How to Make Her Squirt – The Key Is To Find The G-Spot

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We have all heard stories about female ejaculation (squirting); let us show you how to make her squirt by finding and manipulating her G-spot.

Make Her Squirt
Make Her Squirt

Many men (and women!) have long asked, Does the G-spot actually exist, and if so where is it?

Medical opinion has varied in the past, but due to new techniques in MRI scans, it is agreed that women do have one, and that men want to find it, and make her squirt!

Read this guide to find out where the G-spot is, how to manipulate it, and how to make her ejaculate (squirt.)

How to Find the G-Spot

According to Doctor Irwin Goldstein, MD, director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital, in San Diego, California, and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, ‘Every woman is capable of experiencing more concentrated sexual pleasure and more powerful orgasms,’ by finding and manipulating this small organ.

So the first thing we need to do (and this goes for men, as well as women,) is to locate the ELUSIVE piece of tissue.

Although there is still some disagreement as to the size of the G-spot, there is no doubt that there is one; and it can vary in size from about a quarter of an inch to approximately two inches, along the upper wall of your vagina, and is about an inch or two in from your vaginal opening.

Debby Herbenick, PhD and associate director of the Center for Sexual health Promotion, (at the University of Indiana), explains that ‘It is highly sensitive tissue that, when touched the right way, triggers feelings of sexual happiness.’

Sensations felt by stimulating the G-spot are in general more intense than those felt by clitoral stimulation, and many women report a warm, flushed feeling that tends to be felt throughout the entire body.

Ok, so now we know it’s there, and that it feels good, we need to know exactly how to locate it.

Sometimes, (due to the angle), it can be easier for your husband to find this, than trying yourself; so if you lie on your back and relax, ask your husband to insert his middle finger into your vagina, with his palm facing upwards, (towards tour tummy.)

Ask him to then crook the finger, as though beckoning to you, and there you go! Bingo!

That’s where the elusive tissue is; it should feel like an engorged and knobbly bump of tissue, that doesn’t feel as smooth as the rest of your vaginal lining. [Also read – Self Exploration – The Unbeatable Way To Have a Healthy Sex Life]

Don’t Worry, It’s Not PEE!

Many people are concerned that if a woman does squirt, then what she ejaculates is actually urine; don’t panic, it’s not!

This liquid is expelled from the urethra (the tunnel that pee comes out of,) but studies have found that it is not urine; this liquid is released by something known as the Skene’s glands, or urethral sponge.

However if your lady does not have good control over her PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, then there is a chance that she could release some urine at the same time; if she does, it is not her fault, it is due to the body performing a natural function.

Do not freak out at this, as you might inhibit her feelings that much, that she will not want to try again.

Eventually she will LEARN to differentiate between which feelings are which, so bear with her if you want to try again. (Having said that, a lot of men do like that sensation, so each to their own.)

Techniques to Help Her to Squirt

1. The best way to do this is to insert your fingers (as we said earlier,) and rub the thickened piece of tissue; while still licking the clitoris (if you can multi-task!); you may find the ball of tissue becomes more solid (almost erect) and just keep on doing it.

2. You can use your other hand to gently press down on her tummy, in between her navel, and pubic mound; this can help give added stimulation.

3. She may well tell you at this stage that she feels like she needs to pee; tell her that it’s very unlikely to happen; and carry on with the stimulation.

4. Now when she does squirt, keep licking the clitoris (if you are ok with that), and be prepared for anything from a teaspoon to a cup of liquid gushing out; (you may want to have a couple of towels to hand for this.)

5. When she has finished, chances are that her vagina will be extremely sensitive, and she may not be able to cope with any more stimulation at that stage, (think how sensitive the tip of your penis is after ejaculation.)

6. It may not be quite as easy as mentioned above; she may need additional stimulation while you are fingering her G-spot, such as kneeling beside her and using your other hand and your mouth to stimulate her nipples.

7. If you still cannot manage it, there are specially shaped vibrators that have a curved end, designed to reach the G-spot; see if she would like you to try one of those, (they do work wonders.)

You will find most women do have the ability to squirt and reach incredible heights of orgasm; generally the only thing that stops them is their own inhibitions.

This is where you need to convince her that it’s really ok to let go and enjoy! Soon, you will find you are able to make her ejaculate all over you…

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