Metrogil Gel (Metronidazole) for acne, results and reviews

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From acne and acne affects many people: they are teenagers during puberty, and people with oily skin or a more serious violation of the sebaceous glands. But the face – a kind of business card man, and that is why it is necessary for the permanent care.

Metrogil Gel (Metronidazole) for acne

To solve such problems, many dermatologists and beauticians recommend using gel Metrogil (photo 2). It includes no antibiotics, and the main component is metronidazole. The product has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties and reduces itching, burning, redness. Metrogil acne can be used for a long time, since it is not addictive. Also it can be used in treatment of various dermatological problems (inflammation of the skin, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.).

Using metrogil acne

The gel should be applied thinly on the pre-cleaned and dry damaged skin areas twice a day (morning, during washing, and in the evening before going to bed). Clear skin is recommended regular economic or tar soap. But the use of different color cosmetics in the period of treatment is best minimized.

Metrogil Gel (Metronidazole) for acne

Metrogil acne: customer reviews

There is no single opinion on the use of this drug is not, as, indeed, any other. Therefore, there are also positive opinions and negative. However, it depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Janette. “My skin has never been perfect. The presence of several inflammation on his face was the norm for me. It aggravates my problem after pregnancy – even pimples appeared on the eyes and very itchy. Being desperate, I went to the drugstore and bought several funds, one of them was Metrogil. After a week of regular use, my skin was perfectly clean, better than before pregnancy.”

Ann. “I bought Metrogil of despair – there was a strong spontaneous eruption. I did not help either creams or ointments based on zinc, so I decided to go to the pharmacy. First impression was good: a nice texture, quickly absorbed, the skin after it breathes and the pores are not hammered. But the effect of it, I no two months have not seen. Maybe gel I do not fit.”

Liza. “The means acquired after reading a large number of comments. I must say – the price available, so doubted the result. But still I decided to try it. I used according to instructions. On the morning after she applies makeup (foundation it well kept). After two weeks, far fewer small pimples and blackheads.”

Jeanne. “Ointment I recommend my beautician. Although my skin and a very bad result, I felt three days later. First, use was a strong feeling of dryness, but it is gone, and then the sebum is much less was allocated. By the way, I Metrogil used in combination with chlorhexidine. In my opinion, this is the best treatment option for oily skin problems.”

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