How to stop loving a man who does not love you?

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He does not like. It hurts. It is unbearable to the body aches, the desire to stop feeling, to say, there exist … But it is possible – to stop loving. Not once, not without effort and difficulty, but getting rid of love addiction is subject to a man who has realized it. Notice, understand and take a dislike – is the first step to healing. And if you were asked the question: “How to stop loving a man who does not love me?” – Which means you have already made this difficult and courageous step on the path to return to him.

How to stop loving a man who does not love you

Happiness without him possible!

Love Addiction – a painful state of mind, but it is possible to get rid of. Most likely, now, in a state of chronic depression and hopeless despair difficult for you to imagine the day when you will be happy. But it will be the first step – to understand that this will happen – will clear mind, and the pain will go away and you breathe deeply without a trace of regret for the past. And before you begin to act Reformulate their goal to even it was not “his” – the desire to turn “out of love” in the desire to “be happy.” And begin to translate his dream – actively, vigorously and categorically.

Out of sight, out of mind!

This seems to be the most obvious option is the most difficult. Change a life – this is what is often afraid of a woman who breaks the relationship with a man. Especially this advice difficult to use in the case when the relationship has been long and the lives of two people strongly intertwined. There may be common job, friends, home. Most could be hard is to break relations among people who already have children. But if you already know that love is not mutual, neither financial nor domestic factors should not be in your way to your own happiness. The ideal scenario “escape” from a past life to a new – this, of course, change of residence, work up to moving to another city. If such dramatic changes are not possible, it is necessary to change the general rhythm of life. Change habits, going to places where you have not been, or, on the contrary, there were often “before”. Try to make new acquaintances, gradually changing social circle.

In order to change the lives around you, you can do the following:

  • Make a plan of retreat. The hardest thing to leave when you’re not ready. If you live together, then the item is assigned to the first performance. Who to call, where to go, what to bring, what will be the next day – it is necessary to think about and prepare yourself for what happened. This methodical approach will avoid desire to “hide” behind the screen the circumstances hopelessness and remember that we are the creators of your own fortune.
  • To go on training courses (language, crafts, training). Besides the fact that in this case you get into a new society, where, certainly, make new friends, but also, perhaps, realizing long-held dream to acquire new skills.
  • A trip. If an option change of residence is not possible, you can just take a trip. Even short trips help to change the circumstances. It is now necessary to agree to go on a business trip to work, go see a tour of the factory in the nearby town of gingerbread, buy a ticket to suburban recreational resort. If you have friends in other cities or even countries, then it’s time to visit them.
  • Change appearance. It is important in this case to contact the experts, who will not harm and will transform your image. Change her hair style make-up, update your wardrobe – it’s all pleasant activities that the woman returned to her core.
  • Change routes. To work in a car and by Metro; home by bus, and the last few stops on foot. This also applies to normal walking, and Movies, shops, cafes and others. All the usual routes and places for a long time “programmed” to the memories. Even if you have not visited these places with the man, who was trying to forget about, then surely, being here, you thought about it. By changing such simple circumstances, it is possible to release new ideas for stories.

How to stop loving guy who I do not even know about my love?

This question seems to be easier for those who are not only the soul but also the body is dependent on the object of his love. But there are women who suffer from unrequited love, do not even open their feelings guy. The reason for such feelings may be a variety of circumstances. But more often it happens when a woman wants to feel the love that guy or a man giving another woman. Watching other people’s successful relationship, there is a temptation to be in place happy heroine of this novel.

Rather, this love will run out very quickly, if it is not backed up by the guy. But if such a love generously fueled by signs of attention and overgrown expectations, it turns into a destructive feeling, to get rid of that, only by connecting the power of reason and will. The main thing in this situation – aware of the deceitfulness of dreams and not be tempted to paint a rosy perspective of your relationship. If you already have this “harmless” stage you realize the futility of their feelings, then you will not get rid of labor pink hopes.

Unhappy love – the muse of art

Many people succumbing to love suffering, finding in them a source of creative energy. Most of the masterpieces of world literature and art are a consequence of the strongest love experiences. Do not love was the cause of their fame? They were inspired feelings of strength, and worked as they were geniuses.

And whether a woman who does not dream to go down in history as an artist or writer, to preserve and cherish the feeling of unrequited love? Of course not. And if you realize that most of the suffering we cause ourselves, waiting for what can not be, you will know the secret of happiness:

I am who I am!

You – there you are!

I do not live in order to justify your expectations.

You do not live in order to justify my expectations.

We have different ways.

If we are lucky enough to go near – it is luck, but if not, another will not happen.

After all, you – it is you and I – that’s me!

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