How to take a douche

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Oh, how I want to be young and beautiful forever. How do you want to cheat age, passport, nature outdo classmates stood by the next meeting younger than was the previous … but is it possible? Yes, if you adopt a douche.

How to take a douche

Douches are not only several times it increases the body’s defenses, but makes us younger returns muscle tone and skin – elasticity. But all in order.

Why can not we decide on a cold douche?

  1. Interfere with psychological factors.
  2. The presence of negative experiences.
  3. Lack of information. If girls know what benefit for beauty and youth preservation brings such a simple and affordable way, they would not have ignored it as well as do not ignore lipstick or mascara, mask, or depilation.

So, all in a douche!

Safety regulations:

  1. Increase the contrast of water gradually. Get off at the maximum can be no earlier than one month after the start of perfusion.
  2. Focus on your feelings. You do not have to break to pieces yourself, when you feel extremely uncomfortable about the temperature. Try everything to be within tolerance. This is not the case where the limit stress to the body will give an excellent result. No, because you can only get sick.
  3. Before the shower do exercises, and then be sure to rub the body is rigid, not soft towel. Within an hour – half an hour after the procedure does not go out.
  4. Cold perfusion contraindicated in diseases, ailments, menstruation, acute exacerbation of chronic diseases. This is especially true of various kinds of inflammation. Do not use this method of rehabilitation in oncology, cardiovascular diseases, thrombophlebitis.

The recommended scheme of making a contrast shower:

  1. Becoming a warm water – 1 min.
  2. Increase the water temperature to the hot – while there is a sense of comfort.
  3. Turn on the cold water – up to 30 seconds.
  4. Again hot – 20-40 seconds.
  5. Cold – about a minute.
  6. Hot – 1 min.
  7. Again cold – is comfortable.
  8. Get out of the shower and quickly rub oneself a rough towel. The skin should be slightly blush.

If you stick to the rules, and this scheme, you can easily remove the psychological, physical discomfort and get the maximum result from the use of a contrast shower. And this: the prevention of colds, young beautiful skin, control of excess weight and a severe blow to cellulite. Good luck!

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