How to Keep Your Man Happy – Anyone Can Do This

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Oftentimes, relationships suffer because couples do not put the effort forth to make each other happy. Making the man in your life happy is your job as his girlfriend or wife just as it is his job to make you happy.

Here we have prepared some tips to get you started on the road to showing your man just how much he means to you.

Keep him happy
How to Keep Your Man Happy

It is not enough, today to be in a committed relationship.

Many couples tend to get lazy when they are in a relationship and forget that it is necessary to keep each other happy in order for the relationship to thrive.

Men who are not happy will not always be upfront about this fact and will seek outside attention elsewhere.

Not all men are like this, mind you, but they do like to be appreciated and know that their girlfriend or wife cares about them enough to put forth an effort to make them happy. [Read – What Men Want – Are Men Really Only After One Thing?]

Your efforts do not have to be grand; they just have to actually mean something. You can purchase gifts for him all the time, but without the actions behind the gifts, you will find that it is not possible to “buy” his love so to speak.

Below are some sure fire ways to show your man that he is the world to you, and mean it too.

Take an Interest in His Life

He does have a life outside of you that consists of work, hobbies, family and friends. This is perfectly normal and actually helps to foster a closer connection between the two of you, believe it or not.

While you may not really care about what he does – although it certainly is great if you do – don’t ever reveal this fact. It will make him feel as though his life is unworthy of your attention and can quite possibly make him feel belittled and unwanted.

Instead, take the conscious effort to ask him how his day was or how his family is doing. Let him gripe a bit if he wants to or even share his excitement with you.

Allowing him to include you in this outside part of his life will show him that you two really have a connection and that you genuinely care about his life and not just what he has to offer you.

Participate in His Hobbies

Okay, fine, maybe you don’t care about his comic book collection or that he is a sports enthusiast. In fact, you couldn’t care less about these aspects of his life, right? Well, if this is true, you certainly shouldn’t show it.

Granted, you don’t have to participate in these activities, but once in a blue moon. For example, when his favourite football team goes to the Superbowl, why not plan a spectacular party for him and his friends.

Get the beer, the grub and of course, the dessert. Decorate and really go out of your way to show him how much you appreciate him and his interests. After all, you would like him to do the same for you, right?

Cook For Him

They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and all men love to be cooked for. If you are in a relatively new relationship, you can simply ask him what he likes under the guise of getting to know him and then surprise him with a home cooked meal.

If you have been together for quite some time, you should already know his favorite meals. If you are unable to cook them – simply because you do not know his great granny’s recipe for meatloaf – get on the phone and ask family members what his favorite recipe is.

If you are lucky, they will be more than happy to share recipes with you and appreciate that you are taking the time and effort to show your man how appreciated he really is.

If cooking is not your forte – and let’s face it, not everyone can cook – there is no harm in setting up a romantic meal from your favorite restaurant together. Order in and set it up before he comes home or arrives for your date.

Make Him a Focal Point, but Yet Give Him Space

We tend to put our men up on a pedestal, no matter how strong of a woman we may be. This usually results in making him a center point of our lives where we begin to plan our lives around him.

This is not the way to go, or be, for that matter. Yes, it is okay to make him an important part of your life, but it is not okay to make him the center of your life. [Read – 6 Very Irritating Things Women Do That Turn Men Off]

Instead, let him know how important he is by stressing that you spend necessary time apart. Trust me, you will fight less and your bond will be strengthened.

This is not to say that you should not see each other for weeks, not at all. It simply means that you need to give each other time and space to do the things that you enjoy.

For example – do you want to give up your girlfriend shop and gossip fest? Probably not, this is because these are things that matter to you no matter how mundane they may seem. He has friends too, and he deserves to be able to visit his friends without receiving any flak from you.

Now, if he has forgotten your anniversary and plans to go golfing instead, it may be time for a talk – but not a complete meltdown.

If you adhere to these few simple tips and allow your relationship to grow beyond being glued to each other, you will very likely keep your man happy for many years.

Men just like to be appreciated, as we women do, and it is our jobs to make them feel that way.

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