How To Look HOT and Sexier

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Ladies and girls everywhere, this is your guide to looking sexy for your man; not only today, but every day.

Look Sexier
Look Sexier

Now this may seem a strange thing to say ladies, but to look sexier, you need to feel sexier, and there are many ways that this can be achieved, from having a positive frame of mind, to knowing what your man thinks will look sexier or prettier.

It really does need to come from within; with a ‘naughty’ look in your eye, to a (cheap) new lipstick; think sexy, and then be sexy. Just let me SHOW you how 😀

I have a rounded tummy – How can I look sexier?

First of all ladies, you need to understand that men see different things when they look at us, to what we see when we look in the mirror. You must remember that he loves you for being you, and that includes the rounded tummy; that just reminds him of you making babies together, and what can be sexier than that?

If he does notice wrinkles at all, it makes him think of experience, not age, and many men love the idea of experience, and being ‘taught’ how to do sexy things.

We all want to look pretty for our guys, but very often looking pretty or sexier, are just down to your state of mind, and boils down to confidence.

You know how sexy you are, you just want to remind him that you are.

I don’t like lots of make-up, can I still look pretty?

This is most definitely a case of ‘less is more.’ Not many men like to see a pretty face plastered in make-up, and prefer a more ‘natural’ look; this is where the art of ‘smoke and mirrors’ comes into its own.

You can look as though you are wearing very little make-up if you use colors that are natural to your skin-tone, (we have all seen those ‘orange’ girls where their foundation ends at the jaw-line.)

  1. Pay a little extra for your foundation, by getting a color match done at your local beauty store; the assistants in these places really know their stuff, so listen to them. Quite often, you can get a free make-up lesson as well; take advantage of this when you have something special going on that evening.
  2. Make a note of what your guy finds sexier; does he like red lipstick, or a more natural color? Does he like the sexiness of black kohl eyeliner, or just a neutral shade of shadow? Choose the items he finds sexy and pretty, and you won’t go far wrong.
  3. Above all, if you think you are wearing too much, be guided by your own instincts, and wipe some off.

How do I look sexier in the mornings?

Believe it or not ladies, lots of men do not have sex as the first thing on their mind when they awake; they usually need a pee first!

Now unless you want to set your alarm to get up before him, and do a complete make-up and hair job, (and let’s face it, who wants to do that first thing in the morning?) then just accept that sometimes we don’t all look our best; but strangely enough, most men find a little smudged eye make-up, and messed-up hair very attractive, as it makes them think that you look as though you have just had sex.

You just need the CONFIDENCE to pull it off; if it makes you feel better, then run to the bathroom, brush your teeth and spray on some perfume.

Hop back into bed and then snuggle into him; believe me, he will be thinking you are sexy anyway.

I like my clothing comfortable; how can that look sexy?

Again, men get turned on by different things; yes they are very visual creatures, but they find a woman who is relaxed in her own skin and comfortable with whom she is, also very sexy.

You may be thinking ‘How can miss-matched underwear or a T-shirt in bed look sexy.’ If your guy finds you looking like that, he may pleasantly surprise you by still finding it sexy.

Relationship psychotherapist, Paula Hall explains: “Men love catching you in mismatching underwear because it looks like you weren’t planning on having sex, but they’ve managed to persuade you.”

My roots need dying, and I want to look pretty.

The upkeep on highlights can be prohibitively expensive, but again, is not always needed. Paula explains “Like women, men also like a bit of rough. The unkempt roots probably remind him of the girls his mum said he should avoid – which makes them doubly attractive.”

If you have medium to long hair, you can soon twist it up into a top-knot if it needs washing; leave a few fronds hanging down, and again this can look extremely sexy to your guy, as it makes you look like you have just got out of bed. [Read – 64 Sexy Hairstyles For Short Wavy Hair – Be Trendsetter]

Spray-on dry shampoo is also a boon if you find that your day had been so busy, that you have run out of time; this gives you dry roots, along with volume and body in no time at all.

Can looking sexy be all in the mind?

There is no way to define what ‘looking sexy’ actually means, as it can differ from person to person; one man’s meat is another man’s poison, etc.

BUT, your confidence can be your biggest ally; if you think sexy thoughts, you will look sexy.

You Do NOT need to wear sexy clothes to be sexy, be flirtatious around your man and he will think that you are immediately looking sexy; try things like ‘dropping’ something on the floor, and leaning over to pick it up, maybe exposing your cleavage at the same time.

Or if he is a ‘bottom’ kind of guy, lean over in front of him to pick something up, and maybe give him a little flash of a lacy G-string; you can even say, ‘Oh, I didn’t realize this skirt was so short!’ 😉 [Read – How to Get Him In The Mood – Get Sex Whenever You Want]

I can guarantee that he will think you are looking sexier by the day.

Is it true that high heels look sexier?

I’m afraid that it is girls; most men love the look of high-heels on their lady, and find them very sexy indeed. If you struggle to walk in heels, just follow these few tips:

  1. Keep your head held high, and look him in the eye; he is a lot less likely to notice if you are a bit wobbly, if he’s too busy thinking about that sexy look in your eyes.
  2. Think you are a model, and walk with your shoulders back, swinging your arms gently; (don’t go too overboard on this one, as you may look a little crazy!)
  3. Try to put all your weight on your heels, and slow your movements down as though you are trying to walk underwater; you have far less chance of falling over that way!
  4. If this entire section still doesn’t work, and you still feel wobbly, then just wear your heels to bed, preferably teamed with some sheer stockings; he won’t just think you look pretty, or sexy; he will think you look damn hot!

How do I look sexier, and yet still classy?

For a lot of men, RED is the sexy color to be seen in; but I must urge you to be careful when wearing it, as the last thing you want is to look cheap.

  1. Do not show too much cleavage/leg while wearing red.
  2. Try offsetting the red with another color, such as a plain gold or black belt, along with classy black shoes and a mini clutch-bag.
  3. Always, (and I mean always) make sure that your underarms are shaved or waxed; now I know this seems obvious, but in wintertime we do not always remember when we are snuggled up in cosy jumpers.
  4. Do not expose your bra straps unless they are color-coordinated to your shirt; if they are not, then don’t show them and choose either a strapless bra or none at all, if you can get away with it! (Please make sure then though that you do not have unintended nipple show!)

I hope that I have given you some tasters of what we think will help you to look sexier or better for your guys.

Just remember, he loves you, and that alone is enough to make you feel, and therefore, look, sexier today and every day!

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