Love Spells – Do They Really Work Fast

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Many people are searching for love spells that work fast so they can snag the person of their dreams and live a life full of love. Do these love spells work, or are they all just nonsense?

Love spells that work fast
Love spells that work fast

There is an entire community that revolves around spells and love spells specifically.

There are countless websites advertising love spells that work fast that can cause a person you’re interested in to desire you, an ex-lover to rid themselves of negative feelings towards you and come back with stronger feelings than ever, and even some that will break up your crush with their current partner, making way for you.

For somewhere in the range of $40-$50, you can cast a spell to stop a divorce or make someone fall in love with you fast. These spells have a variety of origins. Some are Wiccan, some are ancient Egyptian, some are Voodoo, and some are based on astrology.

Most explanations are similar. They typically stress that, contrary to popular belief, a love spell won’t MAKE someone fall in love with you. This is not about messing with someone’s free will, and, while some advertise that their love spells will work fast, most say nothing about instant Hollywood-type instant attraction.

Generally these spells help remove energy blockages that may be interfering with a person’s attraction with you.

If this sounds a bit confusing, it is. One site says “Love spells don’t ‘make’ someone love you; It is true that you cannot and should not try to ‘make’ someone love you with love spells. (Despite some of the names of our products, such as love spells with names like ‘Make you Love Me’…)“

So these spells are not manipulative or forceful, but they can completely change someone’s feelings for you. One person compared them being manipulative in the same way that hitting the gym or wearing makeup is, but surely there’s a difference between showing the best version of yourself and playing with subtle energies to change another person.

Do Love-Spells Work?

So much of relationships come from our own self-image and the image we display to other people. Confidence is attractive, and being sure of the person you’re chasing after is a powerful component to your attractiveness.

If you put together a spell by doing some kind of personal spiritual cleansing, and then either cast or have someone else cast whatever type of spell you’re going for, it’s pretty likely that you’re going to feel more optimistic and confident about everything.

It’s not a big jump then, to see that confidence contributing to the direct result you’re looking for with the spell.

Does that mean your love spell works fast and sets you up for the true love relationship you’re looking for? Obviously there is no scientific evidence that these spells work. Anecdotal evidence may be abundant, but even that seems a bit suspicious.

Take this testimonial on one of these love spell sites:

Thank you Miss Zelma for your assistance with my spell! Within two weeks I started noticing very big changes in my surroundings! The presence of bad is now completely gone and I’m so much more relaxed! I will definitely recommend your services at work! Yours thankfully, Gretchen

Great, a happy customer. But Gretchen didn’t say anything about the love spell actually working, only that her surroundings had changed and she was more relaxed. If you paid someone to cast a love spell for you and it worked, don’t you think you’d mention that it actually worked in the testimonial?

If you’re convinced that a love spell is the right thing for you, this article won’t convince you otherwise. You don’t have much to lose by trying. But maybe keep in mind what you’re actually doing in terms of your life, your attitude, your outlook, etc. by using this spell. If you walk out the door happier the next morning – is that the spell, or just you deciding to approach the day positively?

Share Your Experiences

Have any of you tried a love spell before? Whether it worked or not, our readers would love to hear about your experience.

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