Oak bark for hair

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Oak bark is often used in folk medicine: it has astringent, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, wound-healing properties. In cosmetics, it also found its use. It is an affordable and effective means for hair care.

Oak bark hair dye

Above all, it contains organic pigments and can be used for dyeing hair. Oak bark makes the hair darker, and gives them a reddish hue. And by combining it with other natural dyes – henna, basma, onion peel, chamomile tea – you can get any, a variety of shades. Prepare oak bark as follows: pour boiling water for half an hour and kept in a water bath. Then strain the broth carefully and applied to dry hair. Top wear plastic bag and covered his head with a towel. After about an hour, you can wash your hair with shampoo. In order to make a saturated group, the procedure was repeated several times. Unlike many other natural colors, oak bark ensures stable coloring and a little washed out over time.

Oak bark for hair

Oak bark against oily seborrhea

A decoction of oak bark effectively dries the skin and helps to cope with oily seborrhea and its attendant problems – hair loss, dandruff. Three tablespoons of oak bark pour a liter of boiling water and put on half an hour in a water bath, filter. Broth rinse hair after washing.

Oak bark for thin hair

Oak bark is useful for hair inclined pushitsya and electrify, too soft, naughty, thin and brittle. It makes them shine and simplifies installation. In order to achieve the desired effect, the hair should be regularly rinse the decoction of oak bark after washing. The broth is prepared the same as in the previous recipe.

Oak bark when pustules and allergies

Due to anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, a decoction of oak bark can be successfully applied in the pustular and allergic rashes on the scalp.

This oak bark is not suitable

It dries the skin, and therefore are not recommended for people whose hair is already dry. It makes no sense to experiment with it just for fun, not having this any real evidence. Hair and without hard decoction of oak bark can make even tougher – they say, “as a wire.” Spoiled so hair will look greasy in appearance, would be unpleasant to touch and will be difficult to disentangle.

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