Keratin hair straightening pros and cons

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Make of straight hair wavy women learned a long time, but the reconversion in the days of our mothers was very difficult. Now those whom nature has endowed unruly curls, finally got the opportunity to radically change the image. Keratin hair straightening procedure is in great demand, but whether it is good, as they think?

Keratin hair straightening pros and cons

How is the procedure of Keratin hair straightening?

First, the barber carefully washes and dries the hair client to them. Then applied with a brush specially formulated film and wraps his head. After a half hour film is removed, the hair is combed and dried again. Thereafter, strands treated sequentially hair iron at 230ºC.

Chemistry Lessons

How keratin straightens the hair? The secret is simple – he does not. In fact, the procedure is essentially very similar to a perm. The hair is first softened by partially destroying the structure, and then attach a new form of strands. Only in one case, that of wind on the curlers, the other – treated hair iron.

Keratin, and which consist of hairs, contains large amounts of cysteine, sulfur containing amino acids. This amino acid has a peculiar ability to form disulfide bridges. They are bonded to each molecule of keratin, providing a dense structure of the hair. Formaldehyde, which is part of the means for straightening hair, destroys disulfide bridges, making hair soft and pliable.

By the way, do not always indicate the manufacturers of formaldehyde on the packaging and sometimes even catchy supply their products labeled “contains no formaldehyde.” It’s not exactly a lie. Typically, the cosmetic compositions comprise methylene glycol. But the latter is dehydrated by heating, developing all the same formaldehyde. Some products contain other aldehydes and derivatives thereof, but the processing hair iron they still disintegrate to form formaldehyde. The truth is that without this substance hair straightening is simply impossible.

Meanwhile, formaldehyde, is highly toxic. It can cause severe headaches, dizziness and fainting, dermatitis, irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting, chest pain, reproductive harm. Furthermore, it has carcinogenic properties.

Himself Keratin is needed to fill the irregularities on the surface of the hair and give them smoothness and shine. Unfortunately, in the process of fixing composition by means of pressing of the natural structure of the hair it is irreversibly damaged by heat, so the hair becomes brittle.

Keratin hair straightening pros and cons

Reviews clients

Reviews of keratin hair straightening, as is often the case, contradictory. And after a few months after the procedure, women’s views often change on diametrically opposite. But in general, most of those who experimented on themselves, agree that the procedure provides an impressive aesthetic effect, though not much straightens curly hair completely. At the end of 2-4 months, by the time the keratin washed off, hair is considered by many women look worse than initially.

Pros and cons of keratin hair straightening

Finally short list pros and cons of keratin hair straightening:


  • Effective hair straightening for long term
  • The hair smooth and shiny without pushatsya
  • Become obedient, easy to comb and style


  • Very bad for your health
  • Poor impact on the hair in the long run
  • The hair becomes brittle
  • Quickly salted, it is necessary to frequently wash
  • Require special care – special shampoos and hair dye
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