Remove the black eyes at home

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Bruises under eyes – a nuisance that at least once in life happens to each person. It makes the look less attractive and therefore spoil the mood. Bruises, bags and wrinkles under the eyes may occur due to various reasons – from accidental injury or banal lack of sleep to signal that the body is something wrong.

Remove the black eyes at home

Possible causes of bruises under his eyes:

  1. Bruises and injuries.
  2. Diseases. If bruises under his eyes – is not the only symptom of an illness that you have noticed, consult a doctor. Remember that health – is virtually irreplaceable resource, and keep it.
  3. Overwork. Leisure – an important part of everyday life, do not neglect them.
  4. Lack of sleep. Along with quality recreation, a large, comfortable sleep in sufficient quantity – it is a necessity. Often, black eyes leave as soon as man is able to have a good rest and sleep properly.
  5. Water retention in the body. Start the habit of drinking water in sufficient quantities every day. If your kidneys are healthy, so that the fluid in the body is not delayed “in reserve”, during the day, it is desirable to drink your daily water intake. Therefore, swelling and bruises on his face will not be formed.
  6. Bad habits. Alcohol and nicotine is not made any more attractive person.
  7. Stress. If possible, try to minimize the impact of stress on your life.

To remove the black eyes long haul, you need to find out the cause of their appearance, and work to eliminate it.

Effectively combine internal and external factors (eg adjusting supply facials). In other words, the problem you need to work on the inside and outside, using an integrated approach.

How to remove bruises resulting from injuries:

Remove bruise, without resorting to disguise decorative cosmetics, you can use the simple and affordable things that exist in almost every home in the refrigerator and in the medicine cabinet.

  1. Concoctions. The powder concoctions mixed with water at a ratio of 2:1 and gently put on the lid. Once dry, rinse. Repeat the procedure can be twice daily.
  2. Cabbage juice is very effective, if you put it on the bruise immediately after receiving the injury.
  3. Honey and vegetable oil in a ratio of 1:1. One can also add part of the egg yolk and some flour.
  4. Infusion of bark Kalinovoe. Cora pour boiling water, leave for half an hour. The resulting infusion is put on a cotton swab, apply to the bruise for 20 minutes.

How to remove “chronic” black eyes:

  1. The mask of grated potatoes with milk. It can be done in the morning and evening.
  2. Tonic “decoction of sage.” They can be cleaned the area around the eye or to do contrasting compresses.
  3. Parsley juice can be applied to the eyelid using gauze or a cotton swab.
  4. Ice cubes with the addition of parsley juice, fruit or apple cider vinegar. An important point: do not drive on the cube century for too long.
  5. Exercises for eyes (gymnastics).
  6. Cosmetics Eye.


  1. Mask of the tea used.
  2. Potato mask. Cut the potatoes in half, to make a century.
  3. Cosmetic cloth mask for the skin around the eyes. It desirably the content of collagen. This mask not only helps to fight with bruises, but quickly removes fine lines around the eye area.

I wish you good health and flowering species!

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