9 Must Know Steps For Improving Your Self Esteem Today

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Self esteem building activities are fun and efficient ways to increasingly improve your Self esteem. Never hold back from life again, it’s time to join the rest!

A low Self esteem can severely prevent you from actually living your life. Discover our timeless suggestions for Self esteem building activities and watch yourself becoming powerful, confident and alive!

Self esteem building activities
Self esteem building activities

Self esteem is defined as how one evaluates themselves; it’s the opinion we hold about who we are.

However, occasionally people have a distorted image of their self-worth.

They don’t believe they are successful, beautiful, or smart.

Instead, they are overwhelmed with INSECURITIES and feel they are lacking in comparison to everyone else.

Here we offered a detailed analysis of Self esteem, delving into what causes low-self esteem and what its symptoms are.

In this post however, we talk about how Self esteem is a matter of practicing. Yes, just practicing.

A low Self esteem can be built upon, IMPROVED and strengthened, all you need to do is let go of your inhibitions and decide to no longer be that person. Through continuous work you can finally and irreversibly build a strong Self esteem.

Before you actually engage in Self esteem building activities there are certain preparations that need to be made, we call them “The Self esteem Prework“.

< h3 class=”sub_point”>Self Esteem Prework – Preparations For Believing In Yourself Again

1. Realize how you’re the master of your own life. If you want to build your Self esteem you must realize you can.

Low Self esteem gets you thinking that life’s an overwhelming issue you can never fully control. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Life’s in your hands to navigate, so grab on that wheel!

2. Ponder on the idea of self-discipline. Then practice it! It will force a different perspective on you, making you think that building your Self esteem is a matter of practice rather than talent.

It might be hard at first but it’s nonetheless feasible. You must convince yourself that you’re capable of doing it. [Read – 12 Straightforward Ways To Break Bad Habits Permanently]

3. Procrastination, kill it. You know how you promise to start dieting next Monday, so you end up eating all candy by Sunday noon? And come Monday you feel so unmotivated that you give up before even trying?

Well, that’s not how it works. You must take up challenges as they come, don’t wait for planning−because if we’re to be honest, you know you will never commit to it!

4. Don’t over-think every Self esteem building action. Feel confident and just go for it. The more you think about it, the less are your chances of actually doing it. If you need to make an important call don’t leave it for later, deal with it right there and get to feel great once you hang up the phone.

Improving Self Esteem
Improving Self Esteem

5. Exorcising the ghosts of the past. Re-visit whatever contributed in you having low Self esteem and realize how a sad childhood experience cannot control your life.

You’re stronger than that! Seeing the bigger picture might let you understand that your future actions and goals shouldn’t be defined by past incidents.

9 Steps For Improving Self Esteem

1. Embrace the scary, have love for the unknown. You love dancing; no, you are crazy about dancing. But you’re too self-conscious to go to a class.

Well don’t, (wo)man up and take up the challenge. Once you have control over what scares you, you build up momentum to carry on demolishing more of your fears.

2. Start small, start easy. While it is desired that you do embrace challenges and that you do conquer your fears, it is as important that you engage with activities you’re already pretty amazing at.

It could be anything, getting a 20-minute bubble bath, reading your favorite author, a sport or hobby. By doing things you love and are easy to accomplish you feel powerful and in control, which is essential for improving your Self esteem.

3. Comparisons, that ruthless inner judge. If comparisons make you feel worse about yourself stop them right there.

But if you feel that you can actually find inspiration when comparing yourself with people you admire, then do encourage comparisons.

If there’s one thing we lack when our Self esteem is low, that’s motivation. So, when done right, comparing ourselves with positive role models gives us the motivation to work towards becoming like them.

4. Dreams, plans and goals. Don’t start and have no clue where you’re heading. Plan your small and bigger successes.

Have a detailed and well-thought out plan as to what and who you want to become. And when you accomplish becoming a person with a strong healthy Self esteem, you can try a bit more, because once you get there, you will be ready to conquer the world!

5. Smile, just smile. Just choose to live the fun and positive side of life. Don’t linger on the negatives, attract instead the beautiful and affirmative. That way you can project it yourself, rather than being paralyzed by this seeming incompetence you feel you have.

6. Look inwards, look outwards and there find gratefulness. When we realize how much things we’ve already accomplished it gives us the incentive to do even more.

(Find things that you’re proud and grateful of, your college degree, your grandma, your child, your hubby!)

7. Be forgiving. Stop yourself from being such a ruthless critic. The moment a negative thought emerges, resist it; choose instead to see an opportunity for change in it.

So instead of hearing “You can do nothing right“, choose to hear “maybe if you approached it differently you could…“

8. Reserve a seat at the front row of life. Pledge for this building Self esteem project to eventually become a way of life. If you see it as goal to achieve, or a project to realize you’re losing what really counts about it.

Instead see this whole Self esteem building plan as a life makeover, a chance of realizing your full potential, by getting rid of your inhibitions and whatever that is holding you back.

9. Work on your aura, show confidence and positivity in everything you do and are, how you talk, stand, dress, respond, smile. These non-verbal signals can do a lot of the hard-work for your sake.

So, even if you don’t feel particularly self-confident, by acting self-confident, others perceive you as one, and this can actually improve your Self esteem.

You only see building Self esteem impossible because you don’t trust yourself enough. Feel like a WINNER already, act like you’ve already WON the round.

This will make you realize that Self esteem is something you already possess but don’t yet know how to let out.

One last piece of advice this time by Alan Alda himself:

Laugh at yourself, but don’t ever aim your doubt at yourself. Be bold. When you embark for strange places, don’t leave any of yourself safely on shore. Have the nerve to go into unexplored territory.

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