Long Distance Relationship Gifts To Show Your Love

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In long distance relationships, lovers need to compensate for the lack of intimacy, long distance relationship gifts are always a thoughtful way of making your lover feel important.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts
Long Distance Relationship Gifts

There’s no better gesture than giving presents to show people your love. Long distance relationship gifts are almost essential for keeping lovers feeling loved and cared for.

Let’s discover smart, sexy and silly gifts you could shower your significant other with!

Gifts for him

Gaming, Be Part of It!

You know that game you hate so badly because it just seemed (back then) to absorb him into a different dimensional space? Care to join him?

Ask him to get you a subscription (you will of course pay for it!) in his game so that you can play together. This is actually a gift for both of you, as it will get you to spend more time together.

He will be head over heels for such a thoughtful gesture. You never know you might find it enjoyable, running around killing zombies!

Get Him Super-Excited With Boudoir Style Photography

Imagine his face upon opening an envelope of sensual, uber-sexy photos of you. He’d be drooling all over the photos. This way, you can be sure you’ll never leave his mind.

Bring out your sexy side and give him something to remember (and perhaps do more with!). Have your picture taken by a professional photographer (otherwise you risk getting yourself all over the Internet!).

Of course, we’re not talking some random photo shoot, but boudoir photography for your significant other!

These will be sensual but classy, sexy but still tasteful. You want a result that your partner will be proud of (and horny about!).

It might feel too daring at first, but once the idea sits in your mind for a bit, it doesn’t sound too bold. Just think of joy and pleasure such a gift will give him.

From whichever aspect you look at it, it is the perfect gift:

Sustainability– will be looked at repeatedly!
Unpredictability– not something a woman does every day; he’ll be so surprised and grateful for doing this for him!
Grand, generous gesture– He’ll be forever indebted for such a gift!

Your Love Story Journal

This is not your usual, girlie journal. This love story journal is filled with magnificently designed prompts, to get you going over your love.

It actually includes no less than 100 questions related to your lover and your romance. Fill in some of them, or give it to him so that you can fill it together once you’re back together! It’s bonding and not cheesy, it will encourage INTIMACY and romance!

Love Coupons at His Service

Coupons never get old. Give him this set of coupons, guaranteed to take him to cloud nine. It’s all his to fill in with wants and needs you’ll have to realize.

A bubble bath together?

Check! Sensual body massage? Check!

All night long, steamy hot sex? Check, Check!

Promise to do a couple each time you get back together. Now, that’s something to look forward to!

Countdown Clock or a DIY Calendar

We’ve already talked about the importance of setting an end date for you to look forward to! You can now turn this into a lovely gift idea; a countdown clock for when you will get back together.

A totally attentive gift, a countdown clock will be a constant reminder that each moment that passes brings you one moment closer. Romantic, meaningful and quite useful!

If you’re more of a DIY lover, why not create your own customized calendar too? You can be as creative as you can, include photos, special quotes, favorite songs to make the calendar an all-inclusive gift for him.

Why not incorporate in this Love Calendar some of your Boudoir photos? Now that’s a woman who knows how to treat her lover well!

“Go For It” Gifts

Nothing says support more movingly than getting him a month’s membership to a new interest/hobby he has talked about starting.

It’s an incredibly caring gift. It shows how much you CARE for him and strive to motivate him to do things for himself. [Read – Top 5 Ways To Show Love and Care In a Long Distance Relationship]

Relationships are all about SUPPORTING and ENCOURAGING each other, and living apart shouldn’t stop you from showing it.

Gifts for her

Sweet Treats

Chocolates, cookies and a million other edible gift baskets are always a nice way to romance your woman with.

Surprise her with a box of her favorite chocolates and let her dive into the pleasures of chocolate. If nothing can seem to cheer her up, chocolate surely will!

Something Sexy, Something Erotic

You know how frustrating can be when all that sexual energy builds up. Why not give her a thoughtful outlet to do so, since you happen to be a bit far?

If she’s not the sex-toy kind of girl, try giving her something cute and not so daunting. You want her to find pleasure not run away in terror! Besides, even if she never gets around to using it, it’s the thought that counts and there’s nothing more caring than wanting your woman satisfied!

So if, you’re after something mild, why not give her something to look forward to? Like a board game you can play when you next come visit, like sex stack and XXXpoly!

But this won’t do much since you’ll have to actually be together to play! For more daring and adventurous women why not give her the gift of self-love and joy, there must be one she likes; from G-spot ticklers, to bullet vibrators, you can find one that’s suited to her needs and taste.

Sleeping Together-Apart!

When does your girlfriend says she misses you the most? During bedtime, of course. Bodloft seems to be well aware of this and has come up with a wonderful series of pillowcases with immensely romantic illustrations, our favorite picks:

Far in Distance Near at Heart, No matter the Miles, and the We are Connected pillowcases. They come in pairs so that each can get their piece and rejoice in sleeping on something shared! That’s something, isn’t it?

Jewelry, What Else!

No woman can resist a delicious piece of jewelry. Of all the possible gift ideas, we find this irresistible; a stainless steel Mizpah necklace.

It’s a magnificent gift idea as it can be worn close to her heart continuously remind her of your commitment and devotion.

Treating Her Like the Princess She Is!

Make her feel nothing less than a Queen! On your anniversary, or any other day of the year, when you feel like showering her with gifts and luxury, online-book her a gift certificate for a day at a deluxe spa.

It would be beyond perfection, if she find would you there! Oh boy!

Something Else

Nurture the hopeless romanticism you know she is brimming with. Gather quotes or poems she finds inspiring and frame them, send the frame over with a pair of chocolate roses.

She will fall in love with you (all over again!). [Must read – How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy: Don’t Be a Jerk]

Exclusive Secrets

Get a shared online diary/journal your own place for confessions, talking dirty, expressing any fantasy sexual and otherwise, or keep it clean, for endearments and everything else in between!

The idea of having some place you can speak your mind which is public and exclusive at the same time is rather tantalizing!

Long distance relationships can become less stressful when lovers exchange little presents.

Gifts don’t need to be EXPENSIVE, showing your devotion and love can be done in numerous inexpensive ways. Never stop expressing your love, they need it!

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