15 Cute and Romantic Gift Ideas For Her

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What could be the perfect gift for your girlfriend? Check out our top 15 romantic gift ideas for her and maker her happy for it over and over again!

Romantic Gifts For Her
Romantic Gifts For Her

It’s that time of year again, her birthday is near and you still haven’t decided what to get her. If you’re lucky, hundreds of ideas bombard your head, if not, you are fast approaching a heart attack.

Worry no more, our list of no less than 15 fool-proof romantic gift ideas for her will give you many options to choose from and surely one will fit your budget and your girlfriend’s taste!

1. Something for her sweet tooth

Name a woman who doesn’t love chocolate-covered everything. Buy her chocolates and her heart will melt. Buy her chocolate-covered strawberries and she will love you for eternity. This mouth-watering cheesecake trio and chocolate-dipped strawberries assortment will make her knees weak.

Why is it the perfect gift for her you ask? Because it’s chocolate-themed, yet light enough so she won’t have to feel guilty about eating it. You see, when it comes to gift ideas for your girlfriend you need to be extra smart.

2. A heart-melting thank you letter

Yes, it might sound too much of a work, but a ‘thank-you for coming into this world’ gift is a surefire way to her heart. It doesn’t have to be poetic; she will not compare you to Shakespeare and his sonnets. What she will do is feel immensely happy for your confessions.

Women tend to dislike men who are inexpressive of their emotions, so this is a great chance to prove you’re a different guy! If a letter is too long, you can achieve the same effect with a shorter note. Hey, it’s the thought that counts.

3. Make her feel unique with love (sex) coupons

No woman will reject an offer to be served. This year give her a blank love coupon, she will need to fill in the service you will need to pay her.

Sexual or not, the idea of having you be at her service is apart from a huge turn-on, a great opportunity to show how devoted you are to her and her needs. This is pampering at its finest.

4. Gifts that matter

You could literally think of a million gift ideas, but chances are 99% are either cliché or useless. To avoid such gift disasters you can go down the safe road.

As her birthday is approaching she is more certainly been giving you hints on gifts she would like you to buy her.

Pay attention – a magazine she intentionally left open at a specific page, a dress she’s been talking to her best friend about on the phone.

The answer is already there, you need to be careful to track it. Get her what she wants and she’s bound to return the favor. You might think that getting her a pair of shoes when she already has over a hundred pairs won’t excite her, but trust us she will!

Getting a woman what she wants is rare and when it happens, the woman will surely find ways to reciprocate.

5. It’s a day of self-indulgence

Avoid teddy bears and disgustingly cliché gifts, give her something memorable, something she can boast about to her girlfriends the next day. What would that be?

  • A whole spa day for her pleasure
  • Book her a day-long pass for one (even better if it’s for both of you!)
  • Get her a Spa Day Certificate and watch her immerse in her own pleasure. Be generous; include a Thai massage, a sauna treatment, a full-body body wrap, mani-pedis, indulgent facials or anything she can relish in.

6. Give her an adrenaline rush

Plan an adventure date, at a laser club, at go-karts, why not book a sky-diving experience! Anything you feel she might be up for.

Her birthday is the perfect time to start crossing things out of her bucket list. However, this is a gift fitting a girlfriend you really know. It won’t work or it would be rather awkward getting her such a gift when you’ve only been together for a few weeks.

7. Flowers with a twist

Keep the gifts coming. What’s better than a flower bouquet on her birthday? Wouldn’t it better if she can get a box of hand-dipped chocolate-drizzled strawberries in the following day?

Everyone expects to get a gift on their birthday, but continuing onto the next day showering her with gifts, well, that’s pretty mind-blowing! Prepare for some love-giving reactions.

8. Give her something she longs for

Her birthday is a great excuse to fulfill one wish you know she has. This could be anything; from a mini day-trip to a nearby city, a visit to her favorite museum, a day-long TV series marathon of her favorite show.

As long as it’s something she desires, you cannot fail with such a gift. [Also read – How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy: Don’t Be a Jerk]

9. Encourage her dreams

There’s no better gift than one’s support to your dreams. You already know what she craves to become and do in her life, so give her a little push.

If she wants to become a licensed Pilate trainer get her a birthday certificate with the first training month fee paid by you.

This type of gifts is by far the more meaningful and substantial. The pleasure she will receive from such a gift gesture will indeed be immeasurable.

10. Go tech on her

Is she into technology and gadgets? Don’t worry, you’re not getting her the latest iPhone, but you can invest in a pretty decent accessory for it.

Buy her a bunch of applications for her Smartphone and a fun gadget. Would it be a sound amplifier or a pair of mini speakers, or would it be a phone case with your picture embossed? There are so many options to choose from!

11. Giving her what she wants

How about being her servant for a day. Knock at her door announcing your intention to serve her as she pleases for a day. She can demand anything from you, including foot massages, preparing dinner, back rubs, anything!

This is a deeply satisfying gift; it allows the birthday girl to have power over you for a day, making her feel special. It’s every girl’s fantasy, you see.

12. Give her glamour and shine

Girls love jewelry, PERIOD.

Check what she loves the most. Does she prefer bracelets or earrings? Or is it necklaces? What about watches?

Pay attention what she loves wearing on a daily basis, that’s what’s the most comfortable for her. Now go invest in a piece.

It doesn’t have to be break-the-bank expensive. Go for the middle-range of prices. She will be as pleased!

13. Just leave the city already!

Great gift ideas for your girlfriend abound, a foolproof and romantic one is getting together out of your usual setting. Plan a visit to the nearest beach or at a park with an awe-inspiring view.

The choices are endless. Unearth your romantic self. It might feel cheesy for you, but for her, you’re giving her the whole world. Bring all picnic supplies and treat her like your queen.

14. It’s all about sex

It’s her birthday, what about giving her multiple orgasms? That’s a gift she will remember, to be sure. [Read – The Best Ways To Satisfy a Woman and Make Her Beg For More Sex]

Birthdays for women are special days that they try to make memorable and special. Well birthday sex is one way to interpret memorable and special!

15. The greatest gift of all

Finding romantic gifts for her might be stressing, especially if she’s introvert. If all of the above suggestions don’t seem to fit your situation, this one surely will. You see, anyone can appreciate a surprise party!

Make a few calls; get her best friends, get her favorite relatives, get everyone you think she will be happy to see and voila, you just prepare the most-desired birthday gift!

When choosing romantic gifts for your girlfriend you need to take into account two things, your girlfriend’s character and the time you’ve been together. This will determine what kind of gift its best for her.

Good Luck!

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