7 Secrets Pickup Artists Use to Make a Move on a Girl

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Trying to work up the courage to make the first move on a girl can be nerve-wracking. You don’t know if your advances will be received or rejected. To determine if the timing is right or if the woman you are crushing on is interested – check out our tips in preparing to make a move on a girl.

Making a Move On a Girl
Making a Move On a Girl

It plays out like a movie scene, you are in a popular bar with a bunch of friends, when you suddenly catch the eye of a gorgeous girl across the room.

She smiles at you, subconsciously inviting you over and it’s all you can do to keep from parting the crowd and running to her side.

Then, reality sets in and you realize this isn’t a movie, it’s real life and you all of a sudden don’t know what to do.

When you catch the eye of a pretty girl it can be nervous and exciting all at the same time. Which one of you will make the first move? She’s smiling at you and seemingly playing hard to get, naturally you are intrigued by the challenge.

Before you walk over in what you believe is your swag, take the time to strategize your move – but don’t take too long, otherwise she may think you have lost interest and move on.

1. Approach Her Slowly

It can be tempting to run over and talk to her, after all she is the most gorgeous thing you have seen. If you approach her too quickly, you are likely to seem overeager which can scare her off. Rather, slowly make your way over to her maintaining eye contact the entire time. If she turns away, you will know she’s not interested. [Read – 9 Steps To Attract Beautiful Women Without Any Effort]

Girls who smile and maintain eye contact the entire time, however, even if only looking away for brief moments, are subconsciously anticipating your presence.

2. Avoid Using Corny Pick-up Lines

Classy women do not want to hear pick up lines that include any of the following:

“Your legs must be tired, you’ve been running through my mind”

“You must be an angel, ’cause baby, I’m in heaven”

Rather, walk up to her slowly and calmly – even if you are screaming inside – and introduce yourself. Being real instead of corny goes a long way. Women want to know that you are a genuine human being, not a guy out to flatter his way into her pants. [Read – How To Talk To Girls – 8 Things To Talk About With a Girl]

By sparking up a conversation starting with a polite introduction, you are showing that you are a gentleman, and most women want a gentleman.

3. Slow and Steady Wins the Game

Many guys are focused on the intimacy, rather than the wooing. Once you have established contact and asked the girl of your dreams on a date, take the time to woo her. Show her you are interested in more than just a cheap thrill, you want to get to know her.

It is not necessary to spoil her with anything other than your attention and show her that you are truly interested in her and nothing else.

Not that there is anything wrong with wanting to kiss her, and eventually progress to more, but any woman worth having will not let you rush her into what may only turn out to be a one night stand. We deserve more than that. If we are looking for a cheap thrill, we’ll be sure to let you know that.

4. Nothing Turns Women off More than Pushiness

If there is one thing that women hate, it’s pushy men. Don’t try to push us into something that we are not ready for and certainly don’t try to guilt us, either. Even if you do by chance get us to give into your demands, you will find that this will very likely be your last amicable contact with us. [Read – What Attracts Women – 7 Things All Women Crave]

As mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with a slow and steady pace, especially since any advances you make will mean more to us because you will have gotten to know us. A woman is more than just a pretty face; she deserves someone that is attracted to her more than physically.

Pushing us to do something is a surefire way to ensure that you get pushed off the list of potential mates. Bear that in mind.

5. Take Her Clues

There are many things that women are good at and playing coy is one of them. If we want you to make a move we will do one of two things: either make the move ourselves, or clue you into the fact that we approve of you making a move.

If you are on a date for the first time and are unsure whether your date wants you to lean in for a kiss, you need to pay attention to the visual clues that she is giving you. For example, a woman who seems in a hurry to leave or has her arms crossed against her chest is likely not going to be receptive.

On the other hand, if she is maintaining eye contact, leaning in towards you and touching you gently or playfully, you will find that she is open to you making a move. [Read – 12 Sizzling Tips To Be a Good Kisser]

Just because she is ready for you to make a move does not mean that you necessarily have to. You can drive your date crazy by planting a sweet kiss on her cheek before bidding her adieu. If you are interested in seeing her again, though, it is best to let her know that as soon as possible.

She may be mistaking you being a gentleman for disinterest and may seek to move on. Of course, it is far more likely that she will simply drive herself crazy trying to interpret what you feel – we are notorious for over-analyzing moves in this way.

6. Prepare Yourself for a Letdown

This is something that many people are not prepared for. They have worked up the courage to go for what they want and then, before they know, it they are pushed away. This does not necessarily mean that she is not interested; it simply means that it may not be the right time. Some women move slower than others, and this is perfectly acceptable.

Preparing yourself ahead of time for the possibility of rejection may make you a bit tenser, but bear in mind it is not the end of the world. In most cases, if the woman is interested, she will tell you so and also explain why she pushed you away. This will help to clue you in to what kind of person she is.

Maybe she rushed in a previous relationship and had her heart broken, or maybe she firmly believes that there is a right time and place for the first move.

If she is not interested, believe me, she will let you know. This is not an area where you have to wait for a visual clue, especially if you have already taken the plunge and been rejected. After this point, you will not have to put any guesswork into the relationship or lack thereof.

7. Keep on Keeping On

Once you have worked up the courage to make your move on a girl, it is anyone’s guess as to how the scenario will play out. In order to determine when the time is right, follow the clues that we have listed above. If your attempts are unsuccessful, do not let this discourage you.

Dust yourself off and try again – although you might want to try with a different woman that catches your eye, lest you be slapped with a restraining order.

As women we can be difficult creatures, but you will never know what could be if you don’t try.

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