19 Interesting and Random Questions to Ask a Girl

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With the rights questions you’ll get the right answers! Learn what questions to ask a girl if you really want to know her.

Questions to Ask a Girl
Questions to Ask a Girl

We got this stereotypical image of girls, where they are always bubbly and vivacious.

But this is not always the case, women can be enigmatic too, so unless you can think of the best and interesting questions to ask a girl, you’re bound to remain in the dark!

Are you just started dating, or do you want to revamp your communication with your long distance relationship girlfriend?

The following questions are transferable in that they can be used on a first date, or with your wife whom you have been married to for 5 years. Shall we?

1. Longest friendship you’ve ever had?

A great way to ease into the friendship talk. It will show you how much she values friendship and whether she’s been betrayed before.

Also, you’ll get to find out how much she invests or she is willing to invest in a friendship− it will give you an idea what she will be eager to offer in a romantic relationship as well!

2. Have you ever had your heart broken?

Things get emotional and quite intimate when such questions are asked. So be prepared to handle it, crying, sobbing and all!

If all turns out great you will get valuable information about what to avoid as her boyfriend-to-be. Of course, you should respect the fact if she doesn’t want to talk about it, as most heart breaks are not typical table fodder.

3. The most insane amount of chocolate or ice-cream you’ve ever consumed?

For lightening up conversations; don’t expect her to be 100% honest though! We do eat a lot of these two bad boys 😉

4. Are you your mum’s or your dad’s little girl?

She will share a very personal detail about herself and indicate who she gets along with. Lucky for you, if she has a great relationship with her dad (no suppressed wants to take out on you etc.)!

5. What you absolutely love about yourself?

Indirect complimenting. We love that! It’s her moment to boast of whatever she feels confident about. Let her have it and be AMAZED how her face will instantly lighten up!

6. Admit it. You still watch children’s shows on TV, don’t you?

A fun, light way of getting to discover her more naive and I-refuse-to-grow-up side! Finally someone who’s not judging her for having the Peter Pan syndrome!

7. When did you last fall in love?

Things get personal here! She will be sharing very intimate information so you need to treat her respectfully and not joke about anything she says.

You could have a tissue handy. You never know with us sentimental girls! [Read – What Women Want In a Man – Are All Women Just After Money?]

8. On a scale 1 to 10 how much of a hoarder are you?

Girls are either clutter freaks or organization maniac. Better know in advance what you’re getting into!

9. When was the last time you cried?

It could be about something ridiculously insignificant. Please don’t laugh at us. This is an amazing opportunity to learn what matters to her and what gets into her heart.

10. Favorite TV show, or character?

You can tell a lot about her humor, beliefs and taste with this seemingly trivial question. Is she a “The Good Wife” fan or a nerdy “Big Bang Theory” junkie?

11. If you were playing in Friends, who would you be, Phoebe, Monica or Rachel?

Women love that show, and she is probably going to give you a comprehensive analysis of why she is more of a “Rachel” with a pinch of “Monica” on the side!

12. What is your dream job? Have you tried getting it, what are your career aspirations?

Aspirations, dreams, fantasies. All are included in this single answer, make sure to keep coming with questions to really get to know what she wants in life.

This shows you have a true interest in her future – not many guys do! [Read – What Attracts Women – 7 Things All Women Crave]

13. Who’s your best friend? Why her?

A self-evident question, you will get to know whom she is close to, what they’ve been through and what she values in friendship for her to be her best girlfriend.

14. Do you believe in true friendships between guys and girls?

People are torn on this question; it’s a lovely opportunity to get a foretaste of how much of a gender warrior she is! Make sure to pay attention to how she is going to back up her claims.

15. What’s your biggest phobia?

This is one of those questions that get to be talked about all night long. So make sure you got plenty of time. It’s personal and emotional.

It’s the best way to get into her heart. Let her speak about everything and anything that might scare her. This is your chance of acting all gentlemanly mind you!

16. What’s one rule you always try to stick to?

It could be something her grandma told her, a personal conviction, anything. It will give you a hint as to what matters most in life for her.

Bonus: It can lead to a series of other personal questions so that you will get a thorough idea of what you’re getting into!

Now for the lighter part of the night, our own Top 3 favorite questions (totally unsuspicious) to ask a girl!

17. Have you ever had a girl-on-girl fight? Was it your fault?

High school conflicts, who can forget those! This is a genius way to probe into the Classified High School File. Get to know what she used to be like during school years and see how much or little has she changed since!

It’s a fun question because you know well in advance how the reason she fought about would be plain ridiculous!

18. What type of girl were you during high-school?

Another question for her earlier years, who she hung out with, was she an Emo or the popular type of girl? How much has she evolved?

This question is a great conversation starter for recalling all those hilarious memories from high school. You’re welcome.

19. What song do you obnoxiously sing in the shower?

If she’s utterly complex-free she might give you a live performance of it too! A great question to get intimate − the sneaky way!

Shower questions can get sexy in the blink of an eye! [Read – 7 Secrets Pickup Artists Use to Make a Move on a Girl]

These questions are but a small sample of questions you could ask a girl and get to know more about her. They’re perfect for getting past awkward silences and feel like a true player; running the game smoothly.

What was the craziest question you’ve ever asked a girl? Did she dump you, or was she witty enough to answer back? Please share your comments!

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