Mesotherapy – what is it?

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At any age, women tend to look young and beautiful, what they would not be worth it. To help in the difficult struggle against aging comes cosmetology, which in recent years has worked closely with the medicine. This integration gives positive results – invasive and laser methods of treatment and regeneration of the skin quickly and efficiently rebuild the damaged areas.

Mesotherapy - what is it?

One way to confront age-related changes can be called mesotherapy. During passage mesotherapeutic procedures intradermally administered low doses of special preparations. The composition of these drugs include injections of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, botanicals, amino acids, moisturizers and other ingredients necessary for the normal functioning of cells. Cocktails are used for correction of age and aesthetic problems and are effective and safe.

Since experts are administered small doses of drugs, the body does not receive the stress impact and allergic reactions are virtually eliminated. Mechanical stimulation of the nerve endings in addition working on regenerative processes in a natural way. The effect is visible immediately after the first procedure and keeps for a long time. To correct complex problems, you can use other beauty treatments.

With meso-injection can successfully confront the flaccid skin, tighten oval face, get rid of the uneven surface of the epidermis (scars, stretch marks), smooth out wrinkles. Mesotherapy is also successfully used for the prevention and fight against cellulite. Mesotherapeutic methods can be used not only to treat skin problems cover. Trichologists recommend a course of mesotherapy in the loss of hair.

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