of blood, and you have a recipe for some powerful sexual experiences when your “monthly friend” comes round.

The quality of sex and personal wellness are not the only benefits of having sex on your period. Contractions in the uterus can also help to flush out more blood in less time that your normal period.

This means that your period could end sooner than usual with a roll in the sheets and an orgasm or two.

Tips for AMAZING Sex on your period:

Having sex during your period may be uncharted territory for you, or it may be well explored terrain. Regardless, taking a few suggestions into consideration will make the experience more exciting and pleasurable:

  • Lay off the bloating foods– Stay away from processed sugars, high fats and fibre-rich foods prior to sex. They can cause water retention which contributes to the feeling of unsexiness that comes with being bloated.
  • Don’t go with the (heavy) flow– Avoiding the first couple days of your period will decrease the potential mess from having sex on your period. Your flow likely lightens in the middle of your period – a good time to get frisky.
  • Throw in the towel– Lay down a dark coloured towel or blanket before you go at it. This will hide any blood from sight and obliterate any worry of stains on the sheets. You have far more sassy things to think about…
  • Bottom out– Stick to the missionary position with you on the bottom. Let gravity keep your menstrual blood down, and your potentially achy back supported.
  • Do the panty pull– Wear pads? You can keep your panties and pads in place during foreplay for your added comfort. Have him full your underwear to the side prior to intercourse.
  • Don’t get no manual satisfaction- If you don’t want things to get messy, save the finger and oral play until next week.
  • Shower power– feeling unclean? Quickly hop in the shower and rinse off with a scented cleanser. Or, don’t do it quickly. Invite him in for a romp and your worries of mess will go down the drain.


There are some important health-related concerns to clear up about sex during your period.

First off, although menstruation is an outflow of blood, it does not flush out sexually transmitted infections. In fact, HIV and Hepatitis B specifically, thrive in blood, ejaculate and vaginal fluids.

Protecting yourself and your partner by wearing a condom, getting a Hepatitis B vaccination and having regular tests for infections (particularly if you have multiple sex partners) is essential.

Pregnancy may also be a concern for some women. Although it is generally more difficult for a woman to become pregnant after sex during her period because there isn’t an egg present, it is still possible.

Sperm can survive 5-7 days in the vagina, enough time to find an egg to fertilize and during menstruation the vaginal environment is more chemically welcoming to his swimmers.

To avoid pregnancy- stick to your chosen birth control method: condoms, the Pill, IUD – whatever works for you!


Trying something new in bed, or wherever you have sex, can reinvigorate your sex life and your relationship. Whether it’s having sex on your period or any other venture, it is important to talk about it with your partner first.

It may not be the most comfortable or sexy thing you bring up, but it’s helpful to talk about it before you are in the heat of the moment when emotions are running wild and good judgment flies out the window.

It has to be something you both want to do. Risks and benefits should be considered and the appropriate precautions taken.

If it’s not your thing, there are plenty of other fun and safe sexual activities to explore during that one week of the month. If it is your thing, once it’s on the table (or bed) and everyone is game, great sex on your period is yours for the taking.

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