Removal cellulite on thighs in a week

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Thighs of women in everyday life is called your hips. But this is when they are just starting to get fat if complements happens very quickly, thighs transformed into fat thighs, and say the word with contempt holders themselves ugly, ugly, fat, fat thighs.

When the thigh is significantly increasing in size, women wonder: “How to remove fat thighs” in a short period of time. Luckily, there are diet, exercise, which help to bring your hips in order.

Removal cellulite on thighs in a week
Slim figure after removing cellulite from the thighs

What to do if you have fat thighs

First, if you have moved from the stage of hip thigh in the thigh, and you go this somehow did not notice, do not despair and panic. There are different ways to solve the problem. It is worth thinking carefully about how to remove the legs at the thigh.

Exercises designed specifically for this purpose, you need to choose the ones that you will be able to perform, but it is best to alternate them, despite the complexity of the implementation, for the greater efficiency of fat burning.

If you decide to lose weight on their feet immediately learn to eat healthy and balanced. Fruits and vegetables should be at least 40% of the daily diet. Completely eliminate mayonnaise from the menu (it makes the fat thighs and promotes cellulite). Fried potatoes and meat, sausages and pizzas, sweet soda and ice cream are also not conducive to slimming the hips.

Exercises to fight with fat thighs

The most effective exercises to burn fat on the thighs are the most simple and the complexity of the implementation:

  • A bike. Lying on the floor, on your back, raise your legs up and simulate cycling. 5-7 minute sessions also help to remove fat from the abdomen, and to train the press;
  • Scissors. Lying on the floor, on your back, raise your feet up and do their movement, reminiscent of the work of scissors. Exercise is done in several passes by 40-50 times. Between sets do a five-minute rest;
  • Wag. Standing on all fours, doing sweeps alternately one and the other leg. Such movements in each leg must be less than fifty;
  • Squats. The mechanism of their implementation is clear to everyone. It should be noted that not only squats eliminate the fat on the hips and tighten the gluteal muscles, remove cellulite, inflated inner thighs.

How to remove the thighs in a week

Remove thighs in a week is almost impossible. You should always remember that you are there for a longer period, and not for a week, so the hope for a rapid disposal of them is not necessary, and it is not worth it, you can bring yourself to exhaustion.

It is best to take a firm resolve, patience, and doing physical exercise, observing the gentle, reasonable diet to start getting rid of the fat on the hips. In such a case a week later you will notice that the process is “gone.” Well, the time to complete redemption depends on how large the thighs. Not the least factor in determining how quickly you get rid of them, are the individual characteristics of the organism.

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