The Best Ways To Satisfy a Woman and Make Her Beg For More Sex

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Want a good relationship? Then read this expert guide on how to sexually satisfy your woman and make her cum every time.

Satisfying a Woman
Satisfying a Woman

Every man would like to satisfy his woman sexually and make her cum every time; you don’t need to be an expert, just be thoughtful and mindful of this expert guide, and learn how to please the woman in your life; your relationship will be much stronger, thanks to this.

This article is quite long but it contains everything you need to know. I highly recommend you to read this post completely if you are serious about satisfying her.(It took me more than 5 hours to complete this post.)

In case you are in a hurry, bookmark this page and read whenever you get free time.

Pleasing your woman means having a pleasing relationship.

For most women, foreplay starts long before you get to bed-time; treat her nicely during the day, and you are far more likely to be ‘rewarded’ in the bedroom.

Think along the lines of good old-fashioned compliments; say ‘thank you’ for the thoughtful things she does for you; show her that you appreciate her, and a little surprise gift can go a long way.

A little hint here though, if you make a habit of something like flowers every Friday; she will come to expect it. On the one Friday that you forget; God help you! So go for the unexpected; vary the days you buy her a little something, and then it will always be a surprise.

Relationships need to be worked at; they don’t just happen, so if you put the hard work in outside of the bedroom, you will please her, and then she will want to please you.


Before any sort of sexual activity can take place, it is extremely important that your woman is relaxed; try and help out with the children’s bath-time, or read them a bed-time story; (don’t forget that she’s probably been running around after them all day.)

Get her to put her feet up for half an hour; give her a back or foot massage, and generally be a thoughtful husband. [Read – 10 Basic Steps To Be a Better Husband With The Least Effort]

She will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and will feel a lot more relaxed when it comes to bed-time; just imagine how frazzled she will feel if she has done everything in the house all day; cooked your dinner; washed up and then seen to the kids.

Run her a hot bubble bath, and fetch her a nice fluffy towel/robe and a glass of wine; there are sure to be fireworks when it comes to the bedroom then. [Read – Dealing With Stress Naturally – For The People Who Want a Relaxed Life]

Before You Get to the Bedroom (or wherever!)

There are certain things that will definitely turn a woman off; so you need to be aware of avoiding these things.

Most women have an issue with some part of their body or appearance; for instance she might feel that her breasts are too small.

If you ogle every woman with massive mammaries who crosses your path, then she will find that extremely disrespectful, and will reinforce her idea that she not ‘good enough’ in some way.

Other no-no’s would include being arrogant, and assuming that now you ‘have her,’ you don’t need to work to keep her.

Don’t spend more time in front of the mirror than her; it is traditional for the woman to take time to get ready; not the guy (even in today’s ‘metrosexual’ world.)

The bottom line is, women do not like vanity or narcissism in their man; listen to how many women say they would like a ‘bit of rough,’ and that will give you some idea of what they really want!

Trial and Error

Relationships are not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario; what works for one couple may not work for another, so you need to try, try, and then try again, until you find the magic key to what works for you.

And never, ever, assume that what worked for an ex, will work for your current partner.

When it comes to bedroom activity, we are all different; some women might like direct pressure on the clitoris, for others that can be almost too much.

Some women love receiving oral sex; some find the idea off-putting, and so on and so forth…find out what pleases her. You need to ask, explore, and be guided by her.

Very often women can be too shy to tell you exactly what turns them on, or works to make them cum; but she may well move your hand as you are stroking her and whisper ‘There,’ or listen out for the subtle ‘Mmm’s’ that indicate that you are doing something right; if you here ‘Oh my God, that’s it!,’ then you know that you’ve got it!

Always In the Bedroom?

Always doing things the same way, and in the same place, leads to boredom; the one thing you want to avoid above all else, is just that.

  • If it’s a lovely sunny day, then suggest a spot of ‘afternoon delight’ in the back garden (if you are not over-looked; or even if you are, if that’s what floats your boat; some people like the idea of being caught!)
  • If you always have sex in the missionary position, then change over.
  • Try following her up the stairs when she’s about to put the ironing away (or whatever) and make love on the stairs; this allows for a great doggy-style position, especially if there’s a discrepancy in heights.

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