Mask split ends of hair

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Split ends – the enemy of a good hairstyle

The problem of split ends is familiar to most women. The bad ecology, stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, various diseases, vitamin deficiencies, and, of course, the chemical and thermal effect on the hair, including coloring, lead to the fact that the hair ends are split. Most often it occurs in owners of long hair. The sebaceous glands, even if oily scalp can not be sufficiently moisten the hair ends. They become dry and exfoliate. If it is very noticeable, it spoils the appearance of hairstyles, and all the beauty of long hair is reduced to zero. After all, women’s hair to be different is not so much its length as the health and well-groomed.

Mask split ends of hair

How to deal with delamination hair

The most radical and effective solution to the problem of split ends – haircut, ideally with hot scissors. Of course, even long hair must be periodically shortened, but in this case we are talking about this short haircut. For any face shape can be an interesting option to choose hairstyles, whether or bob bob. However, not every woman would agree to such drastic measures. After years of leave to grow hair very sorry, and I want to change the way not always.

If you intend to keep your hair but want to inexpensively and effectively solve the problem of delamination, can help you mask split ends of hair at home.

Traditional recipes

Masks for hair very effectively allow to deal with delamination. The main thing you need to follow a few rules:

  • Apply the mask on dry hair unwashed;
  • After the application can comb through the hair with a fine comb, then put swimming cap or plastic bag, and Insulate turban;
  • Keep the mask for half an hour, rinse shampoo split ends;
  • Repeat for crescent twice a week;
  • If possible, do not dry the hair dryer;

Recipes such masks, there are many. The most popular and effective – the oil and milk.

Oil mask made from essential oils and cosmetics, the best – avocado, olive, burdock, castor and linseed. It takes a mixture of oils or some one, pounded a small amount on your palm and rub into the hair.

Dairy masks are made from dairy products. Take fat sour cream, add a few drops of olive oil and whisk in a blender. Or, mix yogurt with lemon juice and egg yolk and whisk well as weight, see. The resulting “cream” evenly through the hair.

Oil, yogurt and sour cream moisturizes the hair ends and effectively fight delamination.

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