5 Creative Tricks to Exhibit Your Secret Sexual Desire

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Many women can find that they are shy and lack in self-confidence when it comes to telling their sexual partner about what they would actually like in the bedroom.

Please understand that if this applies to you; you are not on your own, and that is why we have come up with some ideas as to how you can convey your sexual desire, while sparing your blushes.

One of the simplest ways to tell your man what you want is to do it in the dark, in bed, when he cannot see your face.

It seems much easier then, than in the harsh light of day (you may find this is the same for men, as they too suffer from shyness, despite what women think,) but if you are still too shy for that, then read on…


Try ‘sexting’, this is the art of sending sexy texts. Do this while he is at work, and you know he cannot reply. Send them to him in a ‘story’ form, always ending on a cliff-hanger, so he is looking forward to the next ‘instalment.’

Start with something like –

I am lying on the bed thinking about you; I have just had my shower, and I am still naked and damp. I feel so horny and I wish you were here; but as you aren’t, I think I will have to pleasure myself. I know I’m a naughty girl, but I can’t help it. My hand has just slid between my legs, and I am about to explore my…’

Keep them going throughout the day, teasing and tantalising him; and let him know, explicitly, what you want him to do to you when he gets home.

You could end up with something like –

I have been so turned on all day just thinking about you, that I have made myself cum three times; when you get home I want you to…’ Insert here whatever it is that you desire from him, whether it is something as simple as ‘Fuck me as soon as you get in the door’, or something like ‘Fuck me in the ass, I want to feel full with your hard dick.

Believe me, he will be raring to go when he gets back, and you will get what you were too shy to ask for.

Phone Sex

If you are ok with sexting, then try actual phone sex the next time he is either away on a business trip, or for some other reason.

Sexual Desire
Sexual Desire

Get yourself in the mood first with a nice long bubble bath, and then massage baby oil into your skin, paying particular attention to how it feels when you are rubbing it into your breasts.

Close your eyes and imagine that it’s him doing it, and then move on to your knees, and work your way up your thighs, stopping just before you reach your genitals.

Concentrate on how tender and tingly the skin feels on the inner thighs, and what you would like him to be doing to you right now; then phone him and tell him. It really is as simple as that; try and ensure it’s at a time when he can reciprocate, and tell you what he would like you to do.

If he says – ‘Now I want you to finger your wet pussy,’ then do it, and tell him what you are doing; then tell him to close his eyes and imagine that it’s your hand on his stiff cock, jerking him to attention.

Tell him when you are about to cum, and let him hear every gasp and moan you make; I guarantee that he will love it.

20 Sexy Questions

Another way of getting him to give you what you want is to play a game of ‘20 sexy questions‘ the next time you are on a car journey, (without the kids in the back saying ‘Are we there yet?’!)

He is allowed to ask you whatever he wants to, but you can only answer with ‘yes’, ‘no,’ or ‘maybe.’ This makes him come up with inventive questions, such as ‘Does this take place in the bedroom?‘ or ‘Do we need any special equipment?‘

Twenty is usually plenty to get to where you want to be, without having to utter a single word about your desire; it also has the benefit of making him think that he came up with the idea in the first place. You can read our article Top 25 dirty SEXY questions to ask a guy for some more ideas.

The No Underwear Tease

Next time you go for a meal to a restaurant, make sure you are positioned where you cannot be spotted, and keep feeling him under the table; whisper in his ear that you are not wearing panties, then gently suck his ear-lobe.

This will have him hot right away; keep up the whispers, telling him what you are going to do when you get home, or, if you can’t wait, what you are going to do in the car, on the way home.

With a bit of luck, he will take you in the hallway, without bothering to even close the front door! [Also read – 10 Mind-Blowing Tips To Have a GREAT & SPICY Sex Life]

To Porn or not to Porn

I understand that many women find porn distasteful and disrespectful to women, but a lot of my female friends enjoy watching it with their husband; if you haven’t done it before, give it a try. [Read – Is It Really Bad To Watch Porn?]

Turn the lights off if you are embarrassed, and have a couple of glasses of wine, (or whatever your tipple is) to make sure that you are relaxed. Watch the movie from almost a dispassionate viewpoint initially; what you are looking for is: how the women react, what they want, is their partner giving them what they want?

Then ask yourself exactly what you want to try, that you haven’t done before…

This could be something like anal, so when a suitable moment comes up in the movie, lean over and whisper ‘I would like to try that sometime,’ or if the guy in the movie is using a dildo and you want to try that, whisper ‘Why don’t you get me one of those? I would love to try it.’

Watching these movies together is not only a turn-on, but also gives you the opportunity to discuss things that you would be too shy to normally mention.

In all honesty, have you ever known a guy not to want to watch porn, especially if you suggest it? Let us know your thought.

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