I Don’t Have a Boyfriend – What am I Doing Wrong?

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It can be depressing to see that all of your friends have boyfriends and you are single. If you are wondering why you don’t have a boyfriend, read further and see if you are putting out the vibes that you simply do not want one.

Why don’t I have a boyfriend?
Why don’t I have a boyfriend?

“Why don’t I have a boyfriend?” is an often heard question among women of all ages. Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you try or how much you like a guy, you just can’t get more than one date if you’re lucky enough to even get that.

While it is frustration, and you might be worried, don’t let yourself get in funk thinking you’re doomed to be single while all around you are blissful couples.

Take a look at what your successful friends are doing or not doing, and then make some adjustments in your own way of interacting with guys, you might surprise yourself!

Throw Self-Consciousness Out the Window

The first thing is to remember that you are not too skinny, fat, young, old, pretty, or ugly. We all have our positive points and need to learn to play them up so that guys find us attractive.

Check your personality. Do you come across as someone who’s approachable? If guys see you as uptight, someone who doesn’t smile a lot, then you need to loosen up some.

Remember, bees are attracted to honey, not vinegar! You’d be surprised at how many guys are attracted to a winning smile and great personality. Be honest with yourself and if you don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, ask a friend whom you can trust to be honest but not overly critical.

Do You Have Time for a Social Life?

Are you too busy with work for a social life? While work is important, if you work all the time then you will definitely be asking yourself, why don’t I have a boyfriend?” Remember, all work and no play can make Jill a very dull girl! Everybody needs to take some time off and relax. The world won’t stop spinning if you take a day off or take the weekend off to hang out with friends.

Show off Your Self Confidence!

Confidence check! You need to be self-confident. Not conceited-but confident. If you’re shy and timid, you need to work on being a little bit more outgoing. While wallflowers are cute in fairytales, guys are not always comfortable with approaching them in real life.

If the thought of talking to a strange guy has you running for the nearest closet, then find a co-worker or family friend you feel comfortable with and practice your winning smile and self-confident dazzling charm on him. [Read – How to Make Someone Fall In Love With You Forever – 5 Smart Moves]

Do a little flirting with someone across the room; you don’t have to give them a come-hither look, just a cute smile. You’re more beautiful than you realize when you smile and look like you believe in yourself.

Skip the Men in a Relationship

Sometimes the reasons for “why don’t I have a boyfriend?” may be because you the guys you tend to like or have in interest already are in a relationship. That’s like always reaching for the moon when you know it’s out of reach. BUT beware of guys who are on the rebound-don’t become “a bounce back Betty”—this can most of the time be a negative experience.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move. This doesn’t mean invite him over for dinner or take him to the family reunion right off the bat. Check out what his interests are. If you both like sports, buy tickets and ask him to the game. If you enjoy hanging out at the local beach or other popular recreational spot, invite him to come hang out.

The main thing is to take it slow, don’t rush things. Get to be friends first and let your dazzling personality win him over. Don’t rush him- remember we women don’t like to be pushed, so don’t do the pushing.

Learn to be Positive

Smile-smile-smile! When he looks at you- give him your best smile and he’ll smile back at you! A smile and a flirty little glance are two of the biggest attractions to a guy. Non-verbal signals are more powerful than the most intelligent conversation at times. If he sees you smiling at him, he is bound to notice and realize you are open to being approached. This is a good first move.

Then be calm, stay relaxed and let things just roll along naturally. Let him approach you, be friendly but don’t fall at his feet. Let him see that you’re interested but don’t ever look desperate. You are a strong, self-confident person who knows she can capture and keep a guy’s attention.

The Importance of Being You

The best thing you can do when you’re seeking the answer to “why don’t I have a boyfriend” is to above all be yourself, don’t try to change your personality to fit what you think a guy is looking for. If you’re a “girly girl” then let that shine through in a positive way, just don’t come across as a helpless little girl. If you are a strong, outdoors or athletic type, don’t hide it.

Don’t “dumb yourself down” just to make a guy interested. Be yourself.

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