Is it possible to have sex during menstruation?

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There are negative and positive notions of romantic relationships during menstruation, as well as the advice of physicians practicing it. Men it attracts a kind of forbidden, and women – a very low probability of pregnancy. Both women and men are concerned, whether it is harmful during monthly health. Many of religion and culture do not approve of sexual intercourse during menstruation, although it is in fact a perfectly normal and healthy. Concerns in this regard come from misconceptions about menstrual blood, it is believed that this is something impure and must be hidden, in fact it is a natural for the woman’s body fluid, which does not affect the genitals partner (of course, in the absence of sexually transmitted infections).

What is the menstruation?

All women’s reproduction mechanism works the same and works just. In the depths of the woman’s body merge together sets of male and female chromosomes, the sperm into the egg intern. There is a conception, then gestation, birth, and then to start a new life, including parents (diapers, etc.). To the woman’s body had prepared physiologically to reproduce the following new life, the Creator gave the readiness for this kind of cyclical. Understandably – litter is needed soon, but quality. The result of such a reasonable approach – an interval of 20-35 days (depending on the identity of the body) between periods of readiness for conception (ovulation).

Conventionally, this period is the month ends with menstruation, or whatever they are called menstruation, Regulus, and of the possibility of pregnancy – as someone lucky. In its structure, the liquid discharge – the remnants of the epithelium, which is formed in the uterus during each menstrual cycle on top of the endometrium. The endometrium is a layer in which there are processes of preparation of the female body to the next conception details, see the photo.

sex during menstruation

Then everything happens – at the end of the cycle should occur fertilization. If it has not occurred, the whole process must be repeated again, but this requires “sterilization” of the vagina by the removal of mature preceding cycle components. At that time, increased blood flow through the numerous blood vessels of the endometrium, removes the epithelium and the mass rush to the exit, as delay may cause inflammation. This is menstruation. In principle, a woman’s body is designed to constantly pregnant and bleeding accompanied by a failure of the menstrual cycle – is cleaning the consequences of a failed conception.

Is it possible to have sex during menstruation?

Some women probably the majority, are wondering – why do we need a sex during menstruation? Lots and those that do not see any interference to practice this thing, do not consider it something reprehensible. There are women who are not involved in this at this period of time, not because for them it is uncomfortable or embarrassed, or anything else. They just read somewhere or heard that during menstruation is harmful. Is it so? Of course, to some extent at this time sexual intercourse is some danger. However, it is only in the case where the partners are contemptuous of basic rules of hygiene. The fact is that during menstruation ajar cervix and in the vagina if any microorganisms present, they can easily penetrate into the uterus. We should not forget that blood is a favorable environment for the development of viruses and bacteria.

Numerous studies show the therapists that deal with this during the month it is possible and safe. Another thing is that the partners want to immediately and without delay, or may suffer, because this period is quite short.

Is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation

Many healthy women, sexually active, are wondering whether it is possible to get pregnant during menstruation? It is believed that this is not happening, but it is very small chance still exists. Nobody knows when the egg matures, it may occur in the first half cycle, and second. Ovulation may be displaced, and how you can get pregnant a few days “before” because “after” and “in time.” One hundred percent guarantee no one will. If pregnancy is not desired, you should be wary of those who have no regular monthly cycle, particularly in this respect it dangerous last days.

pregnant during menstruation

Is there an alternative to sex during menstruation?

Those men and women who have a traditional sex during menstruation reject, often resort to oralnomu. When the partners consider it normal, they have no reason to worry about any danger. However, if you have an STD (sexually transmitted diseases through), menses may well contain viruses or bacteria, in this case, the partner must be protected by appropriate means.

Alternative sex during menstruation

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