Romance & Sex In a Long Distance Relationship – The Unexposed Truth

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Romance and sex don’t need to fade because of the distance. Learn how you can keep the romance strong and your man satisfied! Read the secrets that no one else cares to tell you.

Romance & Sex In a Long Distance Relationship
Romance & Sex In a Long Distance Relationship

Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of long distance relationships is the sex, or more relevant, the lack thereof. And then you have romance, which again because of the distance is somehow lost between inadequate intimacy and lacking affection.

So what is a woman to do?

As a woman caring for her lover, you should perhaps start thinking of groundbreaking —and other conventional ways— through which you could keep sex and romance going.

Is there such a way, I hear you wonder?

Oh yea, there are plenty! The problem is not the ways, but how daring are you willing to be!

When it comes to romance, things are pretty straightforward and rather anticipated.

Being Affectionate

Before sex, you need to take care of romance, men need that too, strange as it might sound!

Take the amount of affection, warmth and caring you used to shower your lover with. Now multiply that by ten, that’s pretty much the amount of affection you need to constantly, and uninterruptedly give.

You see, you might have all the love and affection to give, but until that love reaches your beau, it withers to a so-and-so, lukewarm loving.

Well, not really, but you get how much more needy long distance relationship (LDR) lovers can get, so trying to remedy that through extra loving care is perhaps the only way. [Read – How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work]

Being Supportive

Even if they would need your support, men will never tell you this. They hold onto their pride so dearly that they would prefer suffering than asking for your support. That’s why you need to give it, before they are FORCED to ask.

Long distance relationships turn us into weak, fragile little creatures that depend on another person for their life. Of course it’s rather sad, but it’s nonetheless true.

Distance makes us feel helpless and alone, which in turn fuels other emotions of insecurity. For that reason you need to make him feel supported. [Read – Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: Fact or Fiction]

The thing is, that when we feel cared for, we also acquire the strength and momentum to carry on with our LDR, and that’s what we mostly need.

The power to keep on, so be generous with how supportive you are with your lover. This won’t go without a reward, if he feels supported, he will actually want to care for you (even) more. It’s a win win situation really!

Pampering Him Softly

Men, seek this luxurious, extravagant pampering- you can only blame his too loving mother for that! A man is like a little prince who never really grew up; they always keep alive that ego and attitude and expect you to treat them accordingly.

Showing a man love by spoiling him, you attend to his most secretive and insatiable need, to feel he is the epicenter of your world. Note that spoiling him doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, men are rather easy to please (OK, that was a big fat lie!).

Making your man feel cherished is about the subtle affectionate actions you’ll engage in. These are what will make him feel CODDLED.

What could be addressed with a hug or a steamy make out session, now can only be realized through gifts, surprise visits and little acts of affections:

  • Sending love letters
  • Ordering him his favorite meal to get when they get home all exhausted and lonely
  • Booking a flight and go to see them unexpectedly
  • Being understanding more than judging.
  • Finally giving him some action!

Now that romance is taken care of let’s move on to the subject of SEX.

Remote sex is not for everyone, it’s true. But it only seems daunting because you imagine the most extreme form of sex you could have, live streaming video sex. Which is rarely the case.

The SECRET to keeping your sex life spicy hot despite the miles, is to let go of your inhibitions and be a little more bold than usual. That’s it!

Talk Dirty To Me

For someone who’ve never been in an LDR before, everything looks inexecutable and plain awkward.

But if you start small you will gradually gain the confidence and attitude to handle more demanding LDR sex actions. Plus, if he really wants it he will find ways to make you feel more comfortable.

Talking dirty to each other is a good place to start. It doesn’t have to be something rehearsed, or something planned. When you just normally talk on the phone, you can think of sexual innuendos you could throw at him and hope for the best!

Don’t worry, he will pick it up, men are hardwired for DETECTING sex attitude 😀

Humor is always a good idea to casually introduce sexual undertones in your conversation.

Be open and prepared for a much stronger, forward response. But you can always get it as far as you would feel comfortable with. There shouldn’t be any pressure.

Sexting Each Other

Talking dirty is not limited to phone calls, sexting is in fact more frequent. Sexting lacks the intimacy of phone calls and so it’s much easier for the shy-tribe of lovers.

Share a fantasy, a sexy dream you might have been having, anything that includes you two in a steamy situation!

Bad Girl Snap Shots

The next step from sexting is photo sex—We should be so grateful technology is so advanced, see how handy it always is?

When the sexting (it could also be online messaging, whatever suits you!) is up and going, it’s perhaps time to introduce some photos into the game, gradually losing an item or two would get him started!

Just to be sure, you won’t find yourself tagged all over the Internet, take pictures that don’t show your face. Play it SEXY, but play it SMART!

What will follow is entirely up to you, you could switch to any medium you like, a phone call, a web cam, or just go on with sexting.

W.A.R Sex aka as Web-Assisted Remote Sex

There’s no clear point at which you will feel ready to have virtual sex. It is most likely that at one moment both will feel ready, that you will jump right to it! Letting go of SHYNESS is crucial for enjoying sex, even when you’re apart.

Sex is key for keeping a relationship’s spark alive. It will be awkward and perhaps there will be quite a few uncomfortable incidents, the best you could do is have a laugh about it (and then resume!).

Don’t let the distance, deprive you of such a wonderful aspect of your relationship. Go for it and see how liberated and relieved you will feel afterwards.

The tension and anxiety of you two living together will be a bit less to handle, if the issue of (no) sex has been taken care of.

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