11 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Happy (Be The Man She Wants)

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Figuring out how to make your girlfriend happy is something that most men want the answer to. How many times have we heard the question: “What do women really want?”

How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy
Happy Girlfriend

Barrack Obama is often regarded by the media as a man who has been able to keep his wife happy.

The way he publicly appreciates and praises her during his speeches is proof enough.

Well gentlemen, if you want a happy and content “Michelle” of your very own, here are a few major points to incorporate.

Read on to discover the answer to the easiest question ever asked: how to make your girlfriend happy.

1. Learn to be thoughtful and considerate

Be considerate of your girlfriend’s feelings and ALWAYS show your love and support. Women want a man that is sweet and caring; a man whose support they can count on at all times.

The idea is to make her feel desired and loved. Holding her hand in public, for example, will make her feel appreciated. Even old-school, thoughtful actions such as opening a door or pulling out her chair really make women happy.

Here is a little SECRET: girls want other people to see how much you LOVE and TREASURE her.

2. Throw her “beautiful” compliments

To make your girlfriend happy, you MUST appreciate her. Don’t you know that women love to be complemented and praised? Do your best and spice up your vocabulary; tell her she is lovely, beautiful, that you desire her; let her know you have never met anyone like her.

You will not believe how much effect such SIMPLE words can have on a woman’s heart. This is a simple way to keep your girlfriend happy; it will keep both her spirits and self esteem high.

3. Fidelity and loyalty

You need to be faithful and loyal to your girlfriend. This means that hitting on her friends is out of the question. (No cheating game, friend!)

Imagine how she would feel if she saw you make a pass at her friend? Her friends are people she probably confides in and talks to about you.

Be loyal and always take her side during issues; you need to defend her at all times. However, AVOID giving opinions in situations that do not need your interference. For example: if she is arguing with her family, it is best to just stay neutral and respectful.

4. Romantic and adventurous

Always be romantic and avoid too much monotony in the relationship. Master the art of surprise: send her flowers at home or prepare a nice surprise meal. [Read – How to Be More Romantic – Secrets Girls Wish All Guys Knew]

Make the relationship spontaneous; kiss and touch her in new ways to make sure that she is always intrigued. It is your goal to ensure that your girlfriend is satisfied both physically and emotionally.

Women want to feel that they are a living in a fairy tale; that the things they see in movies and soap operas can happen. So make sure to make her world feel as “story-book” like as possible; it’s guaranteed to ROCK her world.

5. Be available to spend time with her

Spending enough time with your girlfriend is the best way to master learning how to make her happy. Canceling on dates with her and blowing her off to hang out with friends should be AVOIDED.

Keep her company and do fun stuff when you are together. You should also occasionally invite her to hang out with your friends; show your girlfriend that you are proud of her by showing her off to your friends. Compliment her in front of her (or your) friends; it will really make her happy.

6. Be patient and listen

Hard times are only natural in a healthy relationship. So at times you are bound to have arguments with your loved one. Does this mean that your girlfriend needs to leave the argument feeling sad and heartbroken? The answer is no; an argument should ultimately only heighten the love you feel for each other.

Use arguments to make your relationship stronger. Be patient with her and listen to her complaints; most women complain that their boyfriends DO NOT LISTEN to them. If you just try to correct your wrongs, in most cases, this is enough to make her happy.

7. Never forget important dates

Always ensure that you remember all the important dates in your relationship. Have you been going out with her for a while? If so, this means you have established meaning to specific dates.

During anniversaries, her birthday or Valentine’s Day you need to treat her with more love and care.

Surprise her with gifts such as the classic giant teddy bear and chocolates before taking her out on those oh-so-important days. This is an excellent way to make your girlfriend feel both content with the relationship and to reinforce your appreciation for her.

8. Supportive

You need to be confident in your girlfriend’s decisions. Treat her right and avoid shooting down any of her ideas. Be encouraging; believe in her dreams and always support her DESIRES.

Become the person she can confide in when she wants to pursue something. If you think her ideas are misguided, simply enlighten her in a positive way. Positive criticism is always appreciated if it is given in a loving manner.

9. Communicate

Let her into your world; you need to make her feel like she is part of you. The reason that most relationships fail is because of lack of communication.

If the relationship is not based on friendship and openness then problems begin to arise. Your girlfriend may think you are angry with her when the problem is just issues you’ve been having at work.

Confide in her and let her know what is happening in your life. She will be happy since this is an opportunity for her to give advice and talk to you.

10. Make surprise dates

Every now and then book a day where your only focus is her. Your thoughts and actions should be about her throughout the entire day.

Give her a massage, watch a movie, snuggle close together and be intimate 😉

Every woman wants to have some ALONE time with her lover, so surprise her with such days often. Make sure to bring your A-game during such occasions so that it is memorable.

11. Present yourself well

Women love it when their men look hot .This is because women love to talk about how cute and well dressed their boyfriends are to friends.

If you show up dressed like a BUM, this can really embarrass her. So gentlemen if you want your girl to be happy, dress and look smart for her.


With all these tips, how can you fail when it comes to making your girlfriend happy? Be the man that she can confide in and share her deepest fears and aspirations.

Always be there for her; show your love and support and you will make her happy. As you can see, making your girlfriend happy is not HARD at all; it just means sometimes putting her NEEDS before your own.

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