How to Kiss a Guy If You Have Never Been Kissed Before

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There’s no published manual on how to kiss a guy; however, there are a few things you can do to make your first kiss very memorable.

How to Kiss a Boy
How to Kiss a Boy

If you’ve never been kissed before, you would want your first kiss to be memorable, right?

You’ve probably run the scene in your head a million times from the moment your eyes meet to the time his lips meet yours. You want it to be romantic, magical – perfect.

Sorry to disappoint you, but chances are, your first kiss will be FAR from the dream-like scenario you’ve been envisioning. In fact, if you ask women about their first kiss, you’ll probably hear a lot of funny and embarrassing stories – some of them, they’d rather forget.

Is it really possible to have that perfect first kiss experience?

Well, it really depends on what you expect to happen. If you’re wishing for prince charming to whisper romantic lines into your ear and take you in his arms and plant a soft, sweet kiss on your lips, you shouldn’t get your hopes up, especially if the guy you plan on kissing is just as clueless as you are.

Keep your expectations realistic and you’ll be surprised at how perfect and memorable your first kiss will be.

With that said, how do you kiss a guy without embarrassing yourself? The key is to relax and just let your instincts take over. Don’t be afraid that you’ll turn him off by your awkward attempts to kiss him.

Remember that no one taught the first humans on earth how to kiss either. It’s just something that comes naturally, especially between two people that share a special attraction with each other.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to get that memorable first kiss experience you’ve been imagining.

Lay off the Lip Gloss

Applying lip gloss makes a girl’s lips look plump and kissable, but unfortunately this will just ruin the actual kiss.

You see, guys don’t like it when they get lip gloss or lipstick smudges on their face. To get your perfect first-kiss look, keep makeup to a minimum.

Make Sure He’s Into You

There’s nothing more embarrassing than making a move to kiss a guy and he pulls away. There’s a big difference between a guy who’s shy and a guy who sees you as just a friend.

Men aren’t the type to send mixed signals, so it won’t be too hard to read his body language. [Read – How To Tell If a Guy Loves You – 22 Obvious Signs]

If you’re sure he absolutely likes you, then it won’t be too hard to come a little closer to him until you’re close enough to plant one on his lips.

Get Him Alone

A first kiss is nerve-racking enough as it is. You don’t need the added pressure of having people around to witness it.

If you’re at a party or in a crowded place, look for an area where you can have some PRIVACY.

Getting a guy to come with you without having to tell him what you have planned can be a bit tricky, but getting him alone will really pay off in the end.

Keep a Breath Mint Handy

You may have known the guy for a long time, but a first kiss means having to make a first impression all over again.

Making sure you have FRESH breath before you kiss anyone is a no-brainer; however, people can get caught up in the romance and forget that they just had something that’s loaded with garlic for dinner.

You wouldn’t want the guy to think you don’t care about oral hygiene, would you?


You’ve been preparing for this moment and it’s finally here. Don’t be too anxious about what you’re about to do. It’s only a kiss. It’s not the end of the world if you mess it up.

Just take a deep breath, let your instincts take over, and trust that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

Make Him Feel Relaxed

If you’re kissing a guy who, like you, has never been kissed, then he’s probably feeling as anxious as you are. Make him feel comfortable with you before attempting anything.

Try your best to keep the conversation light. This way, you’ll avoid a lot of the kissing horror stories you’ve heard from other girls.


Never underestimate what a simple touch can do to set the mood for the perfect first kiss. Touching your partner is the step to breaking the barrier that separates the two of you. It paves the way to a more intimate connection, which is the kiss.

Hold his hand or gently tousle his hair. If he makes the first move and brushes your hair off your face, return the favor and give him a light touch on the cheek. This will tell him that you’re READY to take the next step.

Take It Slow and Easy

You only get one first kiss, so it’s only natural not to rush into things. By taking it slow, you can build up the momentum and make your first kiss extra special.

Savor every touch and look longingly into his eyes. All these little things that happen before the kiss are just as important as the kiss itself.

Keep It Simple

It’s your first kiss, so don’t try anything complicated. You may have done your research on different kissing styles and techniques, but is your first kiss really the best time to experiment?

The best thing to do is to kiss him slowly and gently and let him take the lead. You may even learn a thing or two.

Every girl wants their first kiss to be a special, magical moment they will remember for the rest of their lives.

You can set the mood and do everything by the book (if there is a book for these types of things) and do everything to make it as perfect as possible, but things can still fall flat if sparks don’t fly when your lips meet. If this happens – and this happens a lot – don’t be too disappointed. This is normal.

In fact, you’ll find that not all the men you kiss will give you goose bumps or send shivers down your spine when you lock lips with them. It may mean there’s not enough chemistry between the two of you, or you’re kissing him for the wrong reasons.

It’s not a good IDEA to kiss a guy just because you’re the only one in your clique that has never been kissed. If you decide to kiss someone, it should be because you really like him and you want to take that next step and show your affection.

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