Top 5 Ways To Show Love and Care In a Long Distance Relationship

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Showing love is never easy, but what’s really difficult is how to show that you care in a long distance relationship. Learn how you can spread love here.

Show Love & Care In a Long Distance Relationship
Show Love & Care In a Long Distance Relationship

Distance makes us behave weird, even though you’ve done it before, suddenly you don’t know how to show that you care while in a long distance relationship.

It is as if, the rules have changed (well, they’ve actually changed a little) and you need to start over in learning how to express love.

Don’t panic though, we know how HARD long distance relationships are, and how important showing love is, so we gathered the top 5 most effective ways, in a single post so you won’t have to look anywhere else!

Who needs care the most?

If there’s one point in any relationship it’s that there’s literally no room for selfishness, especially when they are long-distance ones. If one makes the fatal mistake of being a little bit more selfish, the relationship will fall apart. [Read – How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work]

That’s why the number one rule for long distance relationship (LDR) is the reciprocity of love and affection. One has to give as much love as they receive (perhaps even more).

Expressing care and love, is what lets the other person know that you’re still on the same page as they are. It’s comforting, inspiring and very, very necessary.

You see, the geographical distance, the physical out-of-reachness render us fragile, open to harm and make us hopelessly needy. Even when you used to be the strong one in your relationship, you suddenly become this needy person that seeks constant confirmation of love.

The Majesty of The Internet

For anyone who’s been, or currently is in a long distance relationship, the most prevalent and permanent feeling is that of neediness. We live out of support, affection and caring.

Water, food, and sleep are secondary to our survival, we NEED to know that our partner cares more than we need air (Ok I might be making a mountain out of a molehill). Or perhaps, just a good Internet connection.

Can you imagine how dreadful, long distance relationships were before the Internet era? I don’t even want to imagine the agony to only talk perhaps briefly on the phone, and mostly communicate through the mail? Regular, snail mail. Oh the horror!

So, perhaps next time you complain about your lover being on the other side of the ocean, remember how you got to have a smartphone, a web camera, a Skype account and your lover a click away!

You should be grateful you get to have a long distance relationship at a time when technology is so advanced. It just makes showing that you care much easier and it feels almost like the real thing (well, it can get any better than that, so!).

  • Don’t rely solely on phone calls, Skype each other so that you can see each other interacting, it gives a sense of closeness, no matter how remote.
  • Use texting to share thoughts and feelings, Even if it’s the silliest thing you’ve ever thought, share it. It shows you care enough to let the other person know about it.
  • Make sharing part of your daily life. Share self-shots, videos you might find funny, inspiring or interesting. Keep communication constant.

Support and Encouragement

Give compliments, praise and endearments generously. When we love someone, we admire them for things they do, even for things others might find ordinary or annoying. That’s love.

Express that admiration and see how they suddenly become more confident and strong. When we encourage each other, we become their very own inspiration. When we feel supported and cared for, we feel strong, ready to tackle any situation. It’s always nice to know someone cares.

A Skilled, Avid Listener

Another way you can show how much you care is actually a rather passive one. Be curious about their life; the new friends, the exciting new places they’ve been to, their new state of being.

Asking questions is a sign of caring, but keenly listening to their answers, really allows your feelings to shine through. When we feel there’s just one single person out there, readily eager to listen to us, we feel significant and soothed.

You, more than anyone else, understand what they’re going through; you go through it yourself. That’s really an advantage, you know what could make you feel better, it’s the same they need for a little pick-me-up. Having someone that will listen to their endless nagging means that one person still cares.

Thoughtful and Meaningful Presents

Give something they can indulge in and feel pampered. A set of her favorite chocolates, tickets to see his favorite band, candies from her favorite store. It could be as goofy, or as sexual as you want it to be.

Gifts are tokens of love and gratefulness, and they are eloquent ways of expressing our affection. It’s not always the gift per se, it’s the thought and effort invested in making a gift. [Read – Long Distance Relationship Gifts To Show Your Love]

Gifts have this extraordinary, almost enchanting power to ease away the stress and agony of being apart, even if it’s just for a brief, passing moment.

Send them a love letter, filled with positive thoughts, your future, much-anticipated plans. Share your love through this heartfelt way. Words are POWERFUL, they can carry the warmth of our feelings through a few scribbles on paper.

Show Care Through Caring for Yourself

If you are one of those couples who sense each other’s mood at an advanced level, you know how your own well-being is crucial for their own happiness. Do NOT let the distance get the most out of you.

  • Let yourself grow, take in all the new stuff that surrounds you.
  • Be silly, have fun, explore and discover the beauty that you consciously block out.
  • Learn to love your time apart as you love your time together. This is the way to both appreciate each other more and show how hard you try to stay positive for the relationship’s sake. That’s a peculiar and most unique way of showing you care.
  • Explore, Learn. It’s all part of loving and being apart.
  • Go the extra mile; do the unexpected. Finally concede in having phone sex, or sacrifice that money you’ve been saving for a new smartphone to surprise them with a spontaneous visit. Such small or bigger signs of devotion are valuable in keeping your relationship strong and healthy.

Showing that you care is not a one time thing, you need to constantly work on it, to let the other person know your feelings.

Caring doesn’t have to be plush,you can show love and affection through inexpensive and sincere ways. Once you get used to showing your love, you will get addicted to it.

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