Romantic Honeymoon Ideas and Tips – Top 5 Destinations On a Budget

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Honeymoons can be inexpensive and gloriously extravagant at the same time, the key is to do your research. We did some already for you!

Romantic Honeymoon Ideas
Romantic Honeymoon Ideas

So you got your wish and had an extravagant wedding, can your pocket bear another heavy toll? We thought so! Honeymoons do not need to be expensive to be good.

As a matter of fact you can have the time of your life on a budget and without feeling you’ve compromised your dreams or have been deprived of anything.

Following our Romantic and Affordable Honeymoon Ideas below, you will not only be able to honeymoon on a budget, but have the most exciting and unforgettable honeymoon as well – you’ll have so much fun, you’ll want to do it all over again next year!

1. Going for the all-inclusive package or discount deal

All-inclusive packages with dinner and other facilities included save you a lot of money and research. The times are really hard, so there’s no shame asking for deal packages even when there are none advertised.

Rather than paying separately for food and accommodation and other services, by paying once and for all, you save a lot of money – and hey – you can go out and buy souvenirs with that money!

The other great thing about all-inclusive packages is that you get to have everything you need all arranged, so no effort is needed on your behalf. Peace of mind and honeymoon at a budget!

2. Think Ahead

Don’t wait for the last minute to book your honeymoon. Although there are some last-minute gems you could stumble upon, it is wiser to do your research and booking well in advance to avoid extra unnecessary charging.

Plus, when you book your flight tickets, the earlier in advance you book them, the better!

3. Be Willing to Be Flexible and Compromising

Everyone loves luxury and premium services, but you need to make do with a realistic service at a realistic and affordable budget.

Especially if you went all crazy and had doves, butterflies and ice sculptures at your wedding, you can live with a less-than-pitch-perfect honeymoon destination. Besides is who you spend it with, not how expensive the dinner will be.

4. Variety

This way you won’t miss on the experiences and services you long for. If you do want to stay in Hawaii say for the whole 12 days, why not stay in one average hotel the nine days, and the last three spend it like king and queen at a premium services hotel?

It’s the ONLY way both you and your wallet will be satisfied! It works!

5. The Alternative is Fresher and Cheaper

Why go mainstream when you can have as much fun going with the alternative. We’re not suggesting going camping on your honeymoon, although that would be quite an idea- camping in the woods with a bunch of critters.

But why not think outside the box and figure out ways you could save money?

  • Take the train or car to your destination, avoid airplanes.
  • Go on a local cruise rather than on a transatlantic flight.
  • Choose a non-peak season for your honeymoon vacation, like early summer, or early autumn.This will vary depending on your destination.
  • Buy tickets when they’re on sale or there are a lot of deals available
  • Go to less popular resorts, it doesn’t really have to be the number 1 honeymoon destination. Overrated is not always better you know.

6. Set Priorities and Agree On Them

It would be tricky if one wants to go to Paris and the other wants to rent a cottage in a nearby state. Having a shared dream and expectations about it, will prevent disappointment and on-site fights!

7. Stay Close to Home or Even Go Local

Think of all the expenses you will cut off just by choosing a nearby destination. Don’t contempt your own city or state for providing great honeymoon solutions. Beside the money you will save from air fares, you will invest in luxurious activities in your city! Either way you’re the winner.

8. Sacrifice Accommodation for the Sake of Entertainment

Another smart move is avoiding the presidential suite and opting instead for something modest and functional. This way you save money you will get to spend on things that will actually matter such as a romantic activity, a trip to a spa and so on.

9. Let the World Know!

Telling hotel, restaurant, and pretty much everyone you meet of your newlywed status will surely get you a treat or two. Even if there’s no deal clearly state, you might be eligible for one because you’re newlyweds. Ask for it, you deserve it!

10. Getting Two in the Price of One, Wedding and Honeymoon

Why not plan your honeymoon and wedding together, this way you can get an amazing range of deals, you can even have a registry so that people can contribute if they want to for your honeymoon.

Also, since you are planning the two together you might even get some of your package deals completely free or with a great discount!

Now that you know our 10 honeymoon smart tips let’s discover what the top 5 honeymoon destinations look like!

Top 5 Budget Honeymoon Destinations

5. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

This Greek, globally famous romantic getaway is always a nice alternative for getting a Mediterranean taste of Europe’s beauties. Santorini has long been a popular destination for honeymooners wishing to experience the unrivaled romance that this island provides.

Santorini’s famous sunset is the reason young couples and newlyweds flock the island. They must know something, don’t they?

Don’t get intimidated by the fact that being a European destination, Santorini will be less expensive, given the current economic recession Greece is experiencing, there are plenty of affordable packages to benefit from!

4. Paris


Don’t look at me mockingly or even roll your eyes. The city of love can be experienced at a budget. Book early, book the best deals and go for medium than top luxury accommodation.

This will already save you at least one thousand dollars. Who cares if you don’t get to experience the elite Paris, Paris will be Paris from whichever angle you look at it!

3. Barbados


An island part of the renowned Caribbean Islands, offers idyllic scenery, crystal clear waters teamed up with excellent services and a wide range of romantic activities to choose from.

Definitely a culture worth exploring, the food and customs are uniquely preserved and proudly showcased. What’s more, Barbados is the ideal honeymoon destination for striking a balance between beauty and cost-effectiveness. Need I say more?

2. India

Taj Mahal In India
Taj Mahal In India

Many honeymooners choose India as their destination for myriads of reasons. Can you blame them? From the Taj Mahal to less known destinations such as Coorg in the South, Jodhpur in the North and Udaipur in the West, India offers the greatest and most versatile set of options.

From fairy-tale reminiscent beaches in Goa and the Kerala shoreline, you will get to have a princess-y honeymoon minus the heavy bill!

Immersion in this multifaceted country is inexpensive, memorable and entirely one-of-its-kind. Plus, you will get two cross two things out of your bucket list at once: India, checked, Honeymoon,checked!

1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia

Bali is no coincidence in the top of our list. Offering a wide range of deal packages and all-inclusive matchless discounts, Bali makes for a perfect, prolonged honeymoon that will not burn holes in your pockets.

Bali has been a favorite honeymoon destination not only because of its heavenly, romantic destinations but because of its highly attractive prices and deals.

A honeymoon of 4 days in Italy, Florence, translates into up to 10 days of pure bliss and extravagance in Bali. I think you’ve already made up your mind, didn’t you!?

With a little research and an open-mind you can have your dream honeymoon and a few bucks left in the bank!

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