35 Brilliant Ideas To Make Him Addicted To You Forever

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Are you madly in love with the man in your life and feel like you want to spend forever with him? Maybe you are wondering what it is that you can do to make him addicted to you forever?

How To Make Him Addicted To YouHow To Make Him Addicted To You
How To Make Him Addicted To You

Make Him Addicted To YouOkay ladies, you have done the difficult part; you have found your Mr Right, and now you would like to make this a ‘forever’ relationship, and not just another one that bites the dust when boredom and familiarity set in.

So what can you do to ensure that this time, this will be the relationship that stands the test of time?

Understandably, we all have the need to know where we stand with our partners, and whether they feel the same way that we do.

But within that thought, we all sometimes push just a little too hard in our effort to discover what he does feel, and that can result in pushing him away, rather than drawing him closer.

If you follow these 35 brilliant ideas to make him addicted to you, then you have a far better chance of getting things right this time. So come on ladies, you know what you want, now is the time to make sure that you get it.

1. Always remember what drew him to you in the first place

Was it your smile, your easy laughter or your figure? If you take the time to find out what the attraction was in the first place, and work on keeping that going, then the chances are that he will always want to stay with this wonderful woman who has not changed from the one he first met.

2. Is he a lover of sexy lingerie?

If he likes what you wear underneath your clothing, then always make an effort to surprise him. It does not have to cost a lot of money; there are very good places where you can purchase cut price clothing these days, including supermarkets. Just remember to make the effort.

Imagine his eyes when you whisper, “Wait until you see what I have on underneath here darling.”

3. Get fresh

Always think about personal hygiene. I know this is something which is common sense, but it is worth a reminder. Does he like you shaved down there?

Always make sure you keep yourself the way he likes you to be, and are smelling sweet and fresh when you get into bed with him. Hopefully he will be offering you the same consideration. [Read – How to Look HOT and Sexy]

4. Concentrate on one thing at a time

When you do get into bed together, make sure that it is only you and him. Try Not To bring the kids in, and never do work in bed.

This is your private sanctuary, and for you two only. Your bedroom is for your private talking and lovemaking and you should try not to have any distractions.

5. Try to be flexible in your attitudes towards sex

If he would like to try something new in the bedroom, then don’t dismiss it out of hand, at least give it a go. You never know, you might like it 🙂

And at least he will know that you are trying your best to make him happy. [Read – How to Please a Man In Bed (The Sex Goddess Formula)]

6. Show him how to please you

Following on from the above tip, most men love the idea of a sexually confident woman. Do not be afraid of telling him, (and showing him,) what turns you on, and what does not. In short, avoid being the girl who fakes orgasms to appear happy.

There is no point in faking it, because he will think that he is doing things right when he patently is not. [Read – 7 Fun and Sexy Games to Spice Up Your Love Life]

7. Never use sex or the lack of it as a tool to control him

If you decide to have a ‘headache’ every night, then you can hardly wonder why his eye might start to wander. Love-making is a physical way of communicating your love for him, and withholding this will only breed resentment.

Besides, I could name a number of reasons why you should be making love, and they include wonderful effects such as good heart health. It can even help you to lose weight! So go on, have a work-out in the bedroom! [Read – Discover The Shocking Health Benefits That Lies Hidden In SEX]

Conversely, NEVER use sex as a ‘reward.’ You should be having sex to show your bond to each other. If you have a disagreement, sort it out outside of the bedroom.

8. Always respect him

This is true of any relationship in which you love someone. Never belittle anyone, regardless of their financial standing, and always show respect.

It DOES Not matter if you earn more than he does, you are a team, not an individual. Remember, you have to give respect in order to receive it.

9. Be trustworthy and honest

Don’t lie about how much that handbag or pair of shoes cost, the chances are he will find out the truth anyway.

Any kind of LIE which gets found out makes you appear untrustworthy and dishonest, and I’m certain that you would not want him lying to you, so allow him the same honesty as you expect to receive.

10. Be discreet

We all know that there are times when we need to discuss things with a girlfriend, but when you do, do not ridicule your man. So what if he had difficulty in maintaining an erection the night before?

You would not like him to be telling his friends that you were rubbish in bed, so don’t talk about your most intimate times indiscreetly.

11. Be committed to the relationship

If you want him to commit to you, then you need to show him that you are in this for the long haul. Never allow him to doubt that commitment.

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