How to remove chewing gum from clothing at home

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The classic situation: in their favorite jeans you got chewing gum, purified as they could, but the rest of the stain looks depressing and favorite thing goes to the undeserved link in the closet. However, there are a few proven ways to resolve this situation quickly and without losses to personal wardrobe.

remove chewing gum from clothing

How to remove chewing gum from clothes at home in seconds

There are five more than once proven in practice to be effective ways to get rid of traces of chewing gum:

1) Method of boiling.
Place a stuck chewing gum must be immersed in boiling water for 5-10 minutes, and the knife can be easily removed unaesthetic spot. If you do not want to mess around with boiling water, then you can simply substitute the item under hot tap water and do the same procedure.

2) The method of freezing.
The thing you need to add up in a plastic bag so that the spot was adhered on top. Important: adhering gum should not touch PE. The package should be placed in the freezer and leave it up to complete freezing. When this happens, you can get clothes, and as quickly as possible to scrape gum off her knife. If you wait, the situation may fix a piece of ice, which should be used to re-freeze the spot.

3) Method of iron.
Item should be placed on the cardboard and blot on the reverse side ironed at medium temperature until all the gum is not moved on the paper surface.

4) Method of gasoline.
On the resulting spot need to pour a little gasoline which instantly dissolve sticky mass. After that, the clothes to get rid of the poisonous smell, just have to be washed, but by gum will not remain even a trace. There is evidence that can be used instead of gasoline alcoholic drink – gin.

5) Method peanut oil.
A small amount of peanut butter you need to spread the stain. This product comes in connection with chewing gum and blocks its adhesive properties. After that it will be enough only a dull knife to remove the resulting sticky mass. The only drawback of the method – the oil will leave marks on the clothes before washing and it will be necessary to treat the stain remover.

That turns out to be as simple to remove chewing gum from clothes at home. But experts warn that the high temperatures during ironing and boiling can be used only for the tissue in which such manipulation is not contraindicated by the manufacturer.

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